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William Gosnell + Sarah ___
John Ward + Rachel Talbott
Solomon Stocksdale + Rebecca Howard
Thomas Evans + Tivis ___
Philip Gosnellabt 1760 -- aft MAR 1825avatar
Mary Ward30 JUN 1765 -- aft NOV 1826avatar
Edmund Howard Stocksdale23 OCT 1767 -- 15 MAY 1836avatar
Naomi Evans7 SEP 1767 -- 11 NOV 1868avatar


Jesse Gosnell

Birthabt 17893
DeathDEC 18463
( place questionable )
Aged: 57.9 years
Census 1850 - 1870

parents: Rootsweb:Lawhon
marriage: I only see 9 Oct 1812 at First Mechodist Episcopal Church, Balto, Md. I had an earlier date of 1811 but don't find that now. Shirk had that date and ancestry.com still has it, FS has apparently removed it.

Birth 1798 date may have come from Shirk: Descendants of Richard & Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott  which has many other errors (see below.) I see a DoB of 1798 in several places and have not confirmed 1789. 1798 could be a permutation typo of 1789. With a marriage date of 1812, a dob of 1798 seems a stretch. No record on FS is a fit. I am showing a date found at FSG.

War or 1812:  A Jesse Gosnell was a Captain in 7th Regiment (Appointed 27 Apr 1813) and stationed in Baltimore County. The British Invasion of Maryland, 1812-1815 - William Matthew Marine, Louis Henry Dielman - Google Books

Ref: Our Folks: The Gosnell Family Ancestors Newsletter of which I have only a couple pages.

Rootsweb: wjohn shows children Naomi, George O, Quincy, Ann R., and Elizabeth
FamilySearch: Bachman shows children Tevis, Naomi, George W, John W, Ann Rebecca, Quincey Adams, and Jesse

Death: Internment not confirmed. Mt Olivet does not show any Gosnell buriels before 1857 which is for a McKenzie child. That child is in M,077,N/2,#7, BUT that was a move from an earlier site. That earlier site is also where Rebecca Gosnell is buried. Though it looks specific, the DoD should be considered suspect.

Rebecca Stocksdale (1793–1875) | Person | Family Tree | FamilySearch

A Jesse Gosnell was interred in Mt. Olivet 19 Jun 1936 with no date of birth or deatth.  Others buried in the same "plot" are relatives:
  Given name        Location                           Date of internment 
Harry S                  M,077,N/2,#1,SE cor     25 Sep 1874    stone    grandson (thru George T)
Mary L                   M,077,N/2,#1,SE cor       5 Sep 1874     stone    granddaughter (thru Jessie T)
Jessie                  M,077,N/2,#2                  17 Nov 1902                    son
Jesse                    M,077,N/2,#4,NE cor    19 Jun 1936                    self
William Edward  M,077,N/2,#6                  21 Jul 1875                     grandson (thru George T)
Evan McKenzie   M,077,N/2,#7                  18 Aug 1857                   husband of dau Naomi
Jessie T               M,077,N/2,#8,NW cor    21 Nov 1860                  grandson (thru Jessie T)

Source: Descendants of Jesse Gosnell. I received this 6 page pdf a few years ago. It has a lot of detailed research listed but no author's name. The name I have with it is Deianna Jones, but I have no contact information.

Rebecca Stocksdale

Birth22 AUG 1793
Death17 FEB 1875
Grave18 FEB 1875
Plot: M,044,S/2,#3
Aged: 81.5 years

My family kept calling this person Mary Rebecca Stocksdale, but I now think they had her confused with Mary E. Stocksdale, the second daughter of Thomas Evans Stocksdale and Eliza Orndorff.

1850 head with Naomi, Quincy, Elizabeth, and Ann. Arthur NcLean lives with them.
1870 lives with Evan and Naomi McKensie. Also Quincy.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


abt 1814   


abt 1814   


abt 181828 JAN 1872  MD,of Evan McKenzie 

John Wesley 

17 APR 18208 FEB 1899  MD, Baltimore Co Sarah Jane Thomas 

George Tevis 

182321 JUN 1870  MD Christiana Mason 

Quincy Adams 

16 AUG 182826 OCT 1912  MD  


abt 1830  MD  

Annie Rebecca 

183129 JUL 1892  MD Edward A. Bailey 

Jessie Talbott 

FEB 183217 NOV 1902  MD Mary Louisa McKenzie, Sallie (Derrin) Lee 

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