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John C. Wright

Birth4 JAN 1716
New Garden Monthly Meeting
SC / Patriotic Service / Revolutionary War
also a private in Col. Thompson's Rangers 3rd Regiment SC Continental Army
Flag of South Carolina
Death8 JUN 1790
Aged: 74.4 years
John and his family, running from the violence of one IndianWar ran head long into another. With the aid of the French, theCatawaba and Cherokee, of the Carolinas, had joined forces andwere wiping out white settlements in the Yadkin River Valley,very near the Quaker Colony at Greensboro where the Wrights hadsettled.  Some say his father and mother were killed and scalped in 1759 Indian attack.

Still seeking a place of peace, our ancestor, John and hisfamily, moved through the hostile Indian territory of the YadkinRiver country to the Bush River Monthly Meeting, S.C.

John and his family at last found peace at Bush River nearpresent day Newberry, S.C. until the advent of the RevolutionaryWar. When the Revolution came, John apparently was fed up withbeing a pacifist. Even though he was then in his fifties, heimmediately joined the celebrated American fighting group calledCol. Thompson's Rangers as Pvt. John Wright

Birth: 4 JAN 1716/17 PA, Chester Co, Nottingham
Death: 17 SEP 1789 SC, Newberry Co, Bush River10 AUG 1628 England, Leicestershire, Bottesford Slake Langeco.uk
John Wright:d
!RELATIONSHIP: William W Hinshaw. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICANQUAKERGENEALOGY. (Ann Arbor, MI:Author, 1950) Vol. 1. p. 369. John b.11-4-1716. Shows first 7 ch born in Pr Geo Co., MD.
!RELATIONSHIP: J W Boyd. A FAMILY HISTORY. (1968) John b. 11 4mo 1716.QUESTION: How is the below connected, if any?...wei John Wright andSusanna, his wife and ch: Daniel b. 6 26 1797 Benjamin b.10 6 1798 Ann b. 9 14 1802 Jesse b. 5 14 1806
!RELATIONSHIP: Louise Baker, Virginia Schneider and AlethaThomas,compilers. ANCESTORS AND DESCENDENTS OF JOEL AND SARAH (MCKEE)HAWORTH--PIONEERSTO PRESENT DAY LYON CO., KS. (1978) p. 100. They married7mo 1736.
!RELATIONSHIP: Emma B Reeves. THREE CENTURIES OF BALLINGERS INAMERICA.(:Texian Press, 1977) p. 324. Early marriage records (known to us) donot include the marriageof Capt John, but is accepted as fact by hisdescendants that he mar ried1736/7 to Rachel, d/o Joseph and MargaretWells. John and Rachel helpedestablish in 1745 the Fairfax MM inWaterford, VA, in what is now Loudoun Co. John was appointed overseerof the Meeting and Rachel appointedoverseer o the Women's Meeting - agreat honor, considering their youth, theywere both still in theirtwenties. ... They moved to settle in old OrangeCo., NC, where theyhelped established Cane Creek MM on 7-10-1751. The Meeting House wasnear th e village of Snow Camp, c 15 milesbelow the county seat ofGraham. They moved again sometime before 1770, toBush River in NewberryCo., SC. Rachel died there in 1771, and John diedsometime after 1790.Both are said to have been buried in Bush River Cem., 3 1/2miles sw oNewberry. List of 16 ch. p. 325. Continued list of issue of Capt.John and Rachel (Wells)Wright. Margaret and Charity are twins, b.1742. Rachel and John Jr are twins, b. 1748.
!RELATIONSHIP: Eleanor M Davis. DAVIS, A QUAKERFAMILY.(Baltimore:Gateway Press, Inc., 1985)
John's father was a druggist; he died at the age of 10 or 11.
DA Bardell, 1997
Hinshaw's Enc. of Quaker Gen. Vol I, p.369 Fairfax MM Va. -" JohnWright,(a Charter mbr of Fairfax MM) (For history see Hopewell MM, Va.H-v1,pp 343/4/359 - Cane Creek, nc) appointed overseer for Monocacy PM,Md. his w Rachel (WELLS) Wright was appointed overseer for Monocacy(Women"s Mtg) PM< Md. 31-5-1745). John & Rachel (WELLS) Wright & 7 minorch: William, Mary, Joseph, Margaret, Charity, Rachel & John Jr., were gctCarvers Creek MM, N. C. 29-5-1749, settled in Orange Co ., N.C. alongwith many other families from Md. & Va. They became Charter Members ofCane Creek MM, Orange Co., N.C. when that Meeting was set sup 10 mo-1751there they had 6 more ch. born to them . John Wright s James & Mary, wasb 4-11-1 716 in Chester Co. PA. rem with parents to the Valley ofMonocacy, Prince George Co. (now Frederick Co) Md. Rachel (WELLS) Wright,dt Joseph & Margaret Wells, was b 27-3-1720 in same Co. (Note: