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John Grigsby

Death11 OCT 1730
Aged: 107.8 years
The birthplace and parentage of the "Immigrant John" Grigsby (1623-1730) are speculative, as is the name(s) of his wife or wives.
A John Grigsby, son of Thomas Grigsby and Margaret Banks Grigsby, was christened in 1624 in Maidstone, Kent, England to well known Grigsby and Banks families, and while no fact has precluded these two John Grigsbys from being the same person, over thirty years of reseaech has failed to uncover any proof that they are the same person.
No Grigsby male currently living in England who has been tested, has proven to be of the same
Y-DNA haplogroup as the American patrilineal descendants of the "Immigrant John" Grigsby. In fact, the English Grigsby males tested, represented five different Y-DNA haplogroups, and no one was R-U198 sub-clade "g". No living English Grigsby male has been able to document descent from the John Grigsby christened in 1724 in Maidstone, Kent, England.
Any conclusions regarding the American Grigsby family or the five English Grigsby famlies link to "Maidstone John" Grigsby (1724) are unwarented at present. 

Around 1685, John Grigsby received his first patent for 100 acres of land, and another for 887 acres, Jan. 6, 1709. (DB. #3, pg. 234, Stafford Co.) Then King George County was formed, from Stafford, the line divided the lands of John Grigsby. In his Will, Bk. G, pg. 17, Stafford, John divided his land amongst his sons. His children, named in the will:--John Jr. -- Charles -- Mary Ann -- Thomas -- William -- James." Know as "Immigrant John" to his descendants. he came to America in 1660.  Birth: 1623 in England Death: 11 OCT 1730 in Stafford County, Virginia Saint Paul's Parish Note: "Said to be 107 years old" when he died. IMMIGRATION: around 1660. In1662: John "Brigsby" (sic) was among 22 persons listed as transported by Capt. Peter Ashton. The Immigrant ancestor of this family, first appears in the records of Essex County, where, on June 9, 1671, he witnessed a deed for 600 acres conveyed by John Prosser to John Stephens..... John Grigsby on August 18, 1686, is mentoned by James Ashton of Stafford, in his will of that date, when he leaves Richard Elkin 100 acres adjoining upon John Grigsby of 'the 1/4 dividend'.......... Will of John Grigsby Senior: In the Name of God Amen I JOHN GRIGSBY SENR. of Parish of St. Paul in County of Stafford being in good health, being sensible of uncertainty of this Mortal life doe make this my last will and Testament..first recommend Soul into ye hands of almighty God..and my Body I commit to the earth. Item I give unto my Son JOHN GRIGSBY..his..part of ye tract of Land I bought of Nicholas Battain from his Spring Branch to ye uper corner tree by WM. Smiths old fields and Likewise I give him three Negroes names Sambo, Thom and Dick. Item I give unto my Son CHARLES GRIGSBY all that land from the Swamp to Mr. Chandler Fowkes line whereon now he lives it being in the Pattain I bought of Nick Battain and Likewise I give him two Negroes Robin and James to him and heirs. Item I give unto my Daughter MARY AMEX four Negroes Jemmy, Will, Toney & Bess to her and heirs. Item I give unto my Son JAMES GRIGSBY all that land whereon he now lives from Jones Branch up his own Spring Branch and to across to his Brother John's Spring Branch and likewise I give him three Negroes Jack, Ben, Ball to him and heirs. Item I give unto my Son WM. GRIGSBY and heirs all that Land whereon he now lives it being part of that Patten I bought of Nicholas Battain from James Spring Branch up Jones Branch to my head line and soe along the line to his brother John's land and likewise I give him three Negroes, Allow, Jane and Grace. Item I give my son THOMAS GRIGSBY all the remainder part of that Pattain yt I bought of Battain from the end of Wolf Pit Point up Jones Branch to my Head Line on the East side of ye Branch also I give him the Track of Land whereon now I live to him and heirs, and likewise I give him three Negroes, Nan, Genny and Mary and their increase. Likewise I give unto my son Thomas all my Hoggs belonging to me and likewise half my Cattle and the other half of cattle to be Devided between my other four sons and Daughter and likewise all my other part of my moveable Estate to be equally Divided between my six children, and further I doe Desire that my Estate may not be brought to an Appraisement and further I Doe apoint my two sons John and Thomas Grigsby to be my Executors.. to see that Every thing Equally divided between themselves..this 17th March 1728/9. Jno. Grigsby Presence: Henry Lopdell, Eliz Eaton At Court held for Stafford County 11th day of Novr. 1730 Will presented..further proved..admitted to record..on Motion of Executors Certificate granted for obtaining ProbateMost reports do not include this generation, without which a sixty year old lady was having babies. It is possible that John was 107 years old when he died, and was not young when he married Jane Rosser. Colonial Families of the United States" page 471 John Grigsby, of England: came to Virginia about 1660, with brother James: both soldiers under Cromwell; m. Jane Rosser, who came over on the same vessell. ----page 479--George Hales King, of Prince William County, Virginia, Revolutionary soldier and supposed to have been in Colonial service; son of John King and Mary Hales, dau. of John hales, who d. 1728, Westmoreland County, Virginia, William Grigsby, b. 1760, son of Nathaniel Grigsby, Loudoun County, Virginia, d. 1801, Kentucky, and Elizabeth Butler, dau. of William Butler and Anne (?) Mason. Nathaniel Grigsby, son of James Redmond Grigsby, will 1752, and Susannah of Stafford county, son of John Grigsby, I, of Stafford, d. 1729, son of John Grigsby and Jane Rosser of England and Virginia. Records of Thirteen Families, pg 257-258 I, John Grigsby, of Parish of St. Paul, in Stafford County: 1. Son, John, part of tract I bought of Nicholas Battam {bounded by Wm. Smith's}; slaves. 2. Son, Charles, land bounded by Mr. Chandler Fowkes; slaves. 3. Son, James, land on which he now lives from Jones Branch, up his own spring branch and across to his brother John's spring branch; slaves. 4. William, land on which he now lives, bought of Nicholas Battam, to his brother John's land. 5. Son, Thomas, remaining part of that pattern I bought of Battain from the end of Wolf Point up Hone's Branch to my line on the east side of branch; slaves 6. Daughter, Mary Ann; slaves Cattle to be divided between my four {4} sons and my daughter. Movable estate to be divided between my six {6} children. Sons, John and Thomas Grigsby, executors; Henry Losell?, Elizabeth X Carter, witnesses. John Grigsby {Seal}. Recorded November 11, 1730. }Will Book G, pg 17 Stafford County, Virginia. DEEDS/LEGAL: Land purchased APR 1699 - 880 acres bought from Nicholas Batting, on the branches of Passapatanzy Creek, Stafford County, VA Land purchased 26 SEP 1685 100 acres in Stafford County, VA bought from James Ashton WILL: Will dated March 17, 1728/29, Recorded November 11 1730, Will Book M, page 17
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


16801750  VA, Stafford Co  


168211 NOV 1740  VA, King George Co, St Pauls Parish  

Mary Ann 

16841747  VA, King George Co, St Pauls Parish  


168611 APR 1752  VA, Stafford Co Susannah Redmond 

William W 

168830 MAY 1782  VA, Stafford Co  


16907 MAY 1745  VA, King George Co, St Pauls Parish  

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