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Noah Grant III + Rachel Miller KellyGeorge Dent + Susannah Marbury DawsonJohn Wrenshall + Mary Bennington
Jesse Root Grant23 JAN 1794 -- 29 JAN 1873avatar
Hannah Simpson23 NOV 1798 -- 11 MAY 1883avatar
Frederick Fayette Dent8 OCT 1786 -- 15 DEC 1873avatar
Ellen Bray Wrenshallabt 1792 -- 7 JAN 1857avatar
Marriage22 AUG 1848

Photograph & Religion

Gen Ulysses Simpson Grant

Birth27 APR 1822
West Point, West Point Academy
History8 MAY 1846
Palo Alto
Second Lt
Mexican-American War
9 MAY 1846
Resaca de la Palma
Mexican-American War
SEP 1846Monterrey
Mexican-American War
MAR 1847Siege of Veracruz
Mexican-American War
18 APR 1847Cerro Gordo
Mexican-American War
20 AUG 1847Churubusco
Mexican-American War
8 SEP 1847Molino del Rey
Mexican-American War
SEP 1847Battle for Mexico City
First Lt
Mexican-American War
SEP 1847Chapultepec
Mexican-American War
USA Army / General / US Civil War
Flag of United States
History6 Apr 1862
General, USA
US Civil War
29 APR 1862
Siege of Corinth
US Civil War
18 May 1863
Siege of Vicksburg
US Civil War
5 MAY 1864
the Wilderness
US Civil War
8 May 1864
Spotsylvania Court House
US Civil War
23 MAY 1864
North Anna
US Civil War
May 1864
Totopotomoy Creek
US Civil War
Jun 1864
Cold Harbor
US Civil War
9 Jun 1864
US Civil War
29 MAR 1865
Appomattox Campaign
US Civil War
6 APR 1865
Sailors Creek
US Civil War
USA Presidential Election
Flag of United States
Flag of United States
USA Presidential Election
Flag of United States
Death23 JUL 1885
Cause: cancer
Aged: 63.2 years

Grant is the best known of the presidents we are discussing. A military hero perhaps better known than any other, his name is a household word. Born in Point Pleasant, Ohio, on April 27, 1822, he came of a family of middle-class means. There is virtually nothing of religion or church affiliation in the Grant family history. Jesse Grant, his father, was not a church member and does not seem to have ever attended church. Grant received the best education Ohio had to offer and was later appointed to West Point. There he finished in the middle of his class, ahead of Jefferson Davis and well ahead of many who became well-known Civil War generals. 

Grant's first assignment was a post in Missouri outside of St. Louis. There he met a well-to-do... Read More

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Frederick Dent 

05/30/185011 APR 1912  MO, St Louis City Ida Marie Honoré 

Ulysses S. 

22 JUL 185225 SEP 1929  OH America Workman, Josephine Chaffee 

Ellen Wrenshall "Nellie" 

4 JUL 185530 AUG 1922  MO, Wistonwisch Algernon Charles Frederick Sartoris, Franklin Hatch Jones 

Jesse Root 

02/06/18588 JUN 1934  MO, St Louis City Lillian Burns, Elizabeth Chapman 
Pics & Attach-
  • Tomb
  • Statue, US Capitol
  • Sioux City Statue
  • Postage Stamp
  • Postage Stamp
  • Sherman, Grant, Sheridan
  • U.S. Grant
  • West Point Academy
  • Tomb
  • First Lady's Dress, Smithsonian
  • Video
  • White House China
Gen. Robert Edward LeeGen. Robert Edward LeeCivil War adversarysource
William Tecumseh ShermanWilliam Tecumseh Shermanmilitary officersource
William Henry Harrison Terrellperonal valet
Wilmer McLeanWilmer McLean1865host at Civil War surrendersource

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Protect the law-abiding citizen, whether of native or foreign birth, wherever his rights are jeopardized or the flag of our country floats. … 1869
the light of his glorious fame still reaches out to me, falls upon me, and warms me.
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US Civil War
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Vicksburg Trail
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