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Walter Roberts

England, Kent Sheriff
Flag of KEN
Deathabt 1522
Aged: 84 years
Retained his seat at Glassenbury, as well as owning Ticehurst, Sussex.
Married 1st Margaret Penn on 23 Oct 1463, and had four surviving children: John, Mercy or Mary, Elizabeth, and Jane.
Married 2nd (of two wives) Alice, widow of Lord Abergavenny, and had had four surviving children:Thomas (his heir), Clement, and Joan.
Isabel Culpepper is not mentioned by Sussex Record Soc.
Had 30 children by his three wives.
Glassenbury Park, between Cranbrook and Goughurst in Kent
This beautifully situated house was originally built in 1475 for Walter Roberts using materials from the older house it replaced. It was Walter who had the moat dug around the house and enclosed the park.
In 1730 a Sir Walter Roberts rebuilt the house with a symmetrical Georgian façade.
For sale in 2002 at £8m
An unusual monument in St. Dunstans Church, Cranbrook is found on the east wall of the chapel. Placed there in 1770, it recites the genealogy of the Roberts family. One of the names on the monument is Walter Roberts of Glassenbury (c1442-c1522), whose second [first, says Burke] wife was Isabel Culpeper, daughter of John Culpeper of Bayhall, Hardreshull, and Bedgebury.
WALTER RORERTS, eeq. who, in the year 1472, caused the same to be pulled down, and the next year erected, at the charge of eighteen hundred pounds, another moated house in the valley of Glassenbury and parish of Cranebrook, which ever afterwards continued the abode of the family.t This Walter became possessed of the whole estate by the death of his brother Stephen, who died without issue. He was a person much famed for his eminent qualifications and hospitality, as also for adhering to the Lancastrian interest, by which he became a great sufferer during the rule of RICHARD III. Having concealed Sir John Guldeford in his house at Glassf-nbury, where that person was seized by Sir Edward Stanley and Sir John Savage, he was attainted of treason, his lands seized, and forced himself to abscond until the accensión of HENRY VII. when he was restored to his possessions.
In the 4th of that reign he had a grant from the crown to impark six hundred acres of land and one thousand acres of wood in Cranebrook, Gowdehurst, and Ticehurst, in the counties of Kent and
Sussex ; a? also that he and his heirs should have free wirren IQ all his lands and woods, and fishing in his waters, in the parishes aforesaid, with all liberties and franchisements in such cases granted. He was sheriff of the county of Kent in the same year, and having lived under six kings, HENRY VI EDWARD IV EDWARD V RICHARD III HENRY VII and HENRY VIII, departed this life at more than eighty years of age, A.D. 1522.
This Walter married:
first, 23rd October, 1403, Margaret, daughter and heir of John Penn, esq. of Penn's Place, Herts
secondly (his first wife dying 6th May, 1480), Isabel, daughter of Sir John Culpeper, knt.
thirdly, Alice, daughter of Richard Naylor, esq. and widow of Lord Abergavenny
by those ladies he had no less than thirty children.*
* Inc Elizabeth Hendley, mentioned in his will.
Boarzell was demolished in 1859.Page: Vol 71 - Records of the Roberts FamilyPage: Vol 71 - Records of the Roberts FamilyPage: Vol 71 - Records of the Roberts FamilyPage: Vol 71 - Records of the Roberts Family

Margaret Penn

Death6 MAY 1480
Aged: 38.3 years
Heiress of father, John Penn of Penn's Place, Herts.
Or died 6 May 1540?
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


1470  England, Kent, Cranbrook Gervase Hendley 
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  1. Other: Ancestry.com,England & Wales;
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