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Samuel Woodson Venable19 SEP 1756 -- 7 SEP 1821avatar
Mary Scott Carrington21 JUN 1758 -- 21 MAR 1837avatar
Charles Scott27 JUL 1763 -- 22 MAR 1819avatar
Priscilla Reade1774/1775 -- 1844avatar


Nathaniel E3 Venable3

Birth5 DEC 17913
Hampden Sydney College
VA / Captain / War of 1812
Flag of Virginia
Flag of Virginia
Death21 SEP 18473
Aged: 55.8 years

Nathaniel was born at "Springfield" as the oldest son of Samuel Woodson Venable & Mary Scott nee' Carrington Venable. He married Mary Embra Scott on 7/3/1816. After he graduated from Hampden-Sydney College he became the leader of the Democratic Party in Prince Edward Co, Trustee of Hampden-Sydney Coll, and a member of the legislature from 1835-1842. He served as Capt. in the militia during the war of 1812. He joined his father's firm, Venable & Venable, which business interests included tobacco purchase & shipping, flour mills, saw mills, tanneries and land speculation. In Farmville, one of the top inland ports in VA, he built warehouses along the Appomattox River. The business grew greatly up until the panic of 1837 after which it was reduced due to general deflation. The family was reared at "Longwood" plantation near Farmville. "Longwood" came into Nathaniel's possession from his uncle, Abram B. Venable, through his father after his uncle was killed in a fire in Richmond. It consisted of approx 1,200 acres. After the current home was built on the site of a previous residence, Nathaniel had his home remodeled & enlarged to accommodate his growing family. His heirs sold "Longwood" in 1873 & it now stands as the home of the President of Longwood University.

Mary Embra3 Scott3

Death11 NOV 18653
Aged: 72.9 years
Mary was the daughter of Charles and Priscilla Reade Scott of "Falkland", Halifax County, VA. She married Nathaniel 8/30/1814 and lived at "Longwood" near Farmville, Prince Edward County. Her sister, Sarah, married William Allen Carrington of "Mildendo" plantation and her daughter, Elizabeth, eventually married her sister's son, Dr. William Fontaine Carrington. Elizabeth stayed with her mother and sister Sarah at "Longwood' during most of her early marriage while her husband was away at sea. The household witnessed the fleeing of the Army of Northern VA in 1865 as it passed through Farmville and the home was thankfully spared destruction by the rapid close of the war. She died at "Longwood" at the end of 1865 just as the changes to her old way of life were being pressed upon the land and its inhabitants.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Harriet Morton 

abt 1811abt 1817  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood"  

Mary Priscilla 

8 OCT 181514 OCT 1881  VA, Prince Edward Co Thomas Frederick Venable 

Agnes Catherine "Kate" 

9 NOV 181716 NOV 1897  VA, Prince Edward Co, Farmville Nathaniel Abram Venable, Albert Gallatin McGehee 

Sarah Scott 

9 JUL 182113 APR 1873  VA, Prince Edward Co  

Elizabeth Goodridge 

21 JUL 18231 FEB 1874  VA, Prince Edward Co William Fontaine Carrington 

Samuel Woodson 

7 MAY 182513 OCT 1897  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood" Elizabeth Travis Carrington 

Charles Scott 

19 APR 182711 AUG 1900  VA, Prince Edward Co Mary Southall, Margaret Cantey McDowell 

Nathaniel Henry 

182918 FEB 1868  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood" Tennessee Marr 

Isaac Watkins Read 

abt 1832  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood"  

Frances Isabelle "Fannie" 

abt 18381 JAN 1885  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood" Alexander Broadnax Carrington 

Paul Carrington 

8 AUG 18405 MAR 1915  VA, Prince Edward Co, "Longwood" Agnes Spruel Gray 
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  • Longwood House,Farmville VA

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    • Military, : Extract from Records of the War Department
      Nathaniel E Venable served in the War of 1812 as a sergeant in Capt John Clarke's Company of Infantry of the 63rd Regiment Virginia Militia, attached to the 4th Regiment Virginia Militia, organization also designated 4th Regiment Virginia Militia. His service commenced December 23, 1813, he was appointed adjutant of the Regiment (14th Virginia Regiment) April 6, 1814. and discharged April 11, 1814.
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    3. Website: Shucksmith, page for Nathan E. Venable; family group sheet and tree with notes;
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    2. Other: Gedcom Import: Arlen_2010-05-15_01.ged; Imported 5/23/2010;
      Source from: abtaylr
    3. Website: Shucksmith, page for Nathan E. Venable; family group sheet and tree with notes;
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