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John Glasscock, Jr.

Birth21 SEP 1736
Aged: 85.3 years
The Glasscock family of Monongalia County was established here more than a century ago by John Glasscock.  John was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and he and his brother Hezekiah settled on Indian Creek in Monongalia County  ....  Charles Glasscock, son of the Revolutionary soldier was born in Virginia 20 July 1775, and was a young man when he came with his father and uncle to Monongalia County. He was a miller in Grant District of that county, and died in February 1840.  His wife was Mary Arnett, who was born in 1794 and died in 1878.  (History of West Virginia, Vol 2, pg. 13, by Callahan, 1923).

John GLASCOCK Sr. is listed as a Patriot of the Revolution for supplying beef and bacon to the Continental Army.  In Richmond County court records on 3 April 1782 he was given recompense for 86 lbs of bacon at 1 shilling per pound, and for 2000 lb of Grass Beef at 20 shillings a hundred lb.  These supplies were "impressed by John HOW, deputy commissary of this county,"

John GLASCOCK Jr., was a Revolutionary Patriot.  He furnished 206 lbs of common flour in one barrell, was paid 108 pounds and 8 shillings on 23 October 1780 (certified by Col. Wm. EDMUNDS, page 6 of the Fauquier County Public Service Claims Lists.  His brothers George, Thomas and Hezekiah also furnished supplies of beef and rye for army use, and are listed in the Claims records.

John GLASCOCK Jr. supplied 206 lbs of flour to the patriot army during the war, 25 October 1780 (Fauquier County Public Claims Lists, p. 16)  Hezekiah GLASCOCK supplied four and 5 1/2 bushels of rye 21 September 1780 (Fauquier County Public Claims List, p. 16).

Will of John GLASSCOCK

It is my will and desire that the Legacies shall be in my dear wife's possession during her natural life, or that she shall have a sufficient maintenance. I give my son Thomas One THousand pounds of Crop Tobacco, also what Land and other effects I gave him before.

To my son Hezekiah, I give my Negro Harry, and my black horse of that name, also my best feather bed and furniture, and a ten gallon pot, pot-rack and pot-hooks.  To my son George I give my horse Prince.  To my Daughter Mary Rector, I give a pewter dish and what else she has had.  To my daughter Margaret Turley I give my next (best) bed and furniture with what she has already had.  To my Son in Law Francis Jackson I desire that he shall receive what Mr. William Brent now owes me. To my son John I give the Land whereon I live, containing One Hundred and Eighty acres, more or less, being bounded by the Church road of Simus, also all my personal estate whatsoever that I shall be possessed with, when it is the will of God Almighty to call me out of this World. to my son John, whom together with my dear wife I leave executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof, I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal, the 9th day of December in the year of our Lord, 1780.  Witnesses: James Thomson; John Fishback; Philip Fishback.  John (x) GLasscock (SEAL). his mark.  This will was probated in Fauquier County, Virginia on 28 June 1784.

John GLASSCOCK  Jr. was born 21 Sept 1736 in Fauquier County, Virginia.  He married Elizabeth TAYLOR whose last name is given in a record prepared by two of her great-grandsons. S. Fuller GLASSCOCK, an attorney at Morgantown, West Virginia, and John A. KERN.  George Washington made a lifetime lease on 17 Mar 1769 to John Glasscock Jr,. his wife Elizabeth and son Hezekiah for 100 acres on Pantherskin Run, Ashby's Bent of Blue Ridge. (Recorded 28 Aug 1769 in Fauquier County Deed Book 3, pages 460-65.)  THe word "bent" means "slope".  Ashby's Gap in the Blue Ridge mountains, a favorite getaway to the West, is at the exact northwest corner of Fauquier County. John and Elizabeth Glasscock sold some land in Fauquier County in 1784 to George GLASSCOCK (no doubt his brother).  John GLASSCOCK Jr. was a Revolutionary Patriot. He furnished 206 lbs of common flour in one barrel, was paid 108 pounds and 8 shillings on 25 Oct 1780 (certified by Col. Wm EDMUNDS, page 6 of the Fauquier County Public Service Claims Lists).  His brothers George, Thomas  and Hezekiah GLASSCOCK also furnished supplies of beef and rye for army use, and are listed in the Claims records.

The reference to John's son Charles places the move to Monongalia County at about 1800.  John Glasscock first came out in 1795 or earlier, staked out a claim or bought some land, then returned to Eastern Virginia for a few years before bringing his family out in about 1799.  His daughter Judith was married to Jesse Mellet in 1798 in Fauquier County, and his daughter Leanna was married to Arthur MELLETT in 1799 in Monongalia County.  John Glasscock and his younger brother Hezekiah first settled on Pharoah's run in Marion County, and in 1803 settled on Indian Creek in Monongalia County about 1 1/2 miles above the present town of Arnettsville. (Note that the son Charles married Mary ARNETT).  In 1912 the property was the B. J. MILLER farm and according to the book UPPER MONONGAHELA VALLEY (1912) he and his wife and one daughter are buried there. Benjamin L. GLASSCOCK of Morgantown in 1974 made a search of the area and found no traces of the graves.

It was recalled by an early settler that Charles GLASSCOCK took down the old Amos blockhouse built about 1786 on Indian Creek and used the logs in about 1836 to build a barn (NOW AND LONG AGO, by Glenn LOUGH, p. 312), The brother Hezekiah GLASSCOCK married Sarah STEPHENS, was in Monongalia County in 1800, but returned in his old ag to Fauquier County, where he and his wife were buried in 1818 and 1815.  They had 14 children, most of them settlers in northeastern Missouri.  One son founded Hannibal, Missouri and owned Glasscock's Island, which became "Jackson's Island" in Mark Twain's TOM SAWYER.

