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John6 Piggott

Birth5 MAR 1680
or in nottingham, Cecil, Maryland
Christen18 SEP 1684
Death19 JAN 17376
or 29 Jan 1738
Aged: 56.9 years

From "John Piggott Sr. (1680 ? - 1738) of Susquehannah Hundred in Cecil County MD. by Warren E. Picket, Washington, PA, 1951: "Those who descend from the male line were children of John Piggott Sr. by his wife Margery Brown. The Book of Births and Deaths in continual use from about 1691 to about 1880 is stored in the Yearly Meeting House Vault (Hicksite) in Baltimore and is in a good state of preservation: Nottingham Births & Deaths: "John Piggott, Husband of ye above Margery Piggott, and Father of all the children on the other side (meaning sheet or page), Departed this life the 29th day of Ye 1st mo.1738 about 8 in ye morning."

On 30 Aug 1979, Claude F. Piggott of Durham, North Carolina, wrote a letter to his cousin, Leona "Bobbie" Doby, which included the following: "The earliest known ancestor in our family was one John Piggott (The name was spelled this way consistently until the early 19th century at which time the spelling Pickett gradually began to dominate. To my knowledge, no one has ever come up with an adequate explanation for the change.

It is known neither where nor when John Piggott was born. But judging by the date of his first marriage, it is reasonable to assume that his birth must have been in the neighborhood of 1680-1685. Several serious attempts have been made throughout the years to learn something more of John's past and the name of his father. But the earliest known recorded reference to John remains that to his first marriage in 1705.

"John Piggott was a member of the Society of Friends - probably by birthright - and first appears in the minutes of Concord Monthly Meeting in Chester County Pennsylvania where in 1705 he married Rebekah, the daughter of Abraham Hardiman. Here Rebekah gave birth to two daughters, Mary and Rebekah, after which the family moved to Kent Co. Delaware where a third daughter, Hannah, was born. John's wife, Rebekah, died about 1710 and he returned to the southern part of Chester Co. Pa.

"On the 1st month, 18th day, 1713, John married as his second wife Margery Browne, the daughter of James and honor (Clayton) Browne. John and Margery resided at Nottingham, most of which lay just south of the Pa. state line in Cecil Co. Maryland following the Mason-Dixon Survey, but which was in that area over which the historic boundary disputes between Lord Baltimore and William Penn were waged.

"Here on a plantation just south of Nottingham John and Margery spent the rest of their lives as active and highly respected members of that quaker community. Margery died on the 12th month, 24th day, 1737/38 followed by John only 33 days later.

"John and Margery Browne Piggott had 14 children (giving John a total of 17 in all) 9 of which grew to maturity. A few of these children remained there in Maryland for a while to marry and have children of their own many of whom later migrated into Ohio and Virginia. Five of the youngest children of John and Margery eventually made their way to North Carolina at a fairly early date to marry and settle down. The first of these 5 children to come to this state was our own ancestor, William Piggott..."

[Note: at the end of the letter, Claude F. Pickett explains]: "The Quakers did not use the same calendar that we use today until the year 1752. So, I have reported all dates here prior to 1752 as originally recorded. In the early years the Quakers called March the 1st month with New Years Day falling on March 25. Thus the double dating."

Rebecca4 Baker4

Birth24 AUG 1674
Death26 JUL 1711
Cause: childbirth
Aged: 36.9 years

Second wife of Abraham Hardiman.

She was said to have been the daughter of Henry BAker and Margaret Harman (probably also a Hardiman, as spellings were not very important back then).

QUESTION: Why would this Quaker be buried in a Presbyterian church yard?  She may have converted from Quakerism.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


2 JUN 1706  PA, Chester Co  


1 OCT 1707  PA, Chester Co  


14 OCT 17091752  PA, Chester Co, New Garden Alexander Samuel White 


16 JUL 171126 JUL 1711  PA, Chester Co  

Religion (1)

Religion (1)

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  •  20-Oct-12 11:14 PM
My research suggests that John PIGGOTT's first wife Rebecca was not the daughter of Abraham HARDIMAN (who did have a daughter named Rebecca, but she appears to have died in infancy), but was instead Abraham's widow Rebecca, the widow earlier of John WILLSFORD, and one of the daughters of Henry BAKER and Margaret HARDIMAN; she was therefor a sister of Esther BAKER, the wife of William BROWNE (a brother of Margery BROWNE, John PIGGOTT's 2nd wife).
Very happy to pass on any details I may have, if you are interested.
Unfortunately, my searches did not reveal any further details about John PIGGOTT; but I suspect he may have been a little older than most of his descendants presume, possibly closer to his 1st wife's age, she being born in 1674.
What we do now know about John PIGGOTT comes from modern DNA testing - his descendants have a close match with my own, indicating that John PIGGOTT probably descended from the PIGOTT family of Chetwynd, Shropshire.
Chris PIGOTT, Potts Point, N.S.W.

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