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Marriage16 Oct 1559


Robert Bell, Knight

Death22 Jul 1577
GraveJUL 1577
Aged: 38.6 years
Residence: Beaupre Hall, Outwell, Norfolk Occupation: Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer " Education: Cambridge " Cause: "Black Assizes", Oxford? " Note: 1
Robert Bell (d. 1577) Educated at Cambridge, of the Middle Temple. Bell's father John Bell LL .D was active in the affairs of the Henrician Reformation, and was employed by Henry VIII i n divers ways. No doubt it was his fathers influence which afforded him an unparalleled knowl edge of the law for which he was famed. Robert Bell's career was launched by a fortunate thir d marriage to a baroness and coheir, Dorothy Beaupre, 15 Oct. 1559. This afforded him a larg e estate in Outwell, Norfolk, along with the local offices and status that came with it. As M P for King's Lynn during the 1563 and 1571 Parliaments, Bell was considered a radical and wa s noted by Cecil (Lord Burghley), as one of the two leading trouble makers in Parliament. Per haps it was Bell's quality of being outspoken which revealed his niche, as he became Speake r in 1572. During his stint as Speaker of the House of Commons, he resided over some of the m ore dynamic issues of the Elizabethan period, notably, a session concerned with the questio n of Mary Queen of Scots. His efforts helped establish the foundation for precidents which be came common place in the House during the following century. In 1577, he was promoted to serj eant at Law, Made a Judge, and was appointed Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. A "Sage and g rave man" Bell's prowess with the Exchequer affairs of the period were for the most part cons ervative. However, his past radicalism was conveyed and evidenced at the rising sun of Explor ation and dawn of the Colonization of the New world. Apparently Robert's son Edmund Bell shar ed his father's zeal and invested heavily in privateering. Unfortunately, Robert Bell's succe ss was short lived. While residing as Judge at the Oxford assizes, afterward deemed the (Blac k Assizes), He was exposed to prisoners of foul condition, and caught gaol fever, and soon af terward died 25 July, 1577 in Worcester. Combined and adopted from the following sources: "The History of Parliament: The House of Com mons 1558-1603, P.W.Hasler, HMSO 1981"; "Dictionary of National biography, Oxford 1887"; "New gate, Appendix VIII". Apparently Robert's son Edmund Bell shared his father's zeal and invested heavily in privatee ring. Unfortunately, Robert Bell's success was short lived. While residing as Judge at the Ox ford assizes, afterward deemed the (Black Assizes), He was exposed to prisoners of foul condi tion, and caught gaol fever, and soon afterward died 25 July, 1577 in Worcester. R.R.L.B 2004 . Combined and adopted from the following sources: "The History of Parliament: The House of C ommons 1558-1603, P.W.Hasler, HMSO 1981"; "Dictionary of National biography, Oxford 1887"; "N ewgate, Appendix VIII". -- Sat in parliament from 1562 until death. --- The assize held at Oxford in the year 1577, called the "Black Assize," was a dreadful instanc e of the deadly effects of the jail fever. The judges, jury, witnesses, nay, in fact every pe rson, except the prisoners, women and children, in court were killed by a foul air, which a t first was thought to have arisen out of the bowels of the earth; but that great philosopher , Lord Bacon, proved it to have come from the prisoners taken out of a noisome jail and broug ht into court to take their trials; and they alone, inhaling foul air, were not injured by it . Baker's Chronicle, a work of the highest authenticity, thus speaks of the Black Assize: "The Court were surprised with a pestilent savour, whether arising from the noisome smell o f the prisoners, or from the damp of the ground, is uncertain; but all that were present, wit hin forty hours died, except the prisoners, and the women and children; and the contagion wen t no farther. There died Robert Bell, Lord Chief Baron, Robert De Olie, Sir William Babington , the High Sheriff of Oxfordshire, some of the most eminent Lawyers, the Jurors, and three hu ndred others, more or less." --- The Arms of Sir Robert Bell (died 1577), knight, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer during the reign of Queen Elizabeth embody all the features of the Arms of Hugh Bell who was knighte d by King Edward I, A. D. 1306, which is the oldest Bell Coat of Arms in existence. Arms: Sable, a fess ermine between three church bells argent. Crest: On a mount vert an eagle rising argent, beaked and legged sable, on the breast three e rmine spots. Inventory and appraisal of the estate of Betty Nash, decd was made 25 Oct 1766 by Robert Long .
Estate was divided with equal shares to William Nash, Robert Saunders & wife(Ann Nash), Eliza beth Nash, John Nash, Leanne Nash, Elijah Nash, and Marry Nash.
Betty left a will in Culpeper ., Va. proved 19 Oct 1772, page 79. Administrator James Nash, h eir at law.
Other heirs: William Nash, Ann Saunders (wife of Robert), Elizabeth Saunders (wife of James) , Leanna Thornhill (wife of Bryant), John Nash, Elijah Nash, and Mary Robertson (wife of Nath aniel).
This would establish that Betty died about Oct 1766, and that Elizabeth, Leanne, and Mary wer e married between 1766 and 1772.
rootsweb.com 3 William was a passenger on the HMS Ship Globe, reported in "Original Lists of Persons of Qual ity" by Hotten as sailing 7 Aug 1635 from London, Engand to Virginia. He was reported to be 2 2 years old. From this we can determine he was born in 1613 and in England. Nothing further until 1653, when he was shown as a commissioner of Northumberland , Va and re ceived a grant of land for transporting 14 persons to the colony. These included himself (twi ce) and his wife Ann. Because of the ages of the children reported in a court document, he an d Ann must have been married by Dec 1648.
26 Feb 1653/54, p 22 states, " According to sufficent proofs ... there is due Mr Wm Nash 70 0 acres of land for transportation of these persons following into this colony". The list sta rts with "Himselfe twice", then "Ann, his wife" and 11 more persons.
WILLIAM was a member of the Commissioners Court and so his name was entered in the Court Reco rd Book on each meeting date. He was alive in Aug, but an order to the Executor of his Will w as issued in Nov. So he died between the Aug 1655 meeting and the 20 Nov 1655 meeting.
--Name of William's wife - A deposition of a Mr. Thomas Hopkins was recorded 20 May 1656 in L ancaster . Va. where he gave a cow & a calf to his nephew Thomas Nash who he said was the so n of William Nash and my Sister Ann. So William's wife was Ann Hopkins. -- Birthdates of the 3 sons of William & Ann: A deposition by one John Mallet, recored 20 Apr. 1656 - gives the dates each son reaching ag e 17 & recieving the legacy from the will of thier father. John Mallet had maried Ann (Hopkin s) Nash and was thus responsible for their children. Thomas Nash - Born 27 Sep 1649 - Northumberland . Va William Nash - Born 6 Aug 1651 - Lancaster . Va John Nash - Born 20 Nov 1653 - Lancaster Va Thomas Chaucer, chief Butler to Richard II & Henry IV, speaker of the ouse of Commons, prob . son of Geoffrey Chaucer, English poet, bro-in-law of John of Gaunt - per Ancestral Roots o f Certain American Colonists who came to America before 1700, Eighth Edition, pg 12 - Line 8A -33. DEATH: CAUSE killed by Indians
[James Savage, Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England] JOHN, Wethersfield 1639, but in what part of Mass. he had first liv. is not found, but probab ly he brought from Eng. all the five children he ever had: Thomas, b. a. 1615; Francis, a. 1625; and John, a. 1627; beside two daughters. Ann, said to b e b. a. 1621; and Mary, a. 1623; rem. a. 1641 t o Stamford, and was one of the first settlers . At Stamford, he was in good repute, m. a wid. Jessup, was chosen a representative. to New H aven assembly in 1647, and murdered by Indians in Oct. 1648. The act was not a case of privat e hatred, but seems to have been the deed of the whole tribe, [p.527] and the Colony of Conne cticut was moved to unite with that of NH in a just revenge. See Trumbull (Col. Rec. I. 197)