Monongalia County deed books show that on 11 April, 1803 John GLASSCOCK purchased 100 acres on Indian Creek from Zachariah BARKER and wife; he conveyed this land to his son John GLASSCOCK on 6 Feb 1817, and probably died shortly thereafter, since the deed was again acknowledged on 28 April 1817 without his presence or his signature.  His wife Elizabeth signed both papers, and therefore she outlived her husband.  The Patriot service of John GLASSCOCK Jr. has not been used for any DAR membership, all though it would seem to be on firmer ground than that of his 77 year old father whose record HAS been accepted.  John GLASSCOCK Jr.'s record is the basis for the SAR membership of Herbert Ray Odell;  his papers have John born 1738 and died about 1816. 

John and Elizabeth GLASSCOCK of Indian Creek had ten children; the order given here is not entirely certain.  Evidently Hezekiah was oldest, for his name appears on the 1769 lease by George Washington.  If he was at least 5 years old at the time, his birthdate would be about 1764 or earlier.  The children were:  1) Hezekiah (1764);  2) Sarah BARKER;  3) Margaret MCGRAW;
4) Judith MELLETT (1772);  5) Charles (1775);  6) Leanna MELLETT (1779); 7) Thomas 
8) Daughter;  9) Daughter;  10)  John (1787).

Two of the great grandsons of John and Elizabeth GLASSCOCK were Governors of their respective States.  Leanna GLASSCOCK MELLETT was the grandmother of Arthur Calvin MELLETT, the first elected Governor of South Dakota when it became a State in 1889.  Charles GLASSCOCK was grandfather of William ELLSWORTH GLASSCOCK, Governor of West virginia from 1909 to 1913.  These two governors were second cousins of each other.

Elizabeth Taylor

Children of John & Elizabeth GLASSCOCK:

1. Hezekiah GLASSCOCK  was probably born about 1764.  We have no record of what became of him.

2. Sarah GLASSCOCK married John BARKER on 21 Dec 1789, had six daughters.

3. Margaret GLASSCOCK married CURWITHY MCGRAW on 15 Jan 1790.

4. Judith GLASSCOCK was born 9 Nov 1772 in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died 20 Feb 1866 in Henry Co., Indiana.  She married in 1798 Jesse MELLETT who was born 27 Nov 1774 in Stafford Co., Virginia and died 16 April 1846 in Henry County, Indiana.  He was the first child of John MELLETT SR. and Sarah (SUTER) MELLETT.  The marriage bond of 24 July 1798 in Fauquier Co., Virginia states that "there is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Jesse MELLETT and Judy GLASSCOCK of lawful age."  The bond was signed by Jesse MELLETT and Judith's brother Charles GLASSCOCK, and by the father John GLASSCOCK. (Marriage Bonds -- Fauquier County, VA, Vol. 2 page 132).  Although the book  "Early Fauquier County Virginia Marriage Bonds" transcribes the name as "MILLETT, Jesse,"  the handwritten bond itself, and the signature in Jesse's own hand, clearly is MELLETT.  The father's signature is GLASSCOCK.  Shortly after the birth of their first child, Ankah MELLETT, Jesse and Judith (GLASSCOCK) MELLETT came to Monongalia County, where their next child, Margaret MELLETT was born in 1803.  The census of Henry County, Indiana taken on 20 June 1860, lists "Juda MELLETT, age 87, born in VA."  She was living in the home of her daughter, Susan MELLETT VEACH.  This woman was called Judy, and Juda, but her tombstone in the East Lebanon Cemetery has "Judith."

5.  Charles GLASSCOCK was born 20 July 1775 in Fauquier County, died Feb 1840 in Monongalia County.  He married Mary ARNETT (1794-1878), daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (LEGGETT or LEGGIT) ARNETT; Charles GLASSCOCK was a miller.  One son was Daniel GLASSCOCK (1828-1910) who married Prudence MICHAEL; among their 9 children was Gov. William ELLSWORTH GLASSCOCK (born 1862) of West Virginia.

6. Leanna GLASSCOCK  was born 22 Jan 1779 in Fauquier Co., VA, and died 27 Sept 1861 in Henry Co., Indiana.  She married Arthur MELLETT who was born 2 March 1777 in Stafford Co., VA, and died 24 Oct 1853 in Henry Co., Indiana.  The marriage appears in Marriage Book A; page 2, of Monongalia County, Virginia:  "Arthur MELLETT and Leannah GLASSCOCK were married by John DENHAM, 15 Oct 1799",  The marriage must have taken place very soon after they came out from Eastern Virginia.  Arthur MELLETT was the second child of John MELLETT SR. and Sarah (SUTER) MELLETT.  His older brother Jesse had married Leanna's sister Judith while still in Fauquier County. 

7. Thomas GLASSCOCK  married Emily Ann FLETCHER.  This information is from Rev. Lawrence GLASSCO, no dates are given, and the order of Thomas in the GLASSCOCK family is not certain.

8.  Daughter GLASSCOCK

9.  Daughter GLASSCOCK

10. John GLASSCOCK lived in Monongalia County, WV and received his father's 100 acre tract on Indian Creek by the deed of 1817.  He sold this land to Thomas WADE in 1833.  It is likely that this is the John S. GLASSCOCK (born 10 Aug 1787; died 24 Feb 1875) who married Ann COCHRAN, daughter of Nathaniel COCHRAN.  Since he was 8 years younger than his sister Leanna, we have placed Thomas and the two unidentified daughters between Leanna and the son John GLASSCOCK.
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  1. Book:The Glasscock Glassco Saga; by Lawrence A. Glassco;
  1. Book:The Glasscock Glassco Saga; by Lawrence A. Glassco;
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