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John Broughton "Jack" Taliaferro + Mary "Nancy" BrookeBenjamin Ellett + Mary Anderson
Robert Brooke Taliaferro1787 -- 29 SEP 1837avatar
Cecelia Agnes Ellett14 JAN 1795 -- 13 FEB 1859avatar


Mildred Agnes "Mitt" Taliaferro

Birth1 JUN 1836
Death18 DEC 1898
Aged: 62.5 years
John H. McFarland (1834 - 1865)*
Peter P. Kennedy (1834 - 1904)*

Mildred Agnes Taliaferro Kennedy, the youngest of eleven children, was born to Robert Brooke and Cecelia Agnes (nee Ellett) Taliaferro 1 June 1836 in Richmond, Virginia, after the family had begun its emigration to Illinois. The family settled at Kirkwood (then called Young America), Illinois. In 1862 she married John McFarland, who enlisted as an Illinois volunteer to serve in the Civil War as a commissioned officer and advanced to the rank of Captain when he was mustered out in 1865. He died 3 October 1865, three days after having mustered out. As the west began to open, family and friends began to emigrate to Ottawa county, Kansas which was near the end of the railroad. On 23 Dec 1873 Mildred married shoe maker Peter Kennedy whom she had known in Kirkwood, Illinois. Peter joined a company of men going to the gold fields of South Dakota but was diverted when learning of the Custer massacre and ended up going to the gold fields around Lake City, Colorado instead. In 1880 they settled there in a frame home on Bluff Street. As wealth increased, the home was enlarged and it became one of the finest in Lake City. Mildred was one of the leaders of the social scene; her home was the site of many parties and fund-raisers. She was the head of the fund-raising committee for the Baptist church just south of their home. After her death, her husband placed a memorial window in that church, which remains to this day. Her last years were ones of failing health, and her niece Bell Stockton came from Kansas to nurse her in her final months. At her funeral held at the Baptist church, the Rev. Milne spoke in part: "She is gone out of the home under the hill--the home where love reigned with her as queen of love. You have known the hospitality and brightness of that home her presence graced, and which has now become a hallowed memory. She has gone out of the 'little church on the hill' as she was wont to call this little house she was in so large degree instrumental in building to the Lord. Dearly did she love the Church, and her services closed only with her life." She died 18 Dec 1898 and laid to rest 20 Dec 1898 in the mountain cemetery north of town, overlooking the little city she loved.
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