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Robert Moore + Margaret GardnerJames G. Patton + Mary Gardner
James Robert Moore6 Aug 1808 -- 7 Jul 1890avatar
Janette Patton5 Feb 1819 -- 11 FEB 1886avatar
StatusUpdated 19 days ago
Marriage1 APR 18824

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  1. Findagrave
  2. Census: 1900 . United States Census, 1900; Federal Census;
  3. Other: Moore Family Tree; Notes kept by Dorothy Lynn, original sources varied (mostly newspaper obituaries and family communications);
  4. Marriage Sources:
    FamilySearch Ohio, County Marriages
  1. FamilySearch United States Census, 1850
  2. FamilySearch United States Census, 1860
  3. FamilySearch United States Census, 1870
  4. FamilySearch United States Census, 1880
  5. FamilySearch United States Census, 1900
  6. Marriage Sources:
    FamilySearch Ohio, County Marriages
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