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Capt. Abraham Venable, II03/22/1699 -- 12/16/1768avatar
Martha Hannah Davis07/14/1702 -- 02/18/1765avatar


Nathaniel Venable

Org.1775 Committee of Safety
Flag of Virginia
Aged: 71.2 years
Nathaniel was the son of Abraham (II) and Martha Davis Venable & was educated at William & Mary College. He became a member of the House of Burgesses, the Virginia House of Delegates 1766-1769-1776 and a State Senator from P.E. County, VA from 1780 through 1785. During the course of his life, he came to own between 20-30 thousand acres and over 100 slaves. He was first a member of the Church of England (State Church prior to the Revolution) but later became a Presbyterian. Hampden-Sydney College counts him as one of its founders when it was formally organized at his "Slate Hill" plantation in 1755. He had been given the property by his father-in-law. He donated 100 acres for the school's founding, originally called Prince Edward Academy. His wife was Elizabeth Michaux Woodson of "Poplar Hill" plantation, P.E. County, VA. His home was described as a simple storey and a half though it had spacious rooms, lofty ceilings large fireplaces and extensive book cases. In addition to the children shown below there are the following siblings: Mrs. Betsy Anne V. Watkins, Mrs. Martha V. Venable, Anne (died young),Mrs. Anne V. Daniel (wife of James Daniel), Agnes, Nathaniel E., Mary, Frances, Dr. Thomas Venable.

Elizabeth Michaux Woodson

Aged: 51.3 years
Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard Woodson & Anne Madeline "Nannie" Michaux of "Poplar Hill" plantation, P.E. County, VA. She was a woman of unusual vigor & intellect. She presided over "Slate Hill" which was a storey and a half, relatively plain to the outside but had considerable charm due to its large rooms, lofty ceilings, massive fireplaces and extensive bookcases. Elizabeth showed considerable bravery during the Revolution for it is said of her that while a detachment of soldiers were sent to "Slate Hill" by Gen Tarleton to capture Nathaniel Venable and raid his home she was confronted with a rifle pointed at her chest. During the incursion a soldier demanded of Elizabeth that she tell him where her husband was to be found or she would be shot. She answered calmly as follows "Fire away, my husband has his country to defend". A British officer intervened and repremanded the soldier for such an indiginity.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Samuel Woodson 

19 SEP 17567 SEP 1821  VA, Prince Edward Co Mary Scott Carrington 

Abraham Bedford 

20 NOV 175826 DEC 1811  VA, Prince Edward Co  

Betsy Ann 

18 DEC 17603 DEC 1826  VA, Prince Edward Co, Slate Hill Thomas Watkins 

Richard Nathaniel 

16 JAN 176317 JAN 1838  VA, Prince Edward Co Mary Morton 

Martha Ann 

05/18/17651858  VA, Prince Edward Co, Slate Hill Nathaniel Venable 


6 NOV 176710 JAN 1768  VA, Prince Edward Co  

Ann Nancy 

9 DEC 1768  VA, Prince Edward Co James Chesley Daniel 


15 APR 177117 MAY 1802  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Slate Hill"  


16 JUN 17731807  VA, Prince Edward Co  

Nathaniel E 

13 FEB 177623 AUG 1801  VA, Prince Edward Co  


18 APR 1778JUN 1799  VA, Prince Edward Co, Slate Hill  

William Lewis 

30 MAY 17801824  VA, Prince Edward Co Frances Watkins Nantz 


17 NOV 17821809  VA, Prince Edward Co  

Elizabeth Woodson 

21 NOV 17841 MAR 1851  VA, Prince Edward Co Goodridge Alexander Wilson 
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  • Will, : I Nathaniel Venable of the County of Prince Edward do publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament:--
    I give my Daughter Mary Venable one negro man named John I also confirm to my said daughter Mary the Gift I have already made her of a negro woman named Lucy and her children to her and her Heirs forever, it is also my Will that the sum of One hundred pounds be paid to my said daughter Mary out of my Estate which was promised her by her deceased brother Nathaniel:--
    I give to my daughter Mary and my son Thomas the Lands and plantation where I now live together with the following Negroes to wit: Dick commonly called Garden Dick, big Ned, Black Dick, Little Ned and a Negro girl named Betty as also the stock of every kind towit, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, &c with all the grain and other kind of crop on the place at my deceased also my riding carriage and household furniture of every kind except two feather beds & furniture which I give to each of my children William Venable and Elizabeth Wilson:--.
    I give to my daughter Elizabeth Wilson seven hundred pounds current money.
    I give to my daughter Mary and my son Richard N Venable each One Hundred pounds current money:--
    It is to be understood that the several sums herein mentioned as given to my children in money are to be paid out of my part of the debts due to the stores in which I am concerned:--
    I give to my son William L Venable my one fourth part of the Union Mills, with my interest in the negroes, and every other species of property belongings to the said Mills except the profits which may be made to the time of my decease also one negro man called Yellow Dick:--
    I give to my sons William and Thomas all the rest of my Estate of every kind not before given in this Will, to them and their Heirs forever:--
    My two oldest sons Samuel W Venable & Abraham B Venable, have already receive--their proportion of my Estate:--
    I appoint my son Richard N Venable Executor of this my last Will & Testament, to which I have set my hand and affixed my seal this Ninth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and three.
    in presence of his
    J League Nathaniel // Venable Sen. (Seal)
    James Wood mark
    Hezekiah Jackson

    At a Court held for Prince Edward County June the 17th 1805. This last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Venable Senior deceased was presented in Court and proved by the Oaths of Joshua League and James Wood two of the Witnesses thereto. Ordered that the same be recorded. And at another Court held for the said County February 17th 1806. This last Will and Testament of Nath'l Venable, Sr deceased was again presented in Court and on motion of Richard N Venable the Executor therein named who with Nathaniel Venable & Benjamin Watkins his Sureties entered into and acknowledged their bond for purpose in the penalty of Ten thousand pounds and conditioned according to Law and took the Oath required by Law Certificate for obtaining a probate thereof in due form is granted him.
    Teste: B Watkins, D.C.
    A copy,
    Teste: Horace Adams Clerk.
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