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John Broughton "Jack" Taliaferro + Mary "Nancy" BrookeBenjamin Ellett + Mary Anderson
Robert Brooke Taliaferro1787 -- 29 SEP 1837avatar
Cecelia Agnes Ellett14 JAN 1795 -- 13 FEB 1859avatar


John Brooke Taliaferro

Death13 SEP 1901
Aged: 73.7 years
John Brooke (his middle name came from his paternal grandmother) was the 7th of 11 children born to Robert Brooke and Cecelia (Ellett) Taliaferro. In the mid-1830's the family left their played-out tobacco plantation near Williamsburg, Virginia and joined other family members who had come to Warren County, Illinois. His father died soon after they arrived, but his mother continued to live in Young America (now Kirkwood), Illinois until her death in 1859.

Ever the adventurer, John was caught up, as so many others were, in "Gold Fever". In March, 1850, the "Oquawka Spectator" reported on two wagon trains with a total of 111 men, had departed for the gold fields of California. John and his brother Walker were among them. They returned safely, if not rich, but the "wanderlust" had struck anyway.

On 16 Oct 1856 John married local girl Mary Lofftus at Oquawka, Henderson County, Illinois (Henderson county had split off from Warren County in 1841). Here, the first 8 of his 10 children were born: Margaret Elizabeth, Alice, John, Mary Jessie, Rosa, Lofftus, Estelle Cecelia, and Lucius. Alice, John, Rosa, and Lofftus all died very young, most before their 2nd birthday. The family set out from Illinois to the western terminus of the CB&Q railway in central Kansas, and around 1875 joined other family members there farming this new land. This didn't last long, however, and soon John and his family joined others at Lake City, Colorado. His sister Mildred, wife of gold titan Peter Kennedy, welcomed her relatives as they filtered in. His sister, Mary Robinette joined them (along with several of her children who were already there) after her husband died.

Eventually, the gold mines started playing out, and the prosperity of the town declined. Many, including John, left Lake City; he died at Delta, Colorado.

Known children to survive him were Margaret, Jessie, Stella (Estelle), Lucius, and Virgil.

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Mary Lofftus Taliaferro (1837 - 1893)

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