the mg ofJohn Wright & Rachel Wells would hav e been recorded in Hopewell MM, Va.Marriage Records - the books of said Meeting were burned in a fire 1759,se we do not know the exact date of their marriage but assume it wasabout 1736/7, since their eldest ch, William, was b 2-1-1738 in PrinceGeorge Co., Md. as were the 6 other ch. All 13 ch are listed in CaneCreek MM, N.C." (Note- I do not believe her mother was Margaret) Johnpvt. from S.C. in Rev. DAR Patriot Index, Wright Briscoe Pioneers "JohnWright served w ith Colonel (later General) William Thompson's Rangers atthe defense of Charleston Harbor on June 28, 1776..referred to as TheBattle of Sullivan's Island..
!WILL:written 17 Sep 1789 proven 8 Jun 1790 BK A pg. 90, Newberry Co. SC- son-in law Isaac Hollingworth..gchild John Wright s/o Joseph, JoabBrooks s/oJames Brooks, Joseph Cook s/o Isaac Cook, Jesse Wright s/o JohnWright, Wm. Wright s/o Nathan Wright, Wm. Hollingsworth s/o IsaacHollingsowrth, Rachel Cook d/o Isaac Cook Exec. Jos. Wright WitnessesIsaac Hollingsworth, John Coate, Charity Cook
a Rev claim granted to a John Wright and then to estate will proved6-8-1790 Newberry Co., S.C. - mentions shoe makers tools Member lst and2nd Provincial Congress of S. C. Chester Co. Pa to Prince Georges Co. Md.before 1738
!R- "Wright Briscoe Pioneers", Clinton Co. O. Newspaper d & obit1838-1867 Clinton Co HIstory, Many Wirghts, didn't check all - no match,Quaker Families of S.C. & Ga. !RELATIONSHIP: Mentioned in father's andmother's will as son John Wrig ht
!BIRTH: Batch #: 7614202, Sheet #: 61, Source Call #: 1058437 Batch #:7706319, Sheet #: 30, Source Call #: 1058997 Jan Batch #: 7002004,Sheet #: 55, Source Call #: 538287 Frederick VA Batch #: 8809602, Sheet#: 11, Source Call #: No t Available 4 Apr. Chester PA Batch #:8213790, Sheet #: 28, Source Call #: 0884823 Lancaster PA
Members of Bush Riaver MM in SC said to have had 18-20 ch. 1780 familyin NC Isaac hauled supplies for Colonial Army - source Haworth RecordJames app overseer of Fairfax MM VA [another account 16 children alllived to maturity]
!DAR Patriot Index b 1716 p 1790 m Rachel Wells Pvt SC
!BIO: "Christina Worker" 5th mont 1881 (date difficult to read) ' NumberNine - Susanna Hollingsworth (whose name appears in former papers) wasthe wife of Iassace H. Hollingsworth, one of the early settlers, and asister of Charity Cook m inisters of the gospel well known in early timeshere and were acknowledged as such by the Bush River meeting yearsprevious to their coming north. They were the daughters of John andRachel Wright of aforenamed place, Newberry Co., South Carolina. Theywere of a family of sixteen children born to the above named parents, allof whom attained mature age, were married and settled in life, and towhom common names only were given (seven sons and nine daughters) namely:Mary ( Brooks), Charity (Cook), Margaret (Hollingsworth, Joseph, William,John, James, Hannah (Farmer), Rachel (Coats), Susanna (Hollingsworth),Elizabeth (McCoole), Sarah (Brooks), Nathan, Thomas, Keziah (Hanks) andIsaac. At the request of th e patriarichal father they all assembeledat his home before his death, his sons and their wives, his daughters andtheir husbands, the grand-children and great-grand-children, numbering inall 141. He reached an advanced age in life and was a regular attenderof Friends meetings, making his home there with his daughter Susanna, wholived no great distance from the meeting place. He generally walkedthere, back and forth. But one day she was hindered from going and prevalled upon her father to ride her mare. When meeting was over he walkedhome as usual, never calling to mind how he had come there. Uponentering the door his daughter said to him "Father, where is themare?""Dads me Sue, I forgot her." wa s his quick response. !Footprints -Database of Don Wright * ! Info rec from Sue Wilkinson ! ThreeCenturies of Ballingers in America", By: Emma Barrett Reeves SubmittedBy: Nancy Baxter GCDF47C ! Early marriage records (known t o us) do notinclude the marriage of Capt John, but is accepted as fact by hisdescendants; that he married in 1736/37 to Rachel, daughter of Josephand Margaret Wells, who also moved to the Monocacy Valley about thesame time as the Wrights