Rootsweb World Connect - l/u was for Anne Whitmore (d/o John Whitmore) Per rootsweb.com, their preacher was J.L. Peebels. Per t his same source, they are listed in Marriage Book 2-3, page 158. - this was posted by: delores@cruisenet.net Per Larry Weems website: genweb.net T-U SA .html - looked up under David Hamilton Weems According to GenForum 1/18/2000, lookup for 'Weems family genealogy' - posted by Elaine Rowla nd; In Reply to: weems family genealogy by larry weems: '...John Weems who married Kitty _____, probably in Orange Co., NC where several of their chi ldren were born.' Per GenForum 1/18/2000, lookup Weems; chose 'Wemyss family members' by Karen Ann Wemyss and t hen a reply by Jo Ann Weems dated 6/18/1998:
'...Sir James Wemyss and Countess Margaret Wemyss of Scotland? They married in 1662 and wer e distant cousins. They had David, John, and James. James had 2 sons, David and James who c hanged the spelling to Weems back around 1716 when they came to America, but their sister, Wi lliamina left her spelling as Wemyss. Williamina married William Moore and I have heard som e of their children moved to England to live."
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


19 Oct 1552  England, Norfolk, Beaupre Henry Hobart 


15641628  England Jane Calthorpe 


abt 1576abt 1655  England, Northamptonshire, Wayneford  

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