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Marriage29 MAY 1775


Capt. John Martin White, Sr.

Birth27 JUN 1743
USA Army / Captain / Revolutionary War
Flag of United States
Death6 FEB 1833
Aged: 89.6 years
John White was a Militia Captain in the Revolution. After the war he became a Baptist minister. [NSDAR Patriot Index, p. 736; Wulfeck, The Virginia Gazette; Cheryl Manley]

[Captain John Martin White of the Spottsylvania, Virginia Militia served in the Continental Line during the War Between the States
"Five miles southwest of the City of Hartwell, Ga., and a short ways west of the Bankhead Highway, on the headwaters of North Beaver Dam Creek, stands the old home of John Martin White, who was a brave and gallant soldier in the War.

This old home was built well over one hundred years ago on lands, a large tract of which was granted to John Martin White in consideration of his services, located in Elbert (formerly Wilkes), now Hart County, and in the9th Militia District as originally laid off in the organization of Elbert County, which district was also known as Capt. Blackwell's District.
It is constructed of large hewed logs (this was before the day of sawmills), oblong in form with rock chimney with spacious fireplace, and is in every way a substantial building, and is today in almost a perfect state of preservation.This old house has sheltered from wind, storm and bitter cold several generations of the White family, and here it will be proper to state that the old home and the real estate upon which it stands enjoys the very rare distinction of the title never having passed from the White family.
The house was first occupied by John Martin White and his wife, who, before her marriage, was Miss Milley Ballenger.They reared a large and interesting family, among whom was a son named Eppie, and he and his wife, who was Miss Catherine Herndon before her marriage, like his illustrious father and mother, also raised a large family, among whom was a son, Thomas(Herndon) White, who became the owner of the place.The old home today belongs to the children of Thomas H. White, they being the fourth generation.

Not far from and just south of the old home is the family burying ground in which John Martin White, his son, Eppie, and his grandson, Thomas H. White, veterans of three wars, Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the War Between the States, respectively, and their wives and other relatives peacefully sleep, while the slaves sleep in graves not far from those of their masters.

John Martin White, while a patriot, was also a minister of the Gospel of the Baptist denomination, and his name appears as one of the ministers constituting the presbytery that officiated in the organization of Holly Springs Church February 6, 1796, Rev. John Cleveland and Rev. Thomas Maxwell being the other ministers of the presbytery.
His Bible, purchased in the year 1803, now well worn and yellow with age, holds the annals of the White family and other families of the White connection.Besides the record of the White family it also contains the record of the following relatives of the White family, viz: Ballenger, Cleveland, Coffee, Garland, Head, Harper, Herndon, Jones, Kidd, Mann, Morris, Rice, Roebuck, and Thornton.
This old Bible is at present in the care and vigilant keeping of A.C. White, a great-grandson of John Martin White, and is a most precious and priceless heirloom and will become more so as it passes on down through the coming generations of the White family." Excerpt from, "History of Hart County," by John William Baker.

Mildred "Millie" Thornton Ballinger

Birth23 OCT 1756
Death2 SEP 1840
Aged: 83.9 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


3 MAR 177622 FEB 1820  GA  

Sarah Franklin 

10 APR 177710 OCT 1856  GA, Franklin Co John Martin Morris 

Mary Martin 

16 NOV 1778  GA  

John Martin 

5 JUL 17809 JUN 1781  GA  

Elizabeth Johnson 

18 FEB 17829 JAN 1789  GA  

Nancy Kidd 

22 FEB 1785  GA  


23 FEB 1787  GA  


25 DEC 1788  GA  


16 MAR 179119 SEP 1854  GA  

Elizabeth Johnson 

7 FEB 1793  GA  


14 JUL 1795  GA  

Eliza Johnson 

16 AUG 1800  GA  

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