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Otto Duke of Saxony + Hathui Duchess of Saxony
Theudebert (Dietrich) of Ringelheim + Ludmilla Ragnhildis Countess Of Ringelheim
Alfred the Great of England + Ealhswyth of Mercia
Aethelhelm of Wiltshire + Aethelglyth of Mercia
Heinrich I "The Fowler" of Germany0876 -- 2 JUL 0936avatar
Matilda Countess of Ringelheimabt 0895 -- 14 MAR 0968avatar
Edward the Elder of Wessex0871/0875 -- 17 JUL 0924avatar
Aelflaeda of England0878 -- 0920avatar


Otto I "The Great" of Germany

Birth23 NOV 0912
Monarch of Germany
Flag of Germany
Occup0936-0973Duke of SaxonyDuke
Monarch of Italy
Flag of Italy
Occup0962-0973Monarch of Holy Roman Empire
Flag of GM
Death7 MAY 0973
Aged: 60.5 years
Otto I The Great King Of Germany was the first king to become Holy Roman Emperor. He became King of Germany in 936 and ruled all of Germany. In 951, he crossed the Alps and declared himself the king of Italy. He was forced to return to Germany when the other German princes began a series of revolts. At the same time the Slavs in Poland and Bohemia revolted, and the Magyars, or Hungarians, invaded Germany. Otto crushed the Magyars in the battle of the Lech River in 955. The Poles and Bohemians were forced to accept his rule. Otto was able to replace most of the rebellious German princes with members of his own family. The young king of Arles, or Burgundy, also had to accept his rule. Otto then turned his attention toward Italy. He married the widow of an earlier Italian king, and defeated a rival for the throne. In 961, Otto crossed the Alps in answer to an appeal from Pope John XII to put down an uprising in Rome. For this service, Otto was crowned in 962 emperor of what was later known as the Holy Roman Empire.

Eadgyth (Edith) of England

Birthabt 0910
Deathabt 0946
Aged: 36 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Richilde Princess of 

abt 09250999  Germany, Sachsen Cuno Count von Ohningen 

Liudolf of 

0930  Germany, Baden, Swabia  

Luitgard of 

0930/093518 NOV 0953  Germany, Sachsen Conrad "The Wise" of Lotharingia 
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