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Judge Eyles

William Madison Eyles, Sr

Birth16 AUG 1783
Death11 FEB 1879
Old Section
Aged: 95.5 years
Also see Fairfield Co, Huntington  for place of birth. And Iles for spelling of name.  Ref
Also see 11 Feb 1870 for date of death.  Ref.

source said "Wadsworth Village"

In 1813, Judge Eyles and his family, then consisting of wife and four children, viz.: Mary Ann, Eveline, a child named Clarinda who died on the journey, and William Madison, came west, crossing the Allegheny Mountains by the old Braddock road, down the Youghiogheny, and through Pittsburg to Palmyra, Trumbull county, Ohio, where they lived about a year, and then moved to Portage township, now a part of Akron. Here Mr. Eyles bought ;., farm, and built a log house, where the old --Summit House" Hotel used to be. In January 1820, he sold out and removed to Wadsworth, onto the farm, on the Akron road still called the "Eyles Farm." His children had increased by one, Clarinda-Elvira, born in Portage; and here in Wadsworth were born Betsey-Maria, Ann-Louisa, and Viola-Matilda.

Judge Eyles was a most zealous Christian, and made it a rule, when any one was baptized, and applied for admission to the church, to present him with a new Testament, with the information, that that book was the creed, and all he was required to believe.

Genealogy of One Line of the Pardee Family, and Some
Census 1850

From "History of Medina County"
Mr. Eyles was a remarkable man. He inherited nothing from his father but a good constitution and strong mind. He was a cooper by trade, which he followed. in connection with farming, for many years. during which he accumulated considerable property ; his early education was quite limited. but he made up for this deficiency by an unusual share of natural ability and good sense; he was much respected by his neighbors and fellow-citizens ; this was manifested by their keeping him in public office, without his seeking ; he was Justice of the Peace in Portage. and afterward in Wadsworth —in all. more than twenty years ; he was County Commissioner one or two terms. was twice elected to the Legislature. and served one term as Associate Judge of the Court of Common Pleas ; he was originally a Jeffersonian Democrat, but voted for John Quincy Adams in 1824 and in 1828: was afterward a Van Buren man and. finally. a Republican of the straitest sect ; and he always asserted and believed that he had never changed his politics in the least. In religion. he was by education a Congregationalist. but. while living in Portage Township. he and his wife united with the Baptists. In 1824, Mr. Eyles and his wife assisted in forming the first Disciples Church in Wadsworth, and each continued earnest and consistent members of that church during life. No citizen of Medina County ever left a better example to those who should come after him than did Judge Eyles.

A Church arises in Mogadore --In Wadsworth also, with Sketches of Elder O. Newcomb
Ohio Leg Rep for Medina and Lorain 1829-1832

Elected judge for Medina in 1840 along with Allen Pardee
Associate Judge 1847

Wadsworth Memorial  (Many sketches)

Polly Derthick

Birth22 SEP 1782
Death27 SEP 1849
Old Section
Aged: 67 years
There is no longer a city of Colchester in Connecticut
One source has Litchfield Co, Warren

Polly Polly Derthick, was a woman fit in every respect to be united to such a man; and my wife Eveline was a fit daughter of such a pair. She resembled, and venerated both her father, and her mother. She and her mother believed in Woman's Rights, but were satisfied to let fathers, husbands and brothers, do the voting for the family, never dreaming that they lost any rights thereby. They considered matrimony as a partnership affair, and were generally consulted in all important matters, and were content.

Mrs. Eyles died September 27th, 1849, aged 67 years and 7 days. About 1851, Judge Eyles married Mrs. Mary Pierce, an estimable widow lady, from Minerva, Stark county. They removed from the farm to his house in Wadsworth village, and lived there until the Judge died, February llth, 1870. A monument to the memory of Wm. and Polly Eyles stands on the east side of the middle passway in Wadsworth cemetery.

While rny mother, and the father and mother of my wife, lived, each of us had one father and two

mothers. Our mutual regard towards these persons resembled that of Ruth to Naonia, "Thy people shall be my people." I have already spoken of the harmony between my mother and Eveline, and there was always the same agreement between me and her parents.

           Aaron Pardee
Genealogy of One Line of the Pardee Family, and Some

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Mary Ann 

19 MAR 180522 NOV 1874  CT, Litchfield Co, Kent Orrin Loomis 

Eveline Biancy 

30 MAR 180713 SEP 1873  CT, Litchfield Co, Kent Aaron Pardee 

Clarinda M. 


William Madison 

11 FEB 181229 JUL 1876  CT, Litchfield Co, Kent Mercy Matilda Newcomb, Mary Harris 

Clarinda Elvira 

12 JUL 181528 APR 1880  OH, Summit Co, Akron Albert Hinsdale 


19 APR 18191891  OH, Summit Co, Akron Reuben N. Woods 


3 DEC 1821  OH, Medina Co, Wadsworth Demas Lindly Harris 

Viola Matilda 

9 JUL 18247 FEB 1909  OH, Medina Co, Wadsworth James McGalliard 
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