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John Abbe, Jr15 OCT 1613 -- 6 SEP 1672avatar
Mary Loringabt 15 OCT 1615 -- 9 Sep 1672avatar
William Knowlton1614/1615 -- 17 Jul 1655avatar
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Samuel Abbe

appears upon the town records as a husbandman
appears upon the town records as a made freeman
Salem Witch Trials
testified against Sarah Goode and Mary Estey
first victims of the Salem Witch trails
American History
Aged: 48 years
Samuel Abbe was living in Salem during the days of witchcraft and was one
of those opposed to its fanaticisms.

One Rebecca Nourse, on trial as a witch, produced a paper signed by several ''respectable inhabitants" of Salem, among
whom was Samuel Abbe. This document as to her good character caused her
to be set at liberty but the sentence was later changed for some reason anshe was put to death as a witch. Only a few years ago a monument to hermemory was erected by her descendants.

Mercy?s father testified against the first victim of the Salem Witch trails Sarah Good:

Sarah was gone from our house we began to loose cattle and lost several after an unusall manner, in a drupeing condition (sic) condition and yett they would eate; and your deponents have lost after that manner 17 head of cattle within this two years besides sheep and hoggs, and both doe believe they dyed by witchcraft, the said William Good on the last of May was twelve months went home to his wife the said Sarah Good and told her, what a sad accident had fallen out, she asked what, he answered that his neighbor Abbey had lost two Cowes, both dyeing within halfe an hower of one another, the said Sarah Good said she did not care if he the said Abbey had lost all the cattle he had as ye said John Good told us. Just that very day that the said Sarah Good was taken up, we yr Deponents had a cow that could not rise alone, but since presently after she was taken up, the said cow was well and could rise so well as if she had ailed nothing. She the said Sarah Good ever since these deponents turned her out of their howse she hath behaved herselfe very crossely and mallitiously to them and their children calling their children the vile names and hath threatened them often.

Mary Knowlton

Aged: 63 years
Birth: 1653 Ipswich Essex County Massachusetts, USA Death: 1716 Windham Windham County Connec

From the book published in 1916 "Abbe -Abbey Genealogy In Memory of John Abbe and his Descendants" by Cleveland Abbe and Joseph Genung Nichols

Samuel Abbe married in Wenham, Mass., October 12, 1672, MARY KNOWLTON, born 1653, daughter of William and Elizabeth ( ) Knowlton. She married (2), April 27, 1699, Abraham Mitchell and had by him a son, Daniel, who was born and died December 10, 1700. Mary Mitchell, formerly Mary Abby, was dismissed from the Salem Village Church to Windham, Conn., September 14, 1701.

The following notes are from the "Knowlton Ancestry," compiled by Rev. C. H W. Stocking of Freehold, N. J., published 1897:
The name Knowlton reaches back traditionally to the time of William the Conqueror,1066-87. Richard Knowlton was born 1553, probably at Knowlton Manor, which is situated about six miles from the great cathedral at Canterbury, Kent County, England. He married, July 17, 1577, Elizabeth Cantize. The last of their four children was William, commonly called Captain William, born 1584, married Ann Elizabeth Smith. They had six children, two of whom died young. Captain William with his remaining family sailed for America about 1632. He died on the passage and was probably buried at Nova Scotia, as an ancient grave-stone bearing the name of William Knowlton, 1632, was discovered there by a land-surveyor in 1839. The family appear to have moved to Massachusetts the next year, probably to Hingham, later to Ipswich. William, second son of Captain William, born in England, 1615, was a member of the first church in Ipswich and a freeman, 1641-2. He was a brick-layer by trade, married Elizabeth , and died 1655. The youngest of their seven children was Mary, born 1649, who married Samuel Abbe.

"Mary Knowlton Abbe Mitchell"

Mary married Samuel Abbe on October 12, 1672 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts. He died in 1698.

Nov. 19, 1689 - Mary was a Charter Member of the Salem Village Church in Salem Village, Massachusetts.

She married Abraham Mitchell on April 27, 1699 in Windham, Connecticut.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


1674abt 1739  MA, Essex Co, Wenham Isaac Goodale 


167615 JAN 1737  MA, Essex Co, Wenham Hannah Silsby 


16791 APR 1700  MA, Essex Co, Wenham  


16811721  MA, Essex Co, Wenham William Slate 


31 Jul 16835 DEC 1758  MA, Essex Co, Danvers Mary Allen 


1 Mar 168412 Feb 1741  MA, Essex Co, Salem Johnathon Ormsby 


14 FEB 1686  MA, Essex Co, Danvers Samuel Palmer 


4 JUL 168614 JAN 1774  MA, Essex Co, Salem John Fowler 


16 NOV 1689  MA, Essex Co, Wenham Joseph Ormsby 


4 Jun 169230 Oct 1790  MA, Essex Co, Salem Martha Sparks 


4 JUN 1694SEP 1765  MA, Essex Co, Salem Mary A. Tryon 


4 JUN 16943 MAY 1765  MA, Essex Co, Salem Mary Johnson, Rebecca Wedge 
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  • farmer: appears upon the town records as a husbandman
  • surveyor: appears upon the town records as a made freeman
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