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Strangeman Hutchins

Death10 FEB 1792
Aged: 85.1 years
One info source on this family: James E. Mabe.A note written by Thomas W. Barnett in 1857 states, "My great grandfather name was Strangeman Hutchins. Why that singular name was given him, I know not, unless it was because his parents thought it strange that a man child should be born unto them, for I believe he was their only son. He was a minister of the Friends Faith. His word was law among his children and they obeyed him to the letter.


Strangeman Hutchins, son of Nicholas, probably lived in Henrico County, Virginia until his marriage about 1731 to Elizabeth Cox.

Elizabeth Cox died, according to the rocords of Thomas W. Barnett ( a great-grandson of hers through both his paternal and maternal lines), in North Carolina at the age of 103.

Some time after their marriage, Strangeman and Elizabeth moved up the James River to Goochland county, along Genito Creek, about twenty miles upriver from Richmond. Here he bought and occasionally sold land. In 1782 to 1785, when he was preparing to move to North Carolina, Strangeman disposed of land showing that he owned about 750 acres, of which his son, John, had an interest in 250 acres.

Strangeman was a prominent member of the Society of Friends. His name is first found on the Cedar Creek records in 1741. From that time until 1786, when he removed to North Carolina his name was continualy on the records as a witness, on committees, as representative, as overseer, as clerk, as elder, and as minister.

He suffered seizure of property for chruch rates, as did many other Quakers. The Church of England required payment of such fees, even though they were Quakers; and there were great hardships suffered because of this law, which the Quakers consistently refused to obey.

In 1762 Strangeman was ordered to secure land for the Genito Ceek Monthly House in Goochland County. (However, his principal activity was at the great central monthly Meeting at Cedar Creek.)

Strangeman had visited North Carolina in 1756 and again in 1764 ( as a minister?), as had others in his family. The increasing difficulties with the government, the Revolutionary War, and the added incentive of land in North Carolina were probably the reasons that a man of 79 years of age would make such a long, arduous move away from the land where he had always lived. By that time, though, many of his relatives and friends were also moving away from the area along the James River, following the much-travelled Western Road, a migration trail which led to nothwestern North Carolina.

As part of the plantation system of farming in the south, the Quakers had held slaves up until the time of the Revolutionary War. But gradually some Quakers had come forward to proclaim that slavery was agains the will of God; and Quakers were urged to free their slaves. In this belief, quakers were far ahead of the rest of the country. Today it is hard for us torealize what this decision meant to people who knew that they could not continue to farm on a scale which would support their families, in competion with neighbors who had many slaves.


Strangeman Hutchins born abt 1707 and died in Surry County N C on Feb 10 1792. Strangeman married Elizabeth Cox abt 1731 Elizabeth is the daughter of Richard and Mary Cox.

National Genealogical Society Quarterly Pg 60 Vol 2069

Hutchins-Hutchens. Descendants of Strageman Hutchins , born 1707, of the James River in Virginia and Surry (Yadkin) County North Carolina, By Rita Hineman Townsend

Mrs Townsend has prepared a monumental record of her mother's family for twelve generations. It begins with the earliest proved ancestor, Nicholas Hutchins, a Quaker of Henrico County, Virginia, who married Mary, a daughter of Henry Watkins, 9 8mo 1701 They had four children, a son Strangeman and three daughters, all of whom were married. In Appendix III the compiler analyzes the several family tradition concerning the famil's origin, some of which are fantastic, and after pointing out the weaknesses she comments: Tradition, unless supported by facts, is not acceptable when proving ones descent. It is pleasant to read; and there may be a thread of some truth found in any of these traditions. But it is best to avoid any of these traditions as facts.

Strangeman Hutchins lived in Henrico County until his marriage about 1731 to Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Mary Cox. Later they moved to Goochland County, where he bought and sold land. In 1782 he gegan to dispose of his holdings (including the manumissons of twelve slaves) and shortly thereafter, with his wife and granddaughter, removed to that part of Surry County North Carolina that is now Yadkin County, following two of his sons who had preceded them there. Strangeman made his will on 23 11mo 1791; it was probated in 1792. By Elizabeth Cox he had elevan children. The descendants of ten of these children are traced to the present time.

Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Page 250-251

1741, 5, 10. Stangeman [Hutchason] gave 40 with other Frs here in Carolina and Hanover, at the rq of Frs in London

1743, 4, 11. Strangeman [Hutchings] mentioned as being in Hanover Co VA

1743/44, 11, 14. Martha [Hutchings] rmt John Stanley

1743, 10, 11 Marthy [Hutchings] m John Stanley

1748 , 6, 13 Strangeman and his signed minute book as token the was a Fr and mbr of the mtg

1749, 6, 18. Strangeman [Hutchings] Hanover Co., suffered seisure of property for church rates

1754, 10,16 Ede [Huchens], dt of Strangeman, Goochland Co, m John Stanley

1755 ,1 , 11 Edy rmt to John Stanley

1755, 10,11. Mary and Jane [Hutchings] signed women's MM book as a token they were mbr

1756, 9,11. Strangeman [Hutchens] gct the MM in the Province of NC

1756, 12 11. Strangeman [Hugings] rpd he had suffered this year

1757, 12,11. John [Huchens] s Strangeman, Goochland Co, m in Cedar Creek MH, Hanover Co, Alice Standley, dt John, Hanover Co

Ch: Jonathan b 1763,2,28 Agatha b 1763,1, 21 Susannah 1769,1,15 Mary 1771,1,20 Elizabeth 1772,12,1 Thomas 1774,11,23 Strangeman 1776,9,15 William 1778,8,14 Patrick 1761,10,3

1770 ,4,15. Lydia dt Strangeman, Goochland Co m John Johnson

1758, 1, 14 John [ Hutchens] rmt Alice Stanley

1760,-- Strangeman [Hutchens] mentioned as being a minister

1762, 6, 12 Mary rmt Samuel Robert Brooks

1762, 12,11 Strangeman [Hutchings] ordered to secure MH land at Genito in Goochland Co

1764, 5,12 Nicholas gct the MM in Henrico, to m

1764,8,11,Stangeman [Hutchens] rqct travel into some part of NC; granted

1765, 6, 8 Strangeman [Hutchens] and Thomas {leasants to Genito PM

1766, 5,10 Strangeman [Hutchens] rpd as having suffered this year

1785, 9, 10 Thomas rqct Deep River MM, N C for self, w and ch; in 1786, 8, 26 informed he cannot have cert until the slaves he sold are restored to freedoml MM suggested he give Frs an unlimited power with respect to the sle of hi land and hte release of the slaves.

1786, 1, 14 Strangeman and w and gr dt , Elizabeth Hutchins, dt of Thomas; Thomas Hutchins and w and ch and Benjamin Hutchins and fam gct Deep River MM, NC; Cert was returned in 10 mo but was delayed due to failure of comm to rp

1787, 3 10 Thomas gct Deep River Meetings MM, NC after he had consented to sell a tract of his land and redeem some slaves he sold.

Virginia Tax Payers, 1782-1787, Surnames J-K, Page 65 Strangeman Hutchings 1 4 Goochland Co Strang Hutchens 2 Goochland Co

1790 HUTCHINS STRANGEMAN Sury Co NC 1 0 2 0 2


Will of Strangman Hutchens, 1792

Posted by Bonnie Cain Henrich on Monday, May 31, 1999

All Surnames mentioned in the Will: Hutchens/Cox/Stanley/Brooks/Harding/Barnett/Reynolds/Johnson
The Will of Strangman Hutchens of Surry County, North Carolina

I, Strangman Hutchens, Surry County and State of North Carolina, being desireous to settle my outward estate while in my sound senses and memory and to prevent disputes after my death do make this my last will and Testament in manner following ~~~~~~~~

