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Thomas John Gantt

Aged: 66.8 years
Thomas John Gantt, Esq., married his first wife when he was 18 years old. After her death he came to Charleston to study law in the office of Hon. John S. Richardson, then
Attorney-General. There he met and, at the age of 23, married (my mother) Susan Ann Lawrence, then in her 16th year. Rev. Dr. B. M. Palmer officiating, this on 22 Jan., 1818.
Regularly called to the bar he practiced at Charleston (a portion of the time in copartnership
with David Ramsey, a son of the historian), and on circuit at Colleton, Barnwell, Edgegefield and Lexington. I remember him as a young man. He was quite handsome and had many warm friends. In the tenderness of his affections he was like a woman. It was said of him that "his children had no father, but two mothers", and yet he was as brave and as firm a man as ever lived, and would have faced martyrdom in what he thought he ought to do. At home he loved ardently, and was in turn beloved; and so regularly was he there that uneasiness was felt if his return was delayed beyond his usual hours. He commanded respect and enforced discipline, but a more tender parent never lived. As his children grew to
manhood he encouraged the most friendly intercourse. He said to me, "My son, ever regard me ├ęs your best and most confidential friend, and never hesitate to tell me all your roubles and ask my counsel". And I well remember a consultation, sought by him, on a matter which threatened personal difficulty and the "field of honor", in which, himself
satisfied of what should be my course, he controlled the fellings of a parent and spoke as a man when he said, "My son, here I decline to advise; you must seek another friend". He was a man of ardent nature and positive qualities -- there was nothing negative about him.
Sincere in his attachments, yet not bitter in his dislikes, he was popular. At a very early age he commanded the Charleston Huzzars, made up chiefly of the gentry of the city, and the finest volunteer troop of horse I have ever seen. He was a fine horseman -- perfectly at ease in his saddle, splendidly equipped, and always well mounted, he made a fine appearance on parade. He was in command of this corps, and gave useful service, during the attempted Negro Insurrection in 1822, and it was his company which surrounded the gallows when the 22 were hung. I have heard him describe the scene.

In 1825 at the age of 30 years, he was elected by the Legislature of the State, Register of the Court of Chancery, and as evidence of theesteem in which he was held, as
a man and as a public official, he was regularly re-elected at the expiration of each term of four years until his death on lst December, 1861, having served for 36 consecutive years, and never having had opposition. And for very nearly the same period he was the clerk of the Court of Appeals. He was re-elected two days before his death for another term of four years, which would have extended his service to forty years, but upon this term death prevented
his entrance.
He possessed a strong mind, but was not highly cultivated; and was entered at the South Carolina college, but withdrew before the completion of his term; was a man of cool and self-possessed and of excellent judgement, making him a wise and safe counsellor, an office to which he was frequently summoned. His sense of justice was intuitive and acute; his sympathy always with the weak and oppressed. If there was strength in him it was theirs
and he had the manliness to face opposition in such a cause. He served upon many of the Boards, State and Municipal, was an Alderman in the City Council, andhandsomely supported upon a nomination for the Mayoralty of the city of Charleston. Born in Edgefield County, S. C., on the 26th Jan., 1795, he died at the city of Columbia on the lst December, 1861, just two days after his ninth re-election, when prostrate upon a bed of illness, to theoffice the duties of which he had so long discharged. his closest friends and most attached intimates were of the highest rank. The great James L. Pettigrew and the Honorable. Henry L. Pinckney were his eulogists at his death -- the former before the courts and at the bar, and the latter in the public journals of the city.
Letter from James Lawrence Gantt 26 Jan 1884

Susan Anna Lawrence

Aged: 62.6 years
llis wife (my mother), Susan Ann Lawrence, was born in Charleston on Jan, 29, 1802 and died at Summerville, S.C. on August 24, 1864, after years of suffering, for two of
which she was imprisoned in her chair, unable to move any portion of her body nor to lie down on her bed for repose, and yet I have never heard complaint or murmur from her lips. She seemed, like Stephen, to have been "full of Faith and the Holy Ghost". Conscientious in the discharge of all duties to her husband she was truly a wife, to her children
a mother and what more can be said of her.
letter from James Lawrence Gantt 26 Jan 1884
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James Lawrence 

10/17/181806/18/1895  SC, Charleston Co, Charleston Mary Eliza Merritt 

Eliza Maria 

1820  SC  

Sarah Gattel 

18211828  SC  

Richard Stone 

1823  SC  
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  1. Findagrave Susan Anna Lawrence Gantt
  2. Cemetery: Magnolia Cemetary, Charleston, South Carolina;
  3. Correspondence: Gantt Family Genealogy; Letter from JamesLawrence Gantt 26 Jan 1884; letter in the posession of Cousin Larry Roberts, Savannah, Ga.;
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