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George Washington Rodgers + Anna Maria PerryJohn Slidell + Mathilde DeslondesNicholas William Stuyvesant + Catherine Livingston Reade
Rear Admiral Christopher Raymond Perry Rodgers4 NOV 1819 -- 8 JAN 1892avatar
Julia Slidell1824 -- 20 DEC 1889avatar
Petrus Stuyvesant1796 -- 15 NOV 1860avatar
Julia Martin1805 -- 14 FEB 1883avatar

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  • USS Chicago (1885)
  • USS Franklin (1864)
  • USS Juniata (1862)
  • USS Pensacola (1859)
  • USS Tennessee (1865)
  • USS Iowa (BB4)
  • USS Kearsarge (BB5)
  • Amphitheater
  • Amphitheater
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