First, I give to my Beloved wife Elizabeth (Cox) Hutchens all my personal Estate not hereafter given to any of my children or grand children hereafter named to dispose of as she may think proper amongst my children and grand children ~~~~~~~~

2ly, It is my will and Desire that John Stanley shall have the tract of land he now lives on containing seventy five acres being in the county above said for his own Property provided he pay me or my Executor the sum of twenty five pounds Virginia money by or before the twenty fifth day of december anno 1792 agreeable to a verbil contract made between him the said John Stanley and myself.......... if the money is not paid by that time then it is my desire that my son Benjamin Hutchens shall have the said seventy five acres of land By setling and paying some demands that are against me in Virginia and paying the Ballance of the above mentioned sum of twenty five pounds Virginia money to his mother ~~~~~~~~

3ly, I lend to my Daughter Mary Brooks a tract of land containing fifty five acres lying in goochland county in Virginia it being the land whereon my said daughter Mary now lives during her natureal life provided she lives seperate and a part from her husband Samuel Robert Brooks. It is not my intent the said Samuel Brooks should live on my land or have any part of my estate whatever and after the death of my said Daughter Mary then I give the said fifty five acres of land to my grand Daughter Elizabeth Stanley Daughter of my said daughter Mary Brooks to her and her heirs forever.

4ly, I lend to my daughter Edieth Stanley one feather Bed which she has now in posession during her natural life and then I give the said Bed to my grandson John Hutchens Stanley.

5thly, It is my will and desire that whatever I have already given to my sons and Daughters hereafter Named the same items in their posession forever (To Wit) John, Nicholis, Thomas and Benjamin Hutchens, Mary Brooks, Edieth Stanley, Obedience Harding and Jean Barnett.

and last I appoint my son Benjamin Hutchens Executor to this my last will and testament Revoking all wills heretofore made By me in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of ye 11th month 1791.

Signed sealed publised and declaired as the last will and Testament of Strangman Hutchens in presents of } Jonas Reynolds Jonathan Johnson John Johnson

Strangman Hutchens (Signed His Mark) (Seal)

Strangeman Hutchens Last Will and Testament July 1792 Recorded _______________

Notes: The above will was transcribed to the best of my ability from a copy of the original. The names and words are spelled as they are written on the original/copy. Submitted by Bonnie Cain Henrich

1792-2mo-10 Strangeman Hutchins, Deep Creek, died in his 85th year.

Surry County, NC Deed Book 1, p 79

To all people to whom these presents shall come, I, Elizabeth Hutchins, widow of Strangeman Hutchins, Deceased, of Surry County, and State of North Carolina, do send greetings. Know ye that I, the said Elizabeth Hutchins, for and in consideration of the love, good will and affection which I have and do bear toward my grandson, Thomas Barnett of the said County and State, have given and granted, and by these presents do freely grant unto the said Thomas Barnett, his heirs, excutors, or adminstrators, sundry goods and chattles, that is, one feather bed and furniture, one woollen wheel, iron pot, and falt iron, four plates, two chairs, one cow marked with a half crop in the left ear and slit in the other, and a heifer unmarked white colored, to have and to hold all the said goods and chattles to him, the said Thomas Barnett, his heirs, executors, administrator, from henceforth as his proper goods and chattles absolutely, without any manner of condition.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the first day of November, 1800.

Signed, sealed and delivered her in the presence of Elizabeth x Hutchins Reny Harding, Jurat mark John Hutchins

Surry County, November Term of Court, 1800 The execution of within Deed as duly proven in open court by the oath of Renny Harding and ordered to be registered


Elizabeth Hutchins born December 13 1742 in VA died Bef. 1786; married John Barnett September 12, 1767 in Cedar Creek, VA

Mary Hutchins born October 17, 1733 in Henrico County, Virginia; died Abt. 1804 in Goochland County, Virginia; married Samuel Robert Brooke May 08, 1762 in Caro County, Virginia.

