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William Snow

Aged: 63 years
William B.; if he was born in 1720 as I have thought for years, and he married Martha unknown in 1752, he would have been 32 years of age. So I think he married Hannah Hawkins in 1745, he had one child "Mary" by Hannah and the rest by Martha Information provided by: Don Conley unklpoo@i1.net

William appears consistently on tax list of Kent Co. DE from 1740 to 1780 at Duck Creek Hundred through 1766 and primarily thereafter at Muderkill Hundred. His name on the list for 8 Feb. 1780 includes notation "Gon to Karoliner", and he was not listed in that county any more.

He appears in tax list of 1781 and 1782 for Surry County, NC but these are only years listed. He purchased from Robert Walker, Jr. and wife Mary on May 19 1783 a parcel of 260 acres on E. side of Rocky Branch of Muddy Creek in Surry County, but later this tract was located in Stokes County.

This land was later sold 8 March 1796 to Thomas Tucker of Stokes and is listed in Stokes County Deeds Vol. I and II 1787-1797 as page 287 for 100 pounds for 260 acres on E. side of Rocky Branch of Muddy Creek and bordering on waters of Blews Creek, being land granted (bought) to William Snow, deceased, by Robert Walker, Jr. The deed was signed by Ebenezer, Joseph, John, Benjamin, Isaac and William Snow, all of Randolph County, North Carolina. Witnessed by John Curtice (his mark) and Sally Tucker.

The May 1751 will of Eleanor Hawkins, mother of William's first wife left to Mary Snow, daughter of William, two sheep and 4 pounds that is in Wm. Snow's hands that shall be put to use for her till she comes of age.

WILLIAM SNOW OF KENT COUNTY, DELAWARE AND SURRY COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA compiled by Thomas G. Webb January 1994, 835 South College Street, Smithville, Tennessee 37166 - Retyped for Electronic use by Jeanne E. Rinear, 6900 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks, Alaska 99712 Dianne Bird received this report from Jeanne E. Rinear, May 22, 1999.

The book Stephen Hopkins, by John D. Austin, FASG, published 1992 by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants as part of the Five Generations Project Publications, lists No. 285 William Snow as a proven son of Isaac Snow, No. 55. They are found on pages 74 and 310 of that book.

285 WILLIAM SNOW 5 (Isaac 4, John 3, Constance 2, Hopkins, Stephen 1), born in Duck Creek Hundred, Kent County, Delaware, about 1720; died probably about 1783 in Surry County, North Carolina. William was a witness to the will of his uncle, Elisha Snow on January 15, 1744. 1 William appears consistently in the tax lists of Kent County, Delaware from 1740 to 1780. Until 1766 he is in Duck Creek Hundred; after that he is found primarily in Mutherkiln Hundred. The tax list dated February 8, 1780 notes that William Snow has "Gon to Caroliner." His name does not appear in subsequent tax lists of Kent County. 2 William Snow apparently did not own land in Kent County, Delaware. He did not inherit land from his father, his name does not appear as a grantor or grantee in the Kent County land records, and he was consistently assessed at the lowest tax rate.

The name of William Snow appears in the tax lists of 1781 and 1782 for Surry County, North Carolina. 3 On May 19, 1783, Robert Walker, Jr., and wife Mary sold to William Snow for 60 pounds, 260 acres in Surry County on the east side of Rocky Branch of Muddy Creek adjoining Blews Creek. 4 When Stokes County was formed in 1789 from part of Surry County, the Snow land became part of Stokes County. On March 8, 1796 William Snow's six sons Ebenezer, John, Isaac, Joseph, Benjamin, and William Snow sold to Thomas Tucker for 100 pounds, 260 acres on the east side of Rocky Branch of Muddy Creek bordering Blews Creek, "being a piece of land granted by Robert Walker Junr. To WILLIAM SNOW deceased." 5

William Snow is thought to have died about 1783 in Surry County, North Carolina, as he does not appear in the tax list for that year or any subsequent year, or in the census. His widow Martha Snow, was living in Randolph County, North Carolina, in 1790 as head of a household containing 1 male over 16, 2 males under sixteen and 2 females. Martha apparently died by 1796 when William's land was sold, as she did not sign the deed.

William Snow was married first about 1745 to Hannah Hawkins, daughter of Allen and Eleanor Hawkins. Hannah had died by 1751 when Eleanor Hawkins made her will, in which she left to "Mary Snow daughter of William Snow" two sheep along with "four pounds that is in William Snows hands that shall be put out to use for her til she comes of age." Mary Snow was "upwards of twenty one years of age on February 15, 1770 when she sold to Joseph Snow her interest in the tract in Kent County, Delaware, owned by her grandfather Allen Hawkins, one share of which came to his daughter Hannah. "Hannah intermarried with a certain William Snow, and died leaving issue one Daughter the above named Mary Snow." 7 William Snow apparently carried the deed from Delaware to his daughter in Pasquotank County, North Carolina and witnessed her signature on February 15, 1770, then returned to Kent County, Delaware by May 8, 1770, when he came into court and made oath "that he saw Mary Snow sign" this deed. Mary Snow may have moved to Pasquotank County, North Carolina with some of her mother's relatives, as the 1769 tax list of Pasquotank County show only on Snow - - Esaw Snow, who had only one person in his household.

