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Samuel Pinckney Walker + Lucy Jacob Byrne
Theodore (Captain Charlie) Johnson + Bertha Cecelia (Miss Bertha) Herrer
Thomas Alfred (Tom) Walker26 MAR 1875 -- 6 NOV 1938avatar
Bertha Theodora (Birdie) Johnson7 JUN 1876 -- 11 OCT 1927avatar

Dennis eating watermalon with the aunts

Mildred Marian (Millie) Walker

Birth12 JAN 1907
Death28 OCT 1988
Cause: alzheimers
Aged: 81.8 years
Never Married, No Children
Mildred Marian Walker was born on January 12, 1907 in Amsterdam, Texas. Mildred was very sick when she was born. After she was baptized, she got well. In high school, Millie played tennis. She went to county championship in tennis. She graduated from high school in 1925 in Angleton, because Danbury did not have 11th and 12th grade classes. She took correspondence classes in sewing. She could embroidery, needlepoint and crochet. Millie never married nor had children. She was an inside person, who liked to read. She liked to go to plays. Mille attended Draugh's Business school in Houston. She lived with her sister Lucy and cousin Kathleen (Kitty) Heinroth. She worked for a year at Houston, Stevens and Cummings. She was then hired as a temp at an insurance company in Houston. She ended up working there for 30 years, at the end she was the secretary to the head of the department. During WWII, Millie and Lucy volunteered with the Red Cross. They wrapped bandages at the V.A. Hospital. Roger, Millie, Lucy, and their 1st cousin, Kitty (Kathleen Heinroth) took many vacations together. They went to Massachusetts, Kentucky, Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee (their sister Bertha went on this trip), Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Riverside, California, San Francisco, California, Panama City, and Florida. Millie was very religious. She attended St. Anne's Catholic Church in Houston. She was president of the Legion of Mary Organization at St. Anne's. After she retired, she continued to live in Houston with Lucy and Kitty. After Lucy retired, they both moved to Danbury to live with their brother, Roger. and sister Lorena (Reenie) and Lorena's husband, Fred Pacheck. After retiring, Millie and here sister Reenie, became volunteers at the Angleton-Danbury Hospital in Angleton, Texasm and were members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Danbury Volunteer Fire Department in Danbury. Millie loved children and children loved her. She had a very sweet and loving disposition. Millie continued to live in Danbury with Roger and Lucy. She eventually developed Alzheimer's Disease. She was at a nursing home in Angleton at the time of her death. Lucy and Kitty said that they were at her bedside when she was dying, and she was praying the Hail Mary. Her strength of faith was with her until the end.
Pics & Attach-
  • Mickey, Lucy, Bertha, Roger, Ted, Millie, & Lorena
  • Ted, Roger, Mickey, Lorena, Millie, Lucy, Bertha

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