Edith Hutchins born November 15, 1736 in Virginia; died June 22, 1796 in Surry County, NC married John Stanley November 16, 1754; born 1732 in Hanover County VA died 1795 in Surry County NC

John Hutchins born December 23, 1738 in Henrico County VA died Abt. 1825 in Surry County NC married (1) Alice Stanley December 11, 1757 in Hanover County, VA born married (2) Jane Braswell March 26, 1792 in Surry County, North Carolina; born 1755; died 1832.

Nicholas Hutchins born January 09, 1739/40 in Henrico County, VA died October 04, 1825 in Surry County NC married (1) Sarah Ladd July 01, 1764 in Charles County NC married (2) Lydia Carter December 20, 1809.

Thomas Hutchins born July 20, 1741 VA died 1802 in Surry County, NC married (1) Patty Chiles June 12, 1773 in Virginia married (2) Sussanna Ladd March 05, 1780 in Charles County, NC died 1806 in Surry County, NC

Obedience Hutchins born December 03, 1744; died Aft. 1807 in Surry Coounty NC married William Harding October 04, 1773 in Goochland County, VA

Jane Hutchins born June 10, 1748 married Athenacious Barnett

Milla Hutchins born October 15, 1750

Lydia Hutchins born February 15, 1752 died Abt. 1791 in Surry County, NC married John Johnson April 15, 1770

Benjamin Hutchins, born May 08, 1756 in Goochland County, VA died January 27, 1836 in Butler Township, Montgomery County, OH married (1) Judith McGehee May 13, 1775 Mary Jenkins February 09, 1815 in Montgomery County, OH

Strangeman Hutchins, son of Nicholas, was born in Virginia, 1707, and died in Surry County, (now Yadkin County), North Carol ina, Feb. 10, 1792. Strangeman probably lived in Henrico County unt il his marriage about 1731 to Elizabeth Cox, daughter of Richard an d Mary Cox.

Elizabeth Cox was born Feb. 25, 1713 in Virginia, and died, according to Thomas W. Barnett, in North Carolina at the age o f 103 years.

Some time after his marriage, Strangeman moved up the James River to Goochland County, along Genito Creek. Here he bought a nd occasionally sold land. In 1782 to 1785, when preparing to mov e to North Carolina, Strangeman disposed of land showing that he owne d about 750 acres of which his son John, had an interest in 250 ac res.

Strangeman was a very prominent member of the Friends Church. There was a small meeting at Genito Creek, but his principal activity was at the great central meeting at Cedar Creek, in Han over County. His name was first found on the Cedar Creek records in 1741. From that time until 1786, when he moved to North Carolin a, his name is continually on the records as witness, on committees , as representative, as overseer, as clerk, as elder.

In 1782, Strangeman freed twelve slaves bya deed of Manumission.

As you read between the lines of the record, you realize that Strangeman was a man of amazing vitality, and of remarkable abil ity.

from Burns Relations gedcom: Strangeman freed 12 slaves in 1782. In 1786 he moved to Surry Co., NC, in the area that is now Yadkin Co.

October 14, 1729, he signed a certificate of marriage for his sister Mary Hutchins. November 3, 1729, sold land he inherited from his father. November 25, 1745, bought 200 acres of land on the North side of the James River adjoining his other land. July 16, 1748, sold 150 acres of land on the north side of the James River. March 9, 1749/50, bought 105 acres of land on a fork of the Tuckahoe Creek. Jan. 7, 1760, bought 50 acres of land adjoining his own land. May 1, 1770, sold 60 acres of land on Tuckahoe Creek. Furnished wheat during the Revolutionary War. Aug. 20, 1780, sold 60 acres of land on Tuckahoe Creek. Mar. 19, 1782, Claim allowed for services rendered during the war. (Photostatic copy in DAR Records.) Oct. 21, 1782, freed his 12 slaves. Feb. 14, 1783, sold 316 acres of land. Jan. 14, 1786, Granted certificates to move to NC. Moved membership to Deep River Monthly Meeting, NC from Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, VA 1786 exempted from paying poll tax.

