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Robert Malet de Graville Knt + Jeanne Bertrand
Lord Guy Ier Malet de Gravilleabt 1360 -- 17 AUG 1424avatar


Jean V Malet de Graville

Birthabt 1390
( place questionable )
Lancastrian War
Knight, France
Grand Falconer (1415), Grand Master of Crossbowmen (1425), captain of Malesherbe
European Battles
OccupLord of (Graville-Sainte-HonorineLord
Aged: 59 years
Companion of Joan of Arc with which he participated in several battles against the English, it combines important civil dignities military to King Charles VII .

Jean Graville was the last defender of Normandy in 1418. Besieged in place of the Pont de l'Arche, which he captained since May 30, 1417, he had to capitulate after a heroic resistance. Knight banneret in 1419 adviser of the king's chamberlain, grand falconer and baker of France, he became Grand Master of rafters on 1 August 1425. Although the rank and file was considered negligible by the French chivalry, the load created by Saint Louis was considerable.

After participating in the siege of Montargis where he was wounded in 1427, Jean de Malesherbes Graville is made ​​captain. Quite naturally he was responsible for the overall command of men traits (archers and crossbow) the siege of Orleans. His personal company had a fluctuating workforce, according to the accounts of the wars of King treasurer, 55 to 61 men in arms and men from 34 to 45 strokes. He fought the fatal battle herring. It was then the seat of Jargeau. and accompanied the king to Reims for the coronation where he was one of the "hostages of the Holy Bulb".

Jeanne de Bellengues

( place questionable )
( place questionable )
Aged: 31 years
The wife of the knight was the most beautiful lady that there was then in France. Daughter of the Lord of Bellengues, it belonged to the biggest house and the highest lineage of Normandy. The fort was praised for qualities were those of a great lady. She was held for very wise and knowing better govern his house than any other lady of this province, and the best dressed
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Jean VI Malet de 

abt 1415aft 1455  France Marie de Montberon 
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