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Thomas Johns BowieOCT 1800 -- 26 JUL 1850avatar
Catherine Worthington Davis26 JUN 1803 -- 1 JUN 1889avatar
George Schley1812 -- aft 1880avatar
Mary Sophia Hall1819 -- 1871/1880avatar
Marriage23 JUN 1868

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Washington Bowie

Birth12 JUL 1841
Death28 MAY 1922
Aged: 80.9 years

Col. Washington Bowie, second son of Thomas Johns Bowie and his wife, Catherine Worthington (Davis) Bowie, was born at ''Roseneath," near Brookeville, Montgomery County, Maryland, July 12, 1841. Received an. academic and collegiate education, and entered upon the pursuit of agriculture on his inherited estates, "Roseneath" and "The Hermitage."

A Southern sympathizer during the Civil War, and a Democrat in politics, he has been for many years an active party man and a leader in public matters in his county. He was for a time a journalistic correspondent, later chief clerk to the Collector of Customs, Baltimore, and a member of the staff of Gov. Oden Bowie. In 1893 President Cleveland appointed him Deputy Surveyor of Customs for the port of... Read More

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  1. Book: The Bowies and their kindred. A genealogical and biographical history; author, Bowie, Walter Worthington, 1858-1938;
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    Book: The Bowies and their kindred. A genealogical and biographical history; author, Bowie, Walter Worthington, 1858-1938;
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Stephen Hook   •  09-Jul-17 8:00 PM
My direct descendants, Daniel Hook, Sr. ( 1760 ? 1807 ) and Sarah Burgess ( d. 1800 ) married 19 Feb 1787. Sarah was the daughter of Edward Burgess and Mary Margaret Davis.

Therein lies the branch of my Family ( The Hook Family Tree ) that I am investigating since the Burgess? claim a blood link to Robert William Bowie ( 1750 ? 1818 ) who was Governor of Maryland in the early 1800s.

That link apparently was initiated by a marriage between the Bowie and Davis families. I cannot find that marriage. At this point all branch members do appear to have been born and raised in Maryland.

The ? Edward Burgess Hook ? ancestral name has passed all the way down to my father ( 1889- 1953 ) and half - brother ( d. 1975 ) so it?s a key element in the Hook Family Tree.

What makes this Hook - Burgess ? Davis - Bowie search so fascinating to me is that it has provided a possible additional link to yet another branch of the family and yet another GOVERNOR of a state !

Here?s how : Daniel Hook, Senior?s son was Daniel Hook, Jr. ( 1795 - 1870 ), a graduate of the University of Maryland Medical School who soon after moved to Georgia where all future Hook descendants were born and raised. Dan, Jr. was a noted physician, church leader, and Mayor of Augusta Georgia. One of Dr. Dan?s sisters was Mary Davis Hook ( b. 1793 ) and Dr. Dan continued that tradition by naming one of his daughters, Mary Davis Hook ( 1828 - 1886 ) ! Here?s the kicker : Dr. Dan married Catherine Shellman Schley Hook ( 1795 ? 1877 ) whose brother William Schley was to become Georgia Governor 1835 ? 1837. But wait ....

... could there be a direct connection between the Schley and Bowie families ?

Here?s the item that caught my attention : Washington Bowie ( b. 1841 ) married Nettie Schley ( 1841 ? 1891 ). Washington Bowie was the son of Thomas Johns Bowie and Catherine Worthington Davis ( there?s that Davis name again ! ) Bowie. Nettie?s father was George Schley. I have NOT been able to connect Catherine Schley Hook to Nettie Schley. Besides the Davis ? Bowie connection ( see above ) this is the other link I need to establish. If all these connections are made, we have links between Governor Robert Bowie and Governor William Schley ! ( their terms in their respective states were about 20 years apart )

All the more interesting since ( as noted ) Dr. Dan was Mayor of a major Georgia city ... and his grandson ( another Edward Burgess Hook and editor of the Augusta Chronicle ) became City Tax Assessor of the same city. Lots of politicians ... which is always scary because there are no saints in government ... but Family Trees are about facts, not fantasy !

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Updated3-13-2016 03:22 PM2-25-2015 08:36 PM
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