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Dennis eating watermalon with the aunts

Lucy Mae Walker

Birth9 AUG 1912
Death17 AUG 1994
Aged: 82 years
Never Married, No Children
Lucy Mae Walker was born on August 9, 1912 in Danbury, Texas. At the age of 18 months she was kicked by Nick, the horse. During WWII, Lucy and her sister, Millie, were living in Houston. They volunteered at the Red Cross at the VA Hospital where they wrapped bandages. Lucy lived in Houston for all of her working life with her sister Millie and cousin, Kathleen (Kitty) Heinroth. Lucy worked for 30 years at Crown Petroleum. By the end of her working career, she was an executive secretary to a Vice-President. Roger, Millie, Lucy, and their 1st cousin, Kitty (Kathleen Heinroth) took many vacations together. They went to Massachusetts, Kentucky, Mexico, North Carolina, Tennesse (their sister Bertha went on this trip), Carlsbad Cavern New Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Riverside, California, San Francisco, California, Panama City, Florida. Lucy never married. She dated Ned Thompson from Angleton. And many thought they would marry. Years later when Ned became the athletic director of the University of Houston, he would always send Lucy tickets to all the home football games. Lucy loved animals. If a stray came around, you knew that Lucy would adopt it. We always suspected that people in Danbury knew this and would drop animals off. In spite of being kicked by a horse at 18 months old, Lucy loved horses. Mickey and Lucy had several horses together, one was "Â?Daisy"Â?. Lucy also owned "Ethel"Â? and "Tony"Â?. Mickey owned "Â?Smokey Joe"Â?. Her last horse was "Torchy"Â?. Lucy would come down on weekends from her job as an executive secretary, and help her brother, Mickey, work the cattle. She also loved to go duck hunting. Lucy was also on a bowling team. She was the President of the Deck and Derrick club, and organization of oil and gas secretaries. Lucy's niece and nephew, Joe David and Ann Walker, would go to Houston to the orthodontist so they would ride the bus to Houston and stay with Lucy, Millie and Kitty. Lucy would take them to plays while they were there. Thus, two kids from Danbury received some cultural education. She also liked take them to the movies. We would always arrive at the end of the first showing. We would watch the end, and then we would stay for the next show. We always thought it was just bad timing. We found out later, that Lucy liked to see the end, so that she knew what was happening during the rest of the show. After retiring, she and her sister Millie moved to Danbury to live with her brother Roger, and sister, Lorena and her husband, Fred Pacheck. Lucy took up painting with her sister Lorena. They both were very talented. Lucy never married or had children. But she was Mother/Grandmother to all her nieces and nephews. You could ask her about any of the relatives and she could tell you exactly what they were doing, where they were living, and anything important going on. Lucy loved all her siblings' children, but she was very close to her nieces, Janice Parker LeJeune, Betty Walker Schelley, and Ann Walker Daniel. Lucy smoked in her younger days. She quit around 1968. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 1992. They said she would only make it a few weeks, but Lucy had a strong will to live. She died on August 20, 1994 at the age of 82.
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  • Mickey, Lucy, Bertha, Roger, Ted, Millie, & Lorena
  • Ted, Roger, Mickey, Lorena, Millie, Lucy, Bertha
  • Walker family reunion  Carl,Bertha, Clara, Lucy &
  • Lucy & her pets
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