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Samuel Pinckney Walker + Lucy Jacob Byrne
Theodore (Captain Charlie) Johnson + Bertha Cecelia (Miss Bertha) Herrer
Thomas Alfred (Tom) Walker26 MAR 1875 -- 6 NOV 1938avatar
Bertha Theodora (Birdie) Johnson7 JUN 1876 -- 11 OCT 1927avatar

Roger Walker

Roger Alfred Walker

Birth30 SEP 1908
Death2 OCT 1999
Aged: 91 years
Never Married, No Children
Roger Alfred Walker was born on Sept. 30. 1908 in Amsterdam, Texas, which was on Chocolate Bayou, ten miles from Angleton. As a young child, he set his sister, Bertha's hair on fire with a spark. He stabbed Spike the cat's tail with a pocket knife. But his younger brother, Mickey, got him back when he threw a fork at him and it stabbed him in the leg. While in high school he played tennis and basketball. He also played Little League baseball. Roger went to college for one year at St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. He told his mother to get pencils and a tablet for Bertha's birthday. He bought Lucy a .22 Rifle and pocketknives for everyone from San Marcos. He was in the Army/Air Force for about 3 1/2 years. After leaving the service, he worked in the Sulphur fields for Shell Oil Company for about 5 years. He then began rice farming for about 22 years. He and his brother, Mickey farmed together. Roger never married. He dated Bernadette Hall, the sister of Estelle Hall Walker, the wife of his brother, Ted. Bernadette was killed in an auto accident in Houston, Texas. She had gone to Houston on a shopping trip with Roger's sisters and brother, Lucy Walker, Bertha Walker, and Mickey Walker. Roger, Millie, Lucy, and their 1st cousin, Kitty (Kathleen Heinroth) took many vacations together. They went to Massachusetts, Kentucky, Mexico, North Carolina, Tennesse (their sister Bertha went on this trip), Carlsbad Cavern New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Riverside, California, San Francisco, California, Panama City, Florida. Roger lived in Danbury with his sister Lorena and her husband,Fred Pacheck, for many years. After sisters Lucy and Millie retired. They also moved back to Danbury. Roger enjoyed watching sports shows on TV, especially football. He also enjoyed reading. Roger outlived Lorena, Fred, Millie, and Roger. He continued to live alone up until his death on October 2, 1999. The help of Mildred Vrazel was one of the reasons he was able to do this.
Pics & Attach-
  • Mickey, Lucy, Bertha, Roger, Ted, Millie, & Lorena
  • Ted, Roger, Mickey, Lorena, Millie, Lucy, Bertha
  • The Camp   1955-2
  • Lee Schelley and Roger Walker
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