and Ballinggers. John and Rachel helpedestablish in 1745 the Fairfax M.M. in Waterford, VA, in what is nowLoudoun County. John was appointed overseer of the meeting and Rachaelappointed overseer of the Women's Meeting - a great honor, consideringtheir youth - they were bothstill in their twenties. ! They had sevenchildren born at this place: William, Mary, Joseph, Margaret andCharity, who were twins, Rachel and John Jr. ! The flow of migration continued south when John and 30 families who migrated with them, moved tosettle in old Orange Co, NC (which composed the present counties ofCasswell, Person, Alamance, Chattham, Orange, and parts of presentRockingham, Guilford, Rando lph, Lee, Wake, and Durham). Here theyestablished Cane Creek M>M> on 7-10-1751. The meeting House was near the village of Snow Camp, about 15 miles below thecounty seat of Graham. !John and Rachel, whose family now numbered thirtee n children; Sarah,Hannah, James, Susannah, Elizabeth, and Nathan, having been born atCane Creek, moved again - some time before 1770, to Bush River inNewberry Co, SC. Their they had 3 more children: Thomas, Keziah andIsaac. Rach el died there in 1771, and John died sometime after 1790.Both are said to have been buried in Bush River Cemetery, three and onehalf miles SW of Newberry. It is said also that nerly 1,000 friendsare buried there - most without ma rkers. ! Additional info from TerryMcLean (SGDD15B)(Prodigy #) Will of John Coate dtd 31 Jan 1802, filedNewberry, SC, 1809 * !BIO: Quaker families of SC by William F. Medlin (ascopied by Roy Wright) shows John Sr. died 1790. Same sour ce showsoccupation as Shoemaker and Farmer. In VA 1748, to NC 1749, in SC by1763. Shown as resident of Bus River MM Newberry Distrct in 1760.
!CHECKE: D New AF Nov 1996
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 John Wright, s. James & Mary, b. 11- 4-1716, ChesterCo., Pa.
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Rachel Wright, dt. Joseph & Margaret Wells, b 3-27-1720,Prince George Co., Md.
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Ch: William b. 1- 2-1738, Prince George Co M
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Mary b. 7-24-1739, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Joseph b. 12-12-1740, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Margaret b. 11-12-1742, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Charity b. 11-13-1742, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Rachel b. 11-10-1747, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 John b. 12-12-1748, Prince George Co
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy [p.207] BIRTH AND DEATHRECORDS page 369 Sarah b. 12-23-1749, Orange Co.
BIOGRAPHY: Cane Creek Timeline 1749 - First recorded births: JohnChamness, Nathan Pike, Thomas Brown, Sarah Wright 1751 - Abigail OvermanPike and Rachel Wells Wright and "Several friends from them parts" ridehorseback to Little River in Perquimans for Quarterly Meeting to requestpermission for monthly meeting status. 1751 - Sixth month 31st --Quarterly Meeting at Little River in Perquimans Co. NC grants permissionfor Monthly Meeting status for Cane Creek. 1751 - Tenth Month -- Firstmonthly meeting held at Cane Creek, Fifteen certificates presented formembership. During the first year, sixty-eight certificates were receivedand approved. (I wonder if we could get a list of names and dates....)etc. This is all info from Cane Creek Mother of Meetings.
RESEARCHER:Sharon Easley of Kansas City, Missouri file 13893 GED ComAlso: On June 17, 2001 imported GEDCOM File, Church of Latter DaySaints,(AFN:FXRC-K6)
There is a John Wright b. January 4, 1716 d. 1790 and buried HoneyCreekBg, Howard Co, Indiana
! Pauline DeWitt, 309 Cartwright Dr., Springfield, Ill. 62704 (TSFP87B) fr om Jeanne Barton, Pr. Geo. Gen. Soc., POBOX 819 Bowie, Md. 10718-0819 (BHXR10C) on Prodigy 1993 ! Research of Viola M. Jones, 1712 MaplecrestDr., Louisville, Tn . 3777 7 -9419 - Mar., 1994 - "...s/o James and MaryWright. They had 13 ch."
Moved to Prince George Co. Maryland Moved to Cane Creek M.M. Orange CoNorth Caroline in 1749 Moved to Berkley Co. South Carolina before 1768Lived in Newberry Co South Carolina former # 96 could also be Berkley Co.

