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John Crawford

Bacon's Rebellion
An organizer and killed in assumed indian fighting
American History
Died 1676 in Bacons Rebellion, James City, Virginia, USA2
Aged: 83 years
An interesting note ties several families of OUR FAMILY TREE and Bacon's Rebellion. John Crawford died in Bacon's Rebellion. Col. John Washington, ggf of George Washington had a hand in it as well fighting Indians. Some of the members of the rebellion took over his home as a command post, without permission. As a protective measure he shipped his livestock to nearby Maryland. The Rebellion started on land owned by George Poindexter. The above and some of the Indian tribes that fought had been loyal to Chief Powhatan also have links to the Burks.

Another distant link to moderator is John Custis, whose 4th ggd married Robert E. Lee.  During the Bacon Revolution, the Royal governor Berkeley fled Jamestown and went to John Custis's Arlington plantation in Northampton County, on the Eastern Shore.

No doubt there are many other family lines in Our Family Tree. If your ancestry included abled body men in the mid1670's living in or between Richmond and Jamestown or east costal Virginia areas, it is possible they were involved in Bacon's Rebellion.

If ever there was a conspiracy theory or curse in the aftermath of Bacon's Rebellion it would include untimely deaths of Governor Berkeley, Nathaniel Bacon the Rebellion namesake, and the death of Col. John Washington. Washington the great grandfather of George Washington died September 16, 1677, a month after Rebellion. He managed to skirt both sides of the Rebellion and come out a winner for a short time.

Nicholas Bacon died less than a couple months after the Rebellion of body lice and bloody stools. Bacon was fighting his cousin Governor Berkeley, an appointment of King Charles II. Bacon had wealthy aristocracy links to England. But his cause of death October 26, 1676, reads like something you would find perpetuated in a dungeon.

King Charles II who had ties to Bacon and Berkley was not impressed by either and removed Berkley from the Governorship. Governor Berkeley returned to England to protest and died soon after.

Source: Personal notes by moderator

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16251710  Scotland, Ayrshire, Kilbourne Jane Crawford 

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