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William Phillips

Birth12 JUL 1640
DeathDEC 1725
Aged: 85.4 years
NOT SURE ABOUT ANYTHING BEHIND HERE. John Archer, Sheriff, presents JOHN TUDER for keeping unlawful gaming in his house, or yard, from September 1, 1679, as a common Bowling and place for reel playing, for his own proper gain. And that one Abraham Smith, of Long Island, and others unknown, did on November 15 frequent the place, and that Bowls and Reels unlawfully did play at. John Archer, sheriff, presents DIRCK CLAUSEN, pot baker, for that on August 16, 1679, being Sabbath day morning, did make an assault upon one William Phillips, and with his knife, the nose of said Phillips did sorely cut that it hung down over his lipps, which is contrary to Law and the Peace of our Soverign Lord the King, etc. Report of Sheriff, that upon examination of said matter, he found that the daughter of said Dirck Clausen, pot baker, had by her impudence enticed William Phillips to come into bed to her, where her father, the pot baker, finding them, caused the disturbance. The act being found to be evil, she was committed to the Sheriff's custody. TimeLine: Apr 1685 Bought land from Lewis and Joan Loyd. Nov 1685 Witnessed deed of Anthony and Elizabeth Morgan to Lewis and Joan Loyd. Apr 1687 Children [Ann and Elizabeth] of William and Susannah named in will of Lewis Lloyd. 1703 William Phillips and Susannah Phillips named as s/i/l and daughter of Joan Lloyd in her will. Feb 1709 Susannah Phillips and John Canterbury witnessed the will of Bryon Thornhill whose widow was Elizabeth, a step-grand- child of Lewis Lloyd. Aug 1711 William Phillips and Susannah Phillips were witnesses to George and Rebecca Thompson's deed to Patte Haill Richmond Co., VA. Oct 1713 William Phillips, William Phillips, Jr and Nicholas Christopher entered into an adm bond for WP Jr to be an adm of William Yeats decd. Yeats had been a witness to Joan Lloyd's 1703 Richmond Co., VA will. [RC DB 1711-1712, pg 168]. Dec 1714 William Phillips, Jr was bound over to court along with 2 other men on suspension of hog stealing. [From "Fines, Examinations of Criminals Tryals of Slaves and Criminals" from Mar 1710 t0 171?

Susannah Williams

DeathMAR 1726
Aged: 57.2 years
6/6/1677 Will of Roger Williams recorded in Old Rappahannock County. Dated 2/26/1675. ?To my two sons Roger Williams and Shadrack Williams I doe give 225 acres of land apiece. . .to wife Joane Williams I doe give the Plantation with 200 acres of land. . .wherein she is at this present living. To eldest daughter Betty one heifer. . . Wit: Gerrard Greenwood, Robert Sisson.

11/2/1683-84 Samuel Wills of Farnham Parish, Old Rappahannock County, in contemplation of marriage with Joan, relict of Roger Williams, gave cerain property by Deed of Gift to Roger, Sydrach, Susanna and Anne, the children of the deceased Roger Williams. The children were to receive it when they attained the age of 16 years. Essex County DB 6, Page 36. (since Essex County didn't exist in 1677, this must have happened in Old Rappanannock County. This also indicates that Roger, Sydrach, Susanna and Anne were all born after 1661.)

2-16-1683-84 Susan Williams witnessed a deed recorded in Essex County DB 6, Page 23. (Since Essex County did not exist in 1684, this must have actually happened in Old Rappahannock County. This citation shows that Susan Williams had not married William Phillips by 1684, proving that Susan and William married between 1684 and 1685.)