Rachel Wells

Birth27 MAR 1720
Christen12 JUL 1721
Death23 DEC 1771
Aged: 51.7 years
Birth: 27 MAR 1720 MD, Prince George Co
Death: 23 DEC 1771 SC, Newberry Co Slake Slake R2650 Quaker Minister Slake(WFT #863) Rachel and her husband had sixteen children, she was amemberof the Society of Friends at the time of her marriage andeventuallybecame a Quaker minister. Rachel and her husband, along withothermembers of the Wells family, foll owed the Quaker migration to theSouth,leaving the Monocacy Valley in 1750 for Orange County, NorthCarolina,where Rachel was the focus of controversy in 1764 involving theRegulatorMovement. She and her husband then moved to South Carolin awhere herdeath in 1771 is noted in the minutes of the Bush River MonthlyMeeting.(WFT #863)
(WFT #1534) She was a founding member of Cane Creek MonthlyMeeting,North Carolina
! Pauline DeWitt, 309 Cartwright Dr., Springfield, Ill. 62704 (TSFP87B)from Jeanne Barton, Pr. Geo. Gen. Soc., POBOX 819 Bowie, Md.10718-0819(BHXR10C) on Prodigy 1993 ! LDS IGI Sep., 1981, Batch 7503602,sheet 7 ! Research of Viola M. J ones, 1712 Maplecrest Dr., Louisville,Tn. 37777-9419 - Mar., 1994
Her parents were Joseph Sr. and Margaret Wells Logsdon/Wright book929.273 L829h in SLC library 1997
Rachel Wells:
!RELATIONSHIP: William W Hinshaw. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICANQUAKERGENEALOGY. (Ann Arbor, MI:Author, 1950) Vol. 1. p. 1025. "BushRiver MM, Newberry Co., SC" Rachel Wright, w John, d. 12 23 1771, agedc52 years.
!BIRTH: Batch #: 8435480, Sheet #: 06, Source Call #: 1395927
!CHRISTENING: Batch #: C507621, Source Call #: 013279 parents Joseph andRachel
! Three Centuries of Ballingers in America", By: Emma Barrett ReevesSubmitted By: Nancy Baxter GCDF47C ! Sources: Mabel MYERS Kling toCorbin & Alice Johnson from: "Vol. 1. #2, Wells Research Bulletin"March 1973 pg. 12
! "....in the records in All Hallows Parish Register of Davidsonville,Md, in Anne Arundel County where the baptism of Rachel, daughter ofJoseph and Rachel Wells is recorded 12 July 1721."
! (Comment from Alice Johnson 2/1992) Rachel Wells was born27Mar1720; not christened until July 1721; her father, Joseph,remarried to Margaret Swanson 11 April 1721. Look for death recordsof Rachel Wells' mother, also named Rac hel, during this time)
! from: " Cane Creek MM records" (quoted in Wells Research Bulletin)"...we find that Rachel daughter of Joseph and Margaret (who was hiswife at this time) Wells was married to John Wright, son of James andMary Wright of Chester C o. Pa." It further shows the date of Rachel'sbirth as March 27, 1720 which fits with the baptismal record of AllHallows Parish. Her place of birth was Prince Georges County which iswhere Thomas and Frances Wells resided and where J oseph Wells,Rachel's father was born. Rachel Wells and John Wright were married ca.1737 and their first seven children were born in Prince Georges Co, Md.giving further support to the theory of her father Joseph being the sonof Th omas and Frances Wells.
! from: "Wright-Briscoe Pioneers" by John C. Wright "RachelWells--daughter of Joseph and Margaret Wells of Chester County, who hadalso moved to the Monocacy Valley--"
"The Quakers at'Monoquesey'..John Wright and his wife Rachel Wells, thedaughter of Joseph and Margaret Wells of ' Boylig springs'
The Rachel Wright Affair:
REFERENCE: Cane Creek: Mother of Meetings by Bobbie T. Teague PP. 57-58