Elizabeth Cox

Birth25 FEB 1713
Aged: 102.8 years
The Cox Family

Elizabeth Cox, who married Strangeman Hutchins, was a daughter of Richard Cox and his wife, Mary. Richard Cox made his will in HenricoCounty, Va., July 13, 1734. In this he names his heirs, John Cox, HenryCox, Mary Ford, Elizabeth Hutchins, Richard Cox, Obedience Perkins, EdithWhitloe, a grand son, Hickerson Cox, and his wife Mary. A deed madeprevious to the will shows that he had a daughter, Martha Ferguson.

Mary Cox, wife of Richard, was before her marriage Mary Trent, daughter of Henry Trent and his wife, Elizabeth. Henry Trent in his willmade in Henrico County, Jan. 8, 1700, named as his heirs, AlexanderTrent, Henry Trent, John Trent, William Trent, Mary Cox, wife of RichardCox, Rebecca Trent, Susanna Trent, and his wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Trent, born about 1657, wife of Henry Trent, was before her marriage Elizabeth Sherman, daughter of Henry and Cisly Sherman. And Cisly Sherman before her marriage to Henry Sherman, was the wife of Isaac Hutchins, whose will made in Henrico County, Feb. 23, 1656, named as his heirs, his minor son, Robert Hutchins, and his wife, Sisely.

John Cox was the father of Richard Cox. His will made in Henrico County, Feb. 10, 1691, named as his heirs his six sons, John Cox, William Cox, Bartholomew Cox, Richard Cox, Henry Cox, George Cox,and wife, Mary.

William Cox was the father of John Cox. Virginia descendants of the family, people of education and high standing concur in that statement. Mrs. Ella Foy O'Gorman, Washington, D. C., a descendant of Richard Cox through his son, Henry Cox, after years of patient investigation, says that Wililam Cox was the Immigrant Ancestor. As doesJudge Edwin P. Cox, South Richmond, Va., a student for years of thefamily records, a descendant of John Cox through his son, George Cox.

William Cox, born 1598, died previous to 1656, came from England to Virginia, 1610--in the ship, "Godspeed".

1628--Sept. 20, had a grant of 100 acres in Elizabeth City County.

1636--Nov. 29, had a grant of 150 acres in Henrico County, on the James, two and one-half miles above Harroe Addocks. Wife, Elizabeth.

1642--Sept. 1, bought 250 acres in partnership with Isaac Hutchins at the mouth of Falling Creek, along the James.

1665--Aug. 5, Thomas Cox, son and heir of William Cox, sold half of this 250 acres.

1685--Apr. 1, John Cox, Sen. of Harroe Addocks, made a deed of land to his son, William Cox.

Harroe Addocks, or Arrohateck, was five or six miles above Dutch Gap. The William Cox grant, 1636, was possibly not far from the Mouth of Falling Creek.

ather: Richard Cox b: 1678
Mother: Mary Trent b: 1682
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


17 OCT 17331804  VA, Henrico Co  


15 NOV 173622 JUN 1796  VA, Henrico Co, Cane Creek  


23 DEC 17381825  VA, Henrico Co Alice Stanley, Jane Braswell 


9 JAN 17404 OCT 1825  VA, Henrico Co  


13 DEC 17421786  VA, Henrico Co  


3 DEC 17441805  VA, Henrico Co  


20 JUL 17461802  VA, Henrico Co  


10 JUN 174830 NOV 1833  VA, Henrico Co  


15 OCT 17501792  VA, Henrico Co  


15 FEB 17527 APR 1791  VA, Goochland Co  


8 MAY 175627 JAN 1836  VA, Goochland Co  
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Virginia Sholin Smallwood   •  03-Sep-12 1:37 PM
In spite of the note written by Thomas W. Barnett in 1857, in which he conjectured why a given name like "Strangeman" was used for Strangeman Hutchins, the fact remains that this man's paternal grandmother's maiden name was Strangeman. This is almost certainly the source of the name.


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