4-11-1685 Lewis Loyd and wife Joane of Rappahannock County conveyed land to William Phillips "beginning upon the line of Roger Williams at a Hickory running a line of marked trees right across to the line of John Harford and another Morgan....and the said part of the land so warranted is that part next to the House Bridge Swamp..." (Joane/Joan was the widow of Roger Williams and William Phillips was her son-in-law, kmarried to her daughter, Susannah Williams. This and other data indicates that William Phillips and Susannah williams were probably married by 1685. Using an average age of 21 to 26 for males marriages in colonial times, this indicates William w as born about 1659-1664

11-5-1690 Will of Lewis Loyd of Rappannock Co. planter, written 4-24-1687. to grandchild Ann Phillips a cow calfe. To Henry Thornton son of Roger Thornton a cow calfe. To Elizabeth Phillips a cow calfe. To be paid them at discretion of Executrix. to Ruth Williams my daughter-in-law the first mare colte as either of my mares bring. To my loving wife Joane Loyd my whole heire and sole Executrix of all my lands, goods, chattels cattle. Teste: William (X) Smith, age 39 or so and William Davis, age 48 or so. (This indicates that William and Susannah Philliips had daughters named Ann and Elizabeth by 1687. My guess is they were born in the mid 1680's. It would appear that William was not born yet,since he is not mentioned in the will.

12/14/1692 Grant to Joane Loyd, widow and administratrix of Lewis Loyd, dec'd late of Rappa. Co., and parish of Northfarnham. 159 acres adjoining land of Roger Williams in above parish and County formerly survyed and taken up by her dec'd husband Lewis Loyd as by Survey dated February the 6th 1681 under the hand of Mr. Edwin conway the which survey and benefit thereof the said Loyd gave to his Wife by his last Will....

8/1/1695 Be it known unto all men by these presents that Joan Loyd do assign over all my right and interest of the within conveyance of 159 acres of land excepting my widowhood unto william Phillips his heirs and assigns. Witness: Grace Rider, Hen: Shalter. Joan gave power of attorney to her trusty and faithful friend William Davis to aknowledge the instrument. Recorded 8/29/195 in Richmond County.

2-2-1703-04 Will of Joan Lloyd dated 1-8-1703-04. Daughter: Susannah, wife of William Phillips. Son: Shaddrack Williams. Daughter: Anne, wife of James Debord, Daughter: Ruth, wife of John Canterbury. Granddaughter: Elizabeth Thornhill. Daughter-in-law: Elizabeth Williams. Son-in-Law: George Thompson. to every one of my granddaughters as much linen as will make them an apron. To granddaughter Susan Phillips and grandson John M'Daniel: one heifer at Stanley Garvers. George Thompson, executor: Wit: Robert Thomas, Deborah Thomas, William Yeats. Richmond County wills and Inventories 1699-1709, Pg. 65. (this indicated that William and Susannah Phillips had a daughter named Susan, in addition to Ann and Elizabeth.)

11/31/1708 John Meade's of Parish of North Farnham, Richmond County, was summoned to appear at the next Court to answer petition of Grand Jury against him for living licentiously and voluptuously together with one Susanna Phillips, spinster, since June 1, 1708 (This Susanna is probably the daughter of William and Susannah Williams Phillips. The summons was dropped because apparently John and Susanna got married. In the will of John Meade dated 20/7/1713, he mentions his wife Susannah and an unnamed child. William Phillips and John Newman witnessed the will. Susanna Meads, widow remarried to John Favor in June of 1713. The William Philliips who witnessed the will of John Meade was probably Susannah's brother or father.)

7-17-1711 George Thompson of wife Rebekah of Richmond county sold 40 acres in Richmond County to Patte Hail, sawyer, of the same County. Lines: George Thompson, Thomas Herford, Horse Bridge Swamp. Witnesses: William and Susannah Phillips. (Rebecca Thompson was the daughter of Joan Williams Loyd, and the sister of Susannah Phillips.

8-17-13 Marriage license to Leonard Phillips and Elizabeth Favor recorded in Richmond County. (Leonard may have been the son of William and Susannah Phillips. Elizabeth was probably the daughter (of John Favor who married Susannah Phillips Meads in April of 1713) or sister of John Faver/Favor above who purchased land from Robert and Anne Jordon. According to info on the net, John Favor (Sr.) was born about 1672 in France or Essex Co. VA., and married 1st. Mary Wells who was born about 1685 in Northumberland Co., VA. He married 2nd Susanna Phillips Meads. John's will is dated 9-22-1722. Other of his children were named Winnifred, Theophilus, John and Mary. He may have had two sons named John, one by his first wife Mary and one by his second wife Susanna. Elizabeth was supposedly born/baptized 11-25-1699 in richmond Co., so she was only 14 when she married Leonard.) Susannah was Elizabeth's stepmother as well as her sister-in-law.

