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William Cheek

Birth22 DEC 1728
Death16 MAR 1802
Aged: 73.2 years
DNADNA Information
Known to genealogists as "William of London" or "William the Schoolteacher" , as to distinguish him from all the other William Cheeks

Wiilliam is mentioned in a biography of Joel O. Cheek of Nashville, TN, which appears in Tennessee, The Volunteer State, Vol. 3, by John T. Moore & Austin P. Foster (Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1923).  Joel O. CHEEK was the founder of the Maxwell House Coffee Company. The biography states that Joel Cheek's father, "a native of Kentucky, was a son of William Cheek, who was born in Virginia and who in turn was a son of William Cheek, Sr., who came from England in 1768 and settled in Bedford, Virginia, where he became a freeholder. He was also a school teacher, being a Latin scholar and highly educated man."

William Cheek was a loyalist during the Revolutionary War and was arrested for treason in Bedford Co., VA, on Aug. 22, 1780 (Miscellaneous Court papers [pre-1780] filed with the Bedford Co., VA, Clerk). His crime, apparently, was encouraging others to sign an oath of allegience to the British crown. William pled guilty on Aug. 29, 1780, in Bedford Co., VA, and was sent to Richmond for trial. William could have been sentenced to death; fortunately, in Oct. 1780, the Virginia Legislature decided to pardon all persons who had had taken the King's oath, or who had encouraged enlistments in the British service, but who had not commited any other criminal acts, provided they took an oath of allegiance before the last day of Feb. 1781. William understandably complied and his life was spared.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


1769  VA, Bedford Co  

Permelia Amelia 

1790aft 1860  NC John London Sr. 
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