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Robert le Strangeabt 1477 -- 1512avatar
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Nicholas Vauxabt 1460 -- 14 MAY 1523avatar
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Thomas Strange

Thomas le Strange

Birthabt 1494
England, Norfolk Sheriff
Flag of NFK
Death18 JAN 1544
Aged: 50 years
Sir Thomas Le Strange was "Esquire to the body of Henry VIII," according to the Le Strange family website.

A L'Estrange researcher in Australia contributed the following information about Thomas, indicating that his son Richard was the one who started the Irish line of L'Estranges:
"My daughter-in-law's maiden name is L'Estrange, she is descendant from Sir Thomas le Strange (1493-1545). His second eldest son Richard, went to Ireland sometime between 1531 and 1545, and started the L'Estrange family there, living initially at Rosscommon and finally at Moystown and Kilcummin in Kings Co."
-- Eric Winstone, Genealogy Website Guest Book Entry, April 2008

Dates vary in various sources, even among family sources.

This line of Le Strange was established by Roland le Strange (died 1135) in Hunstanton, Norfolk. An extensive line connecting to Stranges of Tennessee connects to North America through Devon, which has a Hunstanton town also, probably named after the Le Strange estate in Norfolk.

A descendant manages a family website, "The Le Strange Family Website," that includes some historical information and a sparse genealogy showing the line of descent from Roland. In 1299 John le Strange was "summoned" as the first Baronet Lord Strange of Knockin. The website does not provided dates for most persons, and places of birth for only a few. I have compared and evaluated other sources to get birth dates for the children.

The Le Stranges were Franco-Celts (or Norman-Celts) from Breton (Brittany) in France. The name is the natural phonetic development in French Latin of the name Extraneus, the foreigner. Members of the family later established themselves in Devon. Devon is on the southwest peninsula of Britain, bordering Cornwall.

There is a long historic connection between this area and Wales with Brittany, from the pre-Roman times, but strengthened in in the time of the Saxon invasions when some from the Cornwall area emigrated across the channel to Brittany to escape military pressure. This connection figures in the anachronistic Arthurian tales of the Middle Ages.

The Celts of this area of Britain and the continent were of the group linguistically classified as Brythonic. Families were related across the British Channel into modern times. The continental area became more and more Romanized, then Frankified, though the Breton language is still spoken some today. Cornish as a mother tongue was declared extinct in the 1950s, but has been revived as a studied language.

-- Notes by Orville Boyd Jenkins

Anne Vaux

Birthabt 1495
Some genealogies and discussions on this family appear to have combined Anne with her sister Catherine, listing one child, the wife of Thomas Le Strange, as Anne Catherine (de) Vaux. What alpear to be more careful and reliable sources list Catherine and Anne as two of the several children of Elizabeth Fitzhugh Vaux, whose second husband was Nicholas Vaux, 1st Baron Vaux of Harrowden.
-- See "Elizabeth FitzHugh, Baroness Vaux of Harrowden," Wikipedia, wikipedia.org,_Baroness_Vaux_of_Harrowden
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Katherine Le 

  Rowland Clark 

William (Junior) Le 


Nicholas Le 

abt 15111580  England, Norfolk, Hunstanton  

Richard Le 

abt 1516  Ireland, Moyston  

Anne Le 

abt 1517  England, Norfolk Anthony Southwell 

Alice le 

abt 15211598  England, Suffolk, Pakenham Thomas Calthorpe 

Mary Le 

abt 1526   

Edmond Le 

abt 1527abt 1590  England, Norfolk, Hunstanton  

Henry Le 

abt 1529   


15341575  England, Sussex William West 

William Le 

1538  England, Norfolk, Hunstanton  
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