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William Thomas Byrd + Elizabeth Burgh
Thomas Stegge Jr. + Elizabeth ___
John Byrd1620 -- 1677avatar
Grace Steggeabt 1625 -- avatar
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03/10/167408/26/1744  VA, Charles City Co, Westover Lucy Parke, Maria Taylor 

Anne Ursula 

11/20/168110/31/1698  VA, Henrico Co, Belvedere Robert Beverley Jr. 

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  • Other, : WILLIAM BYRD, Sr., was the son of John Byrd, a London goldsmith and a descendant of an old Cheshire family. The date of his coming to Virginia is not known, but it must have been as a very young man, as it is recorded that on October 27, 1673, he was granted 1200 acres of land lying on the James river and Shokoe creek. He quickly assumed a prominent place in colonial affairs and was implicated in the matter of Bacon's rebellion. He was a near neighbor and adherent of Bacon in the early stages of his opposition, but it seems that he took no part in the actual rebellion and all probability, made his peace with Berkeley. He was accused by Co. Augustine Warner, after the rebellion, of having entered his house at the head of some of Bacon's men and plundered his estate to the value of 1,000 lire sterling, and Warner actually obtained judgement against him for the amount, but the end of the dispute is unknown and Byrd claimed that, at the time of the plundering, he was himself a prisoner in Bacon's hands. In a letter from his wife, written sometime before the rebellion to a friend in England, she speaks of the country as being well pleased with all that Bacon had done and remarks that she believed the council was, too, "so far as they durst show it." In the year 1695, Col. Byrd was alluded to as having been a member of the council for fifteen years, but the earliest record of him in this position, appearing in the official records is in 1681, when he was appointed by Lord Culpepper. In 1683 he was council in the House of Burgess.
  • Other, : Maria (or Mary) was a widow at age 21 years of age. She was reportedly related to all of the Royal Families of Europe through her grandmother URSULA SAINT LEGER. G/M Ursula had a brother by the name of John Saint Leger.
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