Logo Our Family Tree Branch: Descendants of James Taylor I (died VA 1698) Descendants of James Taylor I (died VA 1698)
Washington Berry + Alice Thornton TaylorWilliam Berry Taylor + Susanna Grayson Harrison Gibson
Edmund Taylor Berry9 JUN 1811 -- 13 AUG 1887avatar
Sarah Frances Taylor5 APR 1815 -- 3 APR 1880avatar

Pics & Attach-
  • Tombstone
  • USS Franklin (1864)
  • USS Kansas (1863)
  • USS Michigan (1843)
  • USS Saratoga (1842)
  • USS St Marys (1844)
  • USS Cyane (1837)
  • Annapolis, Naval Academy
  • Tombstone
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  1. Book: Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 1894;
    Source from: Ray Gurganus
  2. Book: United States Naval Academy;
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  3. Book: Records of Living Officers of the US Navy, 1898;
    Source from: Ray Gurganus
  4. Other: from the Taylor Family Tree researched by Virginia Randolph (Taylor) Haase at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, KY;
  5. Website: Dreadnaught Project;
    Source from: Ray Gurganus
  1. Website: Hampton Family Tree by Goddard Hampton;
Naval Ships
MD Postcards
NYC Hospitals
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