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Johan2 Johansson2
Jan Jansson

Birth17 SEP 18482
entered into the records as a "love child"
Christen18 SEP 1848
Tagbef 1869 farm laborer
listed in Swedish miliatry enlistment records as "farm hand Jan Jansson"
ImmigrateMAY 1869
as Jan Jansson to America with uncle, Anders "Andrew" Jonsson Printz; got his certificate to leave on 13 May 1869
EmigrateMAY 1869
destination Galva (in Illinois), traveling with his uncle, Anders Printz
Flag of Sweden
Deathbef 1910
( place questionable )

Where Johan lived in America or even what name he used is a mystery. However, there were hints that he was still alive after he arrived in the U.S. For instance, the 1898 U.S. military application papers of his brother, Charles Sholin, had an intriguing question. It asked how many brothers and sisters the applicant had, and how many were still living. His answer indicated that his brother, Johan, though unnamed, was living.

However, in both the 1900 and 1910 censuses, his mother's answer to a certain question indicated that her oldest son had passed away. These two censuses asked each woman how many children she had given birth to, and how many were still living. In both censuses, the answer was she had given birth to ten childre, seven of whom were still living. We know two had died in Sweden and that seven others were still alive. That left Johan, who must have passed away - providing these answers were correct - between 1898 and before the 1900 census was taken.

There's the biggest problem: though Swedes had a reputation for giving correct answers in these censues and other documents, mistakes were still very possible. So, in fact, we do not know what happened to Johan.

We know that his uncle had gone first to Illinois and was in Kansas by the following year. He most likely went to the Henry County area, where so many people from his home parish of Alfta had gone before to the Bishop Hill Colony. Johan may have decided to stay there.

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  • farm laborer: listed in Swedish miliatry enlistment records as "farm hand Jan Jansson"
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