A controversy began at Cane Creek that has become known through theyears as the "Rachel Wright Affair." In his book, SOUTHERN QUAKERS ANDSLAVERY, Stephen B. Weeks explains it thusly: Rachel Wright, a "weightyFriend," committed some disorder. She was duly "complained of" and, tosettle the matter according to Friends discipline, she offered a papercondemning her behavior, which was accepted. Then for some reason nowunknown, she asked for a certificate to travel to Fredericksburg,Virginia. Some members of the monthly meeting did not want to give herthe certificate, which would have functioned partly as a letter ofintroduction to other Friends and partly as an official endorsement bythe meeting. A wrangle resulted and the meeting refused to grant thecertificate. The matter was appealed to Western Quarterly Meeting, whichadvised that the certificate be granted (180).
Herman Husband, though, did not approve of the decision and intypical fashion was very vocal in his disapproval -- so much so that, inJanuary 1764, the meeting disowned him for "speaking against the actionsand transactions of this m eeting." As for Husband's reaction, there isan old story that when he heard about the disownment, he sat down, tookoff his shoes, shook the "dirt of Quakerism: off them, put them back on,and walked away.
However, the Wright affair was not over, and Husband's influencecontinued to be felt in the meeting. Some of his friends signed a paperexpressing dissatisfaction with the meeting's deci-
(new page)
sion to disown Husband. At this point the quarterly meeting offered thefollowing advice (although it is unclear whether advice had beenrequested): "appoint a committee to deal with the malcontents' leaders."This group included Jos. Ma ddock, Isaac Vernon, Thomas Branson, John andWillliam Marshall, Johnathan Cell, and "divers others." In February1764, the committee reported that "there might be dangerous consequencesto allow them (the malcontents) to be active members until suitablesatisfaction is made for their outgoings." Maddock, Cell, and theMarshalls appealed the matter to the yearly meeting, which responded thatthe Western Quarterly Meeding had done wrong in granting a certificate toRachel Wr ight in the first place. Fukrhtermore, the quarterly meetingshould restore to active membership those who had signed papaerexpressing dissatisfaction with the disownment of Herman Husband. Thequarterly meeting, accoredingly, acknowledg ed itself wrong in the matterof Rachel Wright and restored the persons under the ban to activemembership. Herman Husband disown- ment, however, was not rescinded.(Griffin "History" 21).
Works Cited page lists: Griffin, Wilma. "History of CAne CreekMeeting." Unpublished Manuscript, 1989. Cane Creek Meeting Library_________. Personal Noted, n. d. CAne Creek Meeting Library.
Barbara's comments:
I do not know if there are more materials available on this matter, butI would start searching at Guilford Library in Greensboro, NC.
! Pauline DeWitt, 309 Cartwright Dr., Springfield, Ill. 62704 (TSFP87B) fr om Jeanne Barton, Pr. Geo. Gen. Soc., POBOX 819 Bowie, Md. 10718-0819 (BHXR10C) on Prodigy 1993 ! LDS IGI Sep., 1981, Batch 7503602, sheet 7! Research of Viola M. Jones, 1712 Maplecrest Dr., Louisville, Tn. 3777 7-9419 - Mar., 1994
Facts about this person:
Christening July 12, 1721 Prince Geo.Co., Maryland
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


2 JAN 1737  MD  


24 JUL 173912 JAN 1789  MD, Prince Georges Co  


12 DEC 17408 JAN 1794  MD, Prince Georges Co Charity Wells 


12 NOV 174213 NOV 1822  MD, Prince Georges Co, Waterford John Hammer, Joseph Hollingsworth 


13 FEB 174513 NOV 1822  MD, Prince Georges Co, Queen Anne Isaac Cook 


10 JAN 1746  MD  

John C. 

12 FEB 174718 NOV 1790  MD, Prince Georges Co  


23 FEB 1748  NC, Orange Co  


17 DEC 1751  NC, Orange Co  


28 MAY 17539 OCT 1812  NC, Orange Co, Cavor Creek Sarah Haworth 


27 SEP 175531 JUL 1830  NC, Orange Co Issac "Big Isaac" Hollingsworth 


15 DEC 1756  NC, Orange Co  


7 OCT 17581805  NC, Orange Co  


8 AUG 176130 APR 1835  SC, Newberry Co, Bush River  


1763  SC, Newberry Co  

Isaac Joel 

13 JUN 176420 FEB 1844  SC, Newberry Co, Bush River  
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