10-7-1713 Administrators Bond recorded in Richmond County for William Phillips Junior and his wife Ann to administer estate of William Yeatrs, dec'ed. Securities: William Phillips and Nicholas Christopehr. (William Yeats/Yates was the husband of Elizabeth Jacobus, William Phillips Jr., the son of William and Susannah Phillips, may have been married to Ann Yeats/Yates, the sister or widow of William Yeats. William Jr. must have been at least 21 yhears old by 1713 to serve as administrator. Nicholas Christopher was probably married to William's sister, Ann.)

4-7-1714 Sheriff ordered to summon William Phillips to Richmond County Court to answer petition of Francis Yeats (Francis Yeats was the brother of William Yeats. They were the sons of Elias and Mary Hudson Yeats. Both of them were probably William Phillips' brothers-in-law.)

6-2-1714 Indenture between Nicholas Christopher, Anne his wife and John Christopher, their son, of the Parish of Northfarnham in the County of Richmond of one part and John Faver of the aforesaid Parish and County of the other part; witnesseth that Nicholas Christopher, Anne his Wife and John Christopher their Son...for the sum of 2,999 pounds of tobacco....hath demised granted and letten unto John Faver...one half of the land bought by Nicholas Christopher from Nathaniel Jackson...on 1-24-1707...which land computed to 100 acres..50 acres of which Christopher now sells to John Faver...lines: John Faver, Nicholas Christopher's now dwelling plantation, Richard Wisdall. Witnesses: Leonard Phillips, Daniel Carell, Ann Denahin. (I think that Anne, wife of Nicholas Christopher was probably the daughter of William and Susannah Phillips. This Leonard Phillips was probably the son of William and Susannah, the Leonard Phillips who married Elizabeth Faver in 1713, John Faver Jr. was probably Elizabeth's brother and John Faver Sr. was probably her father.

9-1-1714 John Pendergrass, an Orphan Son of James Pendergrass, late of this County, was brought before Court by Susanna Phillips who prayed that the said John Pendergrass should be bound to her husband William Phillips. James Pendergrass, brother of said John, objected against it and prayed that he might have the charge and tuition, which was granted, he paying William Phillips for the maintaining and bringing up of said Joh. (According to information on the internet, James Pendergrass died in North Farnham Parish in 1705. His son John was born in 1697. It appears that William and Susannah Phillips raised Jokhn Pendergrass from the age of 8 to the age of 17. They must have been related in some way. Perhaps he was a nephew.)

12-2-1714 Wiliam Philips Junior was bound over to Richmond County Court by John Tayloe GEnt, Justice of the Peace, on suspicikon of Hog stealing, and he is ordered to give security for good behavior for one year. George Gaydon goes his bond for (farthing?) 10 sterling. (This is probably the son of William and Susannah Williams Phillips.)

10-5-1715 In an action of debt between Wiliam Fantleroy, Pit and Leonard Phillips Deft, the Deft failing to give Special Bail... is therefore committed to Sheriffs custody and an imparlance is granted him until next Richmond County Court. (William Fantleroy was the son of Moore Fantleroy, the administrator of the estate of John Phillips who died in Lancaster County in 1655.)

5-3-1716 In an action of Debt between William Fantleroy Pit and Leonard Phillips Deft for 663 pounds of tobacco, Charles Barber Gent came into Richmond County Court and entered himself Special Bail for the Deft thereupon the Deft confest Judgmant unto the Pit. (Charles Barber b. 1676 - d. 1727 in Richmond Co. married Frances Glasscock about 1700. Charles may have been the "natural" son of Dorothy Barber, the sister of Capt. William Barber. He may have been adopted by Capt. Barber.

