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Thomas Beckham + Frances Grigsby
John Grigsby Beckham19 APR 1807 -- 13 SEP 1887avatar
Mary Campbell Mooreabt 1813 -- 1881avatar
Samuel Hobson Royall22 AUG 1808 -- avatar
Adelaide Preston Smith9 SEP 1815 -- avatar

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Biography & Portrait

Rev. Thomas Moore Beckham

Birth21 MAR 1835
Death7 NOV 1894
Aged: 59.6 years

The perfume of his piety and the memory of his religious instruction linger and bless many hearts in Virginia. The aims and tone of his life tells at once and always that he has been with Jesus. He cares nothing for a place in the garish light of popular applause. To seek and save those out of the way, the poor and cast down, fills the measure of his holy ambition. Where he goes faded piety revives, the dying interest in religious progress kindles. Men who have strayed, return and rejoice. The worn out circuit is sown down with faithful work and the precious seed. It is reclaimed, and blooms. Churches grow new and young: God crowns his labors with abundant yield. He is the Nehemiah and the Ezra — the builder and preacher. It is a benediction... Read More

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Paul W. 

5 SEP 18751 JAN 1965  VA, Nottoway Co Maude Hamner 
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  1. Findagrave
  2. Book: Minutes of Annual Conference Methodist Ch, 1846; and following years in other books;
  3. Cemetery: Prince Edward Co VA cemetery visits by Ray Gurganus;
  4. (& 5) Website: Meriwether Society;
  1. Findagrave
  2. Cemetery: Prince Edward Co VA cemetery visits by Ray Gurganus;
  3. (& 4) Website: Meriwether Society;
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