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Shadrack L Green

Aged: 86 years
American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
Volume 67, Page 166
Shadrach Green
Birth 1760 North Carolina
Reference: Heads of fams. at the first U.S. census. NC. By U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, 1908. (292p.):119

There is probably a confusion of two individuals here. This Shadrack L Green is reported born in South Carolina, but the common father, also Shadrack or Shaddrock Green, is reported born and died in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been able to sort this out further. There are too many Shadrack Greens and genealogies seem to have several all mixed and sprinkled around. Several researchers are working in the morass and unclarity and confusion reigns.

Sources vary in reporting the birth place of Shadrack L Green, born 1760, as North Carolina or South Carolina. Originally it was all one Royal colony.

"When the king of England demanded borders be set for North and South Carolina in the 1700s, surveyors battled swamps and panthers, and notched trees to demarcate the line. The boundary was officially set in 1772 ...." [Note that this was just before the American Revolution.]
-- "North, South Carolina to Get New Border-Their Old One," newser.com

Even after it was decided to divide it into two colonies, the swamps and gorges and thick forests along the proposed border area made it uncertain and adjustments were made periodically. In fact, one is now being made in 2014 after GPS surveyors clarified the errors of hand surveying over the previous centuries. I have been in that area. The local roads meander up and down hillsides and across creeks and gorges, back and forth from one state into the other without any markers. It was all one area to the folks who lived there, and pretty much still is today.

Some sources have mixed or combined this Shadrack with his son. Shadrack Green, son of William Green and brother of Meshack and Abednigo Green, was born about 1760, according to a source in World Family Tree (Vol 146, Pedigree #36). His son was born in 1800 and died in 1864, according to some sources.

We have questionable and spotty sources for this lineage. A few sources have these two Shadracks listed as Shadrack Sr and Jr. Shadrack Jr had a son named Shadrack L, born 1855 (source: One World Tree 41509312). This latter is also sometimes designated as Junior and his Father as Senior. This seems to indicate that all had L as the middle initial, but I have never seen the full name in any source. Most genealogies lack any discussion.

I first got the names of William and his sons from Glenda Pool, a distant cousin also working on the Green and related families. About 5 of us from different descendant branches of the Green lineage discovered each other through our various genealogies or family connections. Marion (Butch) Mixon contacted me in response to my posted genealogy and we exchanged some information. He was the one who put me in touch with Glenda's material.

Glenda had received information from others with pertinent research on this family. The sources Glenda had collected presented difficulties because dates for one Shadrack and one of his brothers Meshack extended over too long a period to be the life of one person.

Even when we make the correction to apply the 1800 birth date to the second Shadrack, there is still somewhat of a problem. With Shadrack's older brother Meshack's birth date of 1720 in some sources, that means their father William was born about 1700, or earlier.

This would mean for Shadrack to be born in about 1760, his father would be 60 years old. This is not impossible, but unusual. It also means a span of 40 years between the birth of Meshack and Shadrack. Further, with brother Meshack's reported birth in 1720, that makes a spread of 80 years between their births!

An additional generation, which I had discovered was missing in this sequence, was filled by a source in One World Tree, and supported by other sources. There was a Shadrick born in 1747 as a son of Isaac Green (b 1721) who was the father of the Shadrack born in 1760. This will make the dates and generations match more closely.

And on another tack, consider the naming pattern of the three known brothers, sons of William. The normal order of names of the "three Hebrew boys" in the book of Daniel is Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. Thus I would expect the first child to be named Shadrack. But from the limited information we have, the earliest birth date is for Meshack. That might still be the case, it just seems unusual. My first sources, through Glenda Pool, had no birth date for Shadrack or Abednigo. (Oh, and there actually was a fourth son we know of, named Thomas.)

It is still likely that there is yet another generation between the Shadrack born in 1760 and the Shadrack born in 1800. Or perhaps the birth date for Meshack is later. It already appears from the analysis of the information about Meshack that there is a generation missing in his line also. It is too long a stretch from his birth in 1720 to his marriage to Lucretia Franklin in 1770 and the birth of his first child in 1774!

It was known that there was a Shadrack Green, Jr, son of Shadrack son of William. Glenda Pool's Green genealogy gives a death date of 1846 for Shadrack, Jr, but no birth date. An early source in One World Tree (Ancestry.com) gives a death date of 13 May 1864 for Shadrack Green, born 1800. This source has no father for this Shadrack.

It makes best sense of the information I now have analyzed to consider Shadrack son of William as born 1760, died 1846, and son Shadrack born 1800, died 1864. There may still be another generation to account for in there somewhere back to William.

No date is given for the birth or death of the first Shadrack's father William. Birth dates also vary considerably between sources.

There was a Shaddrock Green born in 1730, but with no place of birth given, who could fill the gap between William and Shadrack born in 1760. World Family tree Pedigree #3554 has no place of birth but reports a daughter Dicey born in 1770 in Virginia. This place of birth is problematic, since William and his sons are all reported by my original sources as born in South Carolina.

One source gives the name of Shadrack Sr's wife as Martha Jones, while several others say it was Mary Gage. The lists of children from the two sources are very similar. More investigation needs to be done in other sources to confirm the exact configuration and dating for William, Shadrack and other children, and the next generation.

North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Rutherford County
Record #01 114
Groom: Shad Green
Bride: Mary Gage
Bond date: 20 Dec 1782
Bond #000133750
Bondsman: Timothy Riggs
Witness: Felix Walker, C

The spotty indicators seems to say that Mary Gage died between 1897 and 1801. There are gaps in the reported birth dates of children after the birth of Joseph in 1897 and after the birth of Shadrack Jr in 1801. This would be when Shadrack could have married the other reported wife Martha Jones. I suggest it was after the birth of Shadrack, perhaps in childbirth, in about 1801. I have no further information on Martha Jones, but she would also have been likely previously married, having been born in about 1773.

The confusion that appears in the mostly undocumented genealogies may be an indication that there were two Shadrack Greens between William and the Shadrack we know was born in 1800, who have also been confused and compressed into one in the sources. Information from early censuses and other documents, provided by Glenda Pool from several sources, have not been conclusive in resolving the difficulties. There are clues there that offered to unravel more of this mystery and fill in many details, but the gaps and contradictions are too great.

Mary Gage

Birthabt 1770
State uncertain, probably NC
Deathabt 1802
Some sources show either wife as the mother of the various reported children. May have died in childbirth
Aged: 32 years
North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
Rutherford County
Record #01 114
Groom: Shad Green
Bride: Mary Gage
Bond date: 20 Dec 1782
Bond #000133750
Bondsman: Timothy Riggs
Witness: Felix Walker, C

Mary may have died after the birth of Joseph in 1897. Or it may have been after the birth of Shadrack Jr in 1801. Because of uncertainty due to confusion and conflicting reports among genealogies and few records to clarify, the gaps between births of the children suggest these two periods when Mary might have died and Shadrack could have married his second wife Martha Jones. I suggest it was in about 1801.

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


1791bef 1881  NC  


1793bef 1884  NC, Rutherford Co Rebecca ___ 


179511/1848  NC, Rutherford Co Anna Nomaidenname 


17976/27/1883  NC, Rutherford Co Sarah Mooney 


17991877  NC, Rutherford Co James Owens 


10/13/18005/13/1864  SC Benisa Ann Owens 


02 NOV 1802FEB 1876  NC, Rutherford Co Elizabeth Philbeck 
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