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Robert Morris, Jr

History4 JUL 1776
Declaration of Independence
American History
HistorySummer 1777
Articles of Confederation
American History
USA Secretary of Navy
Flag of United States
HistoryMay-Sep 1787
Constitutional Convention, 1787
American History
Flag of Pennsylvania
Aged: 72.3 years
Signer of Declaration of Independence and said to have financed the Revolutionary War!! Note: Robert Morris was the master financier of the Revolution and the early republic. A contemporary described him as "bold and enterprising of great mercantile knowledge, fertile in expedients and an able financier. Very popular in and out of the Congress . . . grown extremely rich." His firm profited handsomely from the sale of munitions to the Continental Army, but it did so fairly, and Morris acted within the ethical standards of the time. His labors and his willingness to secure loans with his own personal credit saved the Army and the government from bankruptcy on several occasions. Although never in uniform, he exhibited singular personal bravery when he stayed at his post in Philadelphia to continue his wartime duties after the British captured the city. Based on his profound understanding of finances and public credit, he was a forceful proponent of a strong central government as the best course for a new nation blessed with great economic potential. Except for Roger Sherman, Morris was the only person to sign all three of the era's principal documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution.

Mary White

Trained in high society. One of the favorite members in the Republican Court....
Aged: 77.8 years
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19 DEC 17693 NOV 1823  PA, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia Anna Shoemaker 


30 JUL 17741816  VA, Fauquier Co James Markham Marshall 
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Philadelphia Markers
Philadelphia Markers
  •  25-Jun-11 11:22 AM
I have spent a bit of time researching Robert Morris for my 'history club', We have a list of people who were not born in this country (so to speak), but were imprtant to gaining our victory and independence in Revolution.Morris was instrumental in formation of US navy, was sec'y of Treasury (supt. of finance), truly close friend and colleague of Geo. W, and in Philadelphia was a much admired person. John Marshall also liked him and passed new bankruptcy bill after RM was sent to debtors prison. There. is info about his spying activities during the war due to his ships having international connections. The building of two mansions in Phila. is so interesting. The Morrises were admired, respected and very well liked. I could go on and on but won't ! Don't ever miss the opportunity to spend a weekend at the Robert Morris Inn and restaurant on the water in Oxford MD, it is one of the glories of the Eastern Shore and was one of the nicest experiences of my life. I visited RM Srs. gravesite while there . It's worth seeing because of the lengthy inscription on it. So respected and revered! Love to hear frrom someone who cares. I am a direct descendent through my paternal grandmother Mary Livingston Morris.

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