After the death of his first wife, (Hannah Hawkins), William Snow married about 1752 Martha last name unknown. They had seven sons; if they had any daughters, they apparently died unmarried or childless before 1796. William Snow is thought to have died about 1783; he was definitely dead by 1796. Martha also apparently had died by 1796.

Children (SNOW) from deeds, wills, estate settlements, tax lists, censuses, Revolutionary pension files and marriage bonds. All born Kent County, Delaware. First child by first wife; remaining seven by second wife:

1.. Mary6, born probably about 1748, was the only child of William Snow and his first wife Hannah Hawkins, who died by 1751. Mary on February 15, 1770 was past the age of 21, unmarried, and was living in Pasquotank County, North Carolina. These facts are established by the will of Eleanor Hawkins, Kent County, Delaware Probate Record, May 1751 and by the Kent County, Delaware Deed Book S, pp. 311 and 312. Mary probably died childless before 1796, as she did not sign the deed to her father's land.

2.. William Jr.6, born about 1753, is probably the oldest son of William Snow and Martha, his second wife. He died unmarried, but evidently past the age of 21. An administrator's bond was signed on September 7, 1775 by William Snow, Sr. and by the administrator, Silas Snow, a first cousin of William Snow, Sr. The inventory of William Snow, Jr., indicates that he was a young man and owned very little property. 8 After the death of this son, another son was born in 1776 and he was also named William.

3.. Ebenezer6, filed Revolutionary War Pension application W. 38 in 1832 at the age of 74, making him born about 1758. Ebenezer further stated that later in the war he enlisted two more times, in Surry and Randolph Counties, North Carolina. This later service was evidently after Ebenezer's father, William Snow, moved from Kent County, Delaware to Surry County, North Carolina in late 1779 or early 1780. Ebenezer married Sally Wicker (or Whicker) or (Wicar) in Surry County, North Carolina in 1783. Their oldest son, William, was born in 1784, followed by six or more other children. In 1790 and 1800 the family was living in Randolph County, North Carolina, but in 1806 they moved to Warren (now DeKalb) County, Tennessee. Ebenezer and his five younger brothers all signed the deed to the land of their father in Stokes Co., North Carolina in 1796.

4.. John6, born about 1761 in Kent County, Delaware. His name appears in the Surry County, North Carolina tax lists of 1783 and 1784 with no land, and 1785 and 1786 with 200 acres. John probably married about 1785, as he appears in the 1786 census in Surry County, North Carolina with 1 male 21-60, 1 female and 2 blacks aged 12-50l He was apparently living In Randolph County, North Carolina in 1796. Nothing further is known of him.

5.. Isaac6, born about 1765. The Randolph County, North Carolina Marriage Bonds show that he married Elizabeth Alexander on November 14, 1789 with Ebenezer Snow as bondsman and J. Harper as witness. He is listed in the 1790 census of Randolph County, North Carolina with 1 male over 16 and 1 female. He signed the deed to his father's land in 1796, no further references have been found.

6.. Joseph6, born about 1771.9 He moved to Tennessee by 1813, and died there in DeKalb County between 1850 and 1852. The name of his wife is not known, but he had children William, Isaac, John, and Martha.10 Some of Joseph's descendants moved to Snowball, Searcy County, Arkansas.

7.. Benjamin6, was probably born about 1774 in Kent County, Delaware. He bought 177 acres in Randolph County, North Carolina in 1801. 11 He is listed in the 1800 census in Randolph County with an apparent wife and a young son and daughter. In 1806 he was bondsman when his youngest brother, William married in Randolph County. Benjamin bought land in Warren County, Tennessee and sold it in 1813. No further reference to him has been found.

8.. William6, was the youngest brother of Ebenezer Snow, according to the Ebenezer Snow pension application W.38. This application says William was age 63 in 1839, which would make him born about 1776. William Snow 5, No. 285 had two sons named William. After the older son died in 1775, the youngest son, born about 1776, was also given the name William. The younger William6 on March 18, 1806 in Randolph County, North Carolina married Susey Miers, with Benjamin Snow as bondsman and J. Harper as witness. In 1850 William Snow was living in Morgan County, Tennessee where he was listed in the census as age 71, born in Pennsylvania.

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SOURCE: Jeanne Rinear, Isaac Snow 1683 report compiled by Thomas G. Webb September 1993. Dianne Bird has copy.

William Snow, born about 1721 in Kent County, Delaware, died probably in Surry County, North Carolina about 1783. (Stokes County was formed from Surry in 1789 where William had land. He married first about 1745 Hannah Hawkins, who died by 1751 leaving one daughter. William married second about 1752 Martha ?, by whom he had probably six or sevens sons and one or more daughters. William and his family moved from Kent County, Delaware to Surry County, North Carolina about 1779.
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abt 175831 JUL 1835  DE, Kent Co Sarah Sally Wicker 


1758  DE, Kent Co  


1758  DE, Kent Co  


1760  DE, Kent Co  


1774  DE, Kent Co  


17761850  DE, Kent Co Susan Meyers 
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