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John Carver

Birth9 SEP 1565
1st Governor of Plymouth Colony at Cape Cod
Flag of Massachusetts
Chosen deacon of the church while in Holland as early as 1617
HistorySep/Nov 1620
The Mayflower
Leiden Separatist instrumental in organizing the Pilgrim's Mayflower voyage
Passenger Lists
Mayflower Compact
American History
Death5 APR 1621
Cause: sunstroke
Aged: 55.6 years
In the early 1600's some religious groups faced scandal and controversy for their beliefs.  One English Protestant group of separatists, from Scrooby, Yorkshire, north of London, escaped England to Leiden Holland with some great difficulty and there was no returning to England without retribution.  Once in Holland they faced the loss of their culture because in the years there, the children and parents were assimilating into the Leiden culture and losing their own.

Furthermore, a truce between Holland and Spain was in jeopardy.  If it expired and Spain took over parts of Holland, the Spanish Inquisition would ruthlessly terminate dissidents. Viewed as having no place and embodied with fear, the group found financing to procure an aging ship, the Mayflower.  They would pay the lender with crops, skins, and other items. 

But this never happened and the company gave up on getting a return on investment.  Although trying to be loyal borrowers, they had too many environmental issues.  To these PILGRIMS survival was the major concern.  Written by the moderator

From Wikipedia:  "John Carver (before 1584 – 1621) is credited with writing the Mayflower Compact, was its first signer, and was the first governor of New Plymouth Colony. Carver was a Leiden Separatist instrumental in organizing the Pilgrim's Mayflower voyage in 1620, on which he was a passenger, and which resulted in the creation of Plymouth Colony in America."

It is well documented that John Carver of the Mayflower did not have children. His probable brother came from the same original parish in Doncaster with Isaac Carver mentioned in the records as being the father of John and Robert.wikitree.com

Katherine Leggatt White

Birthabt 1570
HistorySep/Nov 1620
The Mayflower
wife of organizer
Passenger Lists
Death16 MAY 1621
Aged: 51.4 years

Catherine White Leggatt Carver died shortly thereafter on 16 May 1621, New Plymouth, Massachusetts. William Bradford (the second governor after John) said she "died of a broken heart."ancestry.com
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  • Mayflower Compact_Bradford
  • The Mayflower Compact
  • First Parish, Plymouth
Robert CushmanMayflower voyage organizer with

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