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William Harwar Parker + Mary SturmanGideon Greene + Mercy HowlandWilliam Arnold + Ruth Burkett
Foxhall Alexander Parker1788 -- 23 NOV 1857avatar
Sarah Jay Bogardus10 JAN 1794 -- 14 JUN 1860avatar
John Greene27 JAN 1782 -- 16 JUL 1851avatar
Mary Arnold15 FEB 1791 -- 29 OCT 1860avatar
Marriage10 FEB 1846

ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

William H. 

abt 184728 MAY 1891  RI, Kent Co, Centerville Elise Thornton Jenkins 
Pics & Attach-
  • Tombstone
  • USS Constitution
  • USS Michigan (1843)
  • USS Susquehanna (1850)
  • Annapolis, Naval Academy
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