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Michael Drake

Death7 JUL 1798
Aged: 48.5 years

I Michael Drake of Montgomery County and ole of Virginia being very weak in body but Influenced with Lively sediments of Gratitude in the God of nature who has Blessed me with singular mercy in
and thro his Son Jesus Christ who takes away the Sin of the whole World according to the Scripture, and now being convinced that it is appointed for men to die and now being convinced of the uncertainty of life and all human affairs do make it necessary to publish and declare this to be mylast will and Testament in the manner following.

Imprimis it is my will and desire for that my body be decently buried and ordered that all my
Just Debts be paid and my funeral expenses discharged, that my dearly beloved wife JANE DRAKE and her children may have the plantation that she now lives on and all the stock of all kind and plantation tools with household furniture during her widowhood she and her children or if she
should marry that each child that is hers to have an equal part.

I have given JAMES DRAKE sometime ago a mare and saddle and an entry of Land, the mare and saddle was worth thirteen pounds and that is all that I've allow him, my son MICHAEL and JOHN to be schooled to read write and phycer as far as the rule of five numbers, and I've appoint my wife JANE DRAKE and John Paul Elbing to be executors of this my Last will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the eleventh day of December one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven 1797.

Michael Drake (seal)
Signed Sealed published
and declared + Delivered
In presence of us

Alexander Ross
Barbary Ross

Montgomery May court 1798

This last will and Testament of Michael Drake deced was prescribed in
Court and proven by the Oaths of witnesses thereto and ordered to be
Recorded and on the ?_______ of Jane Drake and John Paul Ebling the
executrix and executor herein named who made oath, ?ordered into and
acknowledged ?bond with security according in Law Certificate is grated
them for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

A copy


Charles Taylor CWC



This Indenture made this first day of November, 1816 between

Janie Ross, George Drake, Solomon Rowe and Elizabeth his wife, Charles Drake Isam
Atkins & Jane his wife, Polly McComb, John Drake,Michael Drake, Huldy Drake,
William Elswick, & Nancy his wife heirs & legatees of MICHAEL DRAKE
deceased of the County of Floyd & State of Kentucky of the one part and
James Rowe Jr. of the County of Giles and State of Virginia of the other
part witnessed that for the consideration of the um of hundred & Eighty
pounds to them in hand paid by the said James Rowe Jr. before the
unsealing and delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof is hereby
acknowledged have granted bargained and Sold unto the said James Rowe his
heirs assign Executors & administers forever the two certain Tracts or
parcels of land to wit the first containing one hundred acres by Letters
patent bearing date the twenty ninth day of June one thousand and Seven
hundred and ninety five lying & being in the County of Giles on the head
of Spruce run a branch of New River and bounded as followeth to wit
Beginning at two red oaks and a white oak on the South Side of the branch
and running North 43 Poles crossing the branch to a double white oake
South 80 West 7178 poles to a chestnut oake on the South side of a hill
South 57 West 122 poles to a white oak in a flat South 30 East 35 poles
crossing Spruce run to a large black oake among a parcel of rocks north
70 East 290 poles to the Beginning the Second tract or parcel containing
Eighty acres by letters patent bearing date the twenty first day of
January one thousand Eight hundred lying & being in the County of Giles
and State of Virginia on Spruce run a branch of New River and bounded as
followeth to wit Beginning at a chestnut and two chestnut oaks on David
Prices line thence South 84 W 154 poles to two white oaks Saplings and a
red oake North 13 West 48 poles to two chestnut oaks & a chestnut North
14 East 44 poles to two chestnut on the South Side of a hill north 70
East 56 poles to two pines among racks S 60 East 56 poles to a large
chestnut oake on the Side of a mountain South 25 East ?90 poles the
Beginning, with all the appurtainances priveledges and a?maluments there
unto belonging orin anywise appurtaining to Each of the aforesaid tracts
of Land to himself the said James Rowe Jr, his heirs and assign forever
and the above written heirs and legatees do covanant and agree, to
warrant and defend the above described tracts of Land unto the said James
Rowe against themselves their heirs and every other person or persons
claims or claimant forever.

In witness whereof we have her unto set our
hand and seals the date above written.

Janie Ross (seal)
John Drake (seal)
Michael Drake (seal)
Polly McComb (seal)
Wm Elswick (seal)
Nancy Elswick (seal)
Huldy Drake (seal)

Solomon Rowe
Willliam Mays
Elizabeth Rowe
Thomas Rowe
At Giles Co. June Court 1817

This deed from Jane Drake, John Drake, Michael Drake, Polly McComb,
William Elswick, Nancy Elswick, Huldy Drake which has been proven before
two Justices as to some of the parties and acknowledged by others and
returned into Court and ordered to be recorded.

David French CGC

Informatin provided by: Bob Burns
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


1769  VA, Montgomery Co  


17751820  VA, Montgomery Co  


1779  VA, Montgomery Co  

Charles Fredrick 

2 FEB 178016 MAR 1842  VA, Giles Co  


1781  VA, Montgomery Co  


MAY 178724 OCT 1876  VA, Montgomery Co  


17891835  VA, Old Dominion Solomon Rowe 


1793  VA, Montgomery Co  


1794  VA, Montgomery Co  


1796  VA  


17981870  VA, Montgomery Co  
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