8-9-1718 Deed from William Phillips of Farnham Parish, Richmond County to Henry Walker of St. Pauls Parish, New Kent county, for 20 (farthings?), 100 acres bounded by Henry Wyatt. Wit: Thomas Newman, Francis Yeats. (This deed was recorded in Henrico County.)

6-3-1719 Patent granted to William Phillips for 100 acres in Richmond County adjoining lands of Clark Fantleroy and said Phillips own land.

12-7-1720 Thomas Phillips Mary his Wife, John Brown William Phillips of County of Richmond are held and firmly bound...in the sum of 100 (farthing) sterling...to guaranty that Thomas and Mary will properly administer the estate of John Dailey, dec'd. (According to information on the internet, Thomas Phillips was born 10-27-1684 and died 11-l-1739 in North Farnham Parish. His wife Mary was the widow of John Dailey. Thomas Phillips supposedly was the son of John and Elizabeth Phillips of Richmond County. I suspect that William Phillips was his cousin and that Thomas Phillips moved to Spotsylvania County, where he appears as an overseer for Capt. John Taliaferro in 1724. He disappeared from Richmond County in 1722.)

-22-1722-23 Wiliam Phillips came into Richmond County Court and acknowledged his deed for land...unto John Yeats, which was admitted to record. Ann Philliips, wife of said William, appeared in court. William and Ann appear to have moved to Spotsylvania County soon after this, probably right after the death of his father in 1725. William Phillips served on several juries in Spotsylvania County in 1727.)

12-2-1723 Survey for William Garland, 101 acres being part of patent to Henry Thornton dated 7-5-1695; house on plat, in Northfarnham Parish, Richmond County, adjacent the land of William Garland, JosephRrussell, Angell Jacobus, William Phillips, Honorable Proprietors of the Northern Neck, Burdit, Thornton, Surveyor James Thomas.

12-1-1725 Will of William Philliips recorded in Richmond County. Witnesses: William Hodgkinson and Jean Wilkinson. (Unfortunately, the will itself is missing.)

1-17-1726 Will of susannah Phillips recorded in Richmond County. Son David land and plantation I now live on. Daughter: Catherine, David Phillips, executor. Wit: John Branham, James Wilkinson, Robert Taylor.

4-6-1726 David Phillips and Roger Williams posted bond in Richmond County for the administration of the estate of Susannah Phillips. The will of Susannah Phillips (page 55 of Headley's book) was written on 17 Jan 1725 and proven on 6 Apr 1726; listed are son David to receive land I now live on, and daughter Catharine. Witnesses were John Branham, James Wilkinson and Robert Taylor. Apparently William had died before the will was written in 1725. On 6 Apr 1726 David Phillips (Executor) and Roger Williams posted bond to make a true and perfect inventory of the estate of Susannah Phillips (Richmond Co Deeds 1720-33 p 341)

8-6-1728 Indenture between David Phllips of County of Richmond and Pish of Northfarnham of one part and George Thomson of the aforesaid County of Pish of other part: Witnesseth that David Phillips in consideration of 1500 pounds of tobacco to him in hand paid by George Thomson...hath and by these presents doth bargain sell and release unto George Thomason...all that parcel of land containing 50 acre.......bseing a part of the tract of land formerly granted to Jone Loyd, Admrx to Lewis Loyd, dec'ed, containing 159 acres which Patent is dated 2-6-1681...Witnesse: Jos: Russell Junr and Thomas Lewis. Mary Phillips, the wife of David Phillips, appeared in Court and relinquished her right of dower in the land conveyed in the Deed unto the said George Thomson. (David and Mary Phillips appear to have moved to Spotsylvania County shortly after this. William and Ann Phillips sold land to David Phillips in Spotsylvania county in 1730.)
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


16841755  VA, Richmond Co Nicholas Christopher 


168428 AUG 1742  VA, Orange Co John Rucker 


1686  VA, Richmond Co  


16881739  VA, Richmond Co, North Farnham Parish  


1690  VA, Richmond Co, Farnham  


1690  VA, Richmond Co Elizabeth Favor 


1700  VA, Richmond Co Mary ___ 


17051770  VA, Richmond Co  
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