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John le Strange + Maud de Mohun
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Richard le Strange1 AUG 1381 -- 9 AUG 1449avatar
Elizabeth Cobhamabt 1404 -- 17 MAR 1453avatar
Edward Nevilleabt 1417 -- 18 OCT 1476avatar
Catherine Howardabt 1418 -- aft 29 JUN 1478avatar


John Baron le Strange

Birth20 MAY 1444
Occup1449-14778th Baron of StrangeBaron
Aged: 34.6 years
Descent, u-net.com History of Parliament also maintains that John Le Strange had married Jacquetta when he was 6 years of age."
-- Tudorplace Le Strange Genealogy, tudorplace.com

The date given on the Le Strange Website for the birth of John is 20 May 1444.

Because the Tudorplace Le Strange Genealogy begins the Barony one generation before the Le Strange Family Website and the Corbet-Le Strange Genealogy, John (born 1443) is shown there to be 9th Lord Strange of Knockin, whereas I follow the other two families and show him as 8th Lord Strange of Knockin.

Most sources indicate that the Barony passed from John 7th Lord to his daughter Joan. Some sources show John as the son of John VIII and Elizabeth Le Strange. The Tudorplace Le Strange Genealogy indicates that John father of Joan is the son of Richard, whose parents are John VIII and his second wife, Maud Mohun.

This source says that Joan, who married George Stanley, was the daughter of Richard's son John. Because the Tudorplace source is so detailed and careful in most regards, I am changing the parentage of John father of Joan, to show his father is Richard the son of John VIII.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Anne le 

abt 1470  England, Shropshire Thomas de Elye 
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