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William Fuller + Alice Linge
John Fuller1510 -- 3 MAY 1559avatar
Ann Collings
Ann Collinge
1512 -- 4 FEB 1559avatar

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12/13/157105/30/1659  England, Norfolk, Redenhall  

Edward Robert 

09/04/157501/11/1620  England, Norfolk, Redenhall Anna Hopkins 


01/20/158008/15/1670  England, Norfolk, Redenhall Agnes Carpenter, Alice Glascock, Bridget Lee 
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  • Newspaper, : Mayfower Families Through Five Gebnerations", Vol 4, 2nd Edition, Edward Fuller. William Bradford's notes on the Pilgrims listed the father of Edward as Robert Fuller and gave where Edward was Baptized in England. His will was proved by his widow and second wife Frances on 5/31/1614. His children are listed as : Edward, Samuel,Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary.
    According to the book "The Fuller Family in England and America:, their father was Nicolas Fuller and there are alot of documents that say that and so I am at a quandry.
    This Robert is referred to as "Butcher", indicating that this was probably his occupation. Robert and his first wife Sarah had at least six (some sources say 7, some say 8) children. After Sarah died, Robert maried Frances and had 7 additional children.
    In his will, dated 19 May 1614 and proved on 31 May 1614 by his widow and on 16 June 1614 by his son Thomas, he is identified as "Roberde Fuller of the parish of Redenhall". His elder son Thomas was left a "tenement lately built". Most of the other children received various amounts of money. His son Thomas and his second wife Frances were the executers of his will. Robert was buried on 23 May 1614 in the churchyard at Rendenhall Parish, County Norfolk, England.
    Robert's sons Edward and Samuel sailed to America on the famous ship Mayflower. His son Thomas, my ancestor, remained in England, and had a son, also named Robert, who sailed to America in 1639.
    The children of Robert and Sarah were: (1) Thomas, my ancestor; (2) Edward, baptized 4 September 1575, died March 1621, came to America on the ship Mayflower in 1620 with his wife, son, and brother Samuel; (3) Susannah, born 1577; (4) John, born 1578; (5) Samuel, baptized 20 January 1580, came to America on the Mayflower, died 1633, was a physician; (6) Robert, born 1581; and (7) Edmund, born 1583)
    (Ref: History of the Fuller Family by Jean Butler; Old European Progenitors and Mayflower Ancestors by Jean Fuller Butler; Wool Crompers by J.L. Fuller; New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol 55)
  1. Findagrave Robert Fuller
  2. Book: Plymouth Colony, Its History & People, 1620-1691; Eugene Aubrey Stratton, 1986;
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  1. Website: Fuller;
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