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Sir Roger De Somerville

Birthabt 1281
Aged: 55 years
This Roger Somerville father of Katherine is referred to in Burke's as "Roger Somerville, of Grindall". According to research done by Francis Grindall ntlworld.com drawing on archives esp from University of Hull. Roger was granted a tenancy for life of "the manor of Grendale" (alt spelling) June 9th 1331. He earlier received c.1313 "Gift in pure, widowhood: Isabella, widow of Sir Robert de Somerwile to her son Roger de Somerwile. And aft 1317 Gift in marriage: Richard de Saltewik to Roger de Somervile and Matilda daughter of Sir Walter de Grendale". All this fits with this Thomas being near to the Cave's Yorks. It also adds names to his wife, mother, father and father in law. This fits closer to ancestry.com
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