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John C. Wright4 JAN 1716 -- 8 JUN 1790avatar
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James Frederick M Haworth10 OCT 1719 -- 10 OCT 1757avatar
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James Wright

Birth28 MAY 1753
Death9 OCT 1812
Aged: 59.4 years
He was 22 years old when the Revolutionary Warstarted and the family history gives us the story that he movedout into the wilds of Tennessee to get beyond the reach of theconscription officers.
In April 1777, Congress recommended a draft to the states. By the end of 1778, most states were conscripting men when Congress? voluntary enlistment quotas were not met. smithsonianmag.com

A few years after the war, he was again in good standing withthe Society of Friends at which time he became a member of theNewhope M.M. in Greene County, Tennessee.

 QuakerFrom Ancestral File (TM), data as of 2 January 1996. Logsdon/Wright book 929.273 L829h in SLC library 1997 James Wright: !RELATIONSHIP: Eleanor M Davis. DAVIS, A QUAKERFAMILY.(Baltimore:Gateway Press, Inc., 1985) 1. Abigail Wright. 2.William Wright 3. Hannah Dillon 4. James Wright 5. Sarah 6. JesseDillon 7. Hannah Ruckman !Clinton Co. Ohio will abstracts 1810-1821 Vol A pg 9 out of Gateway tothe West pg 72 Hinshaw's Quaker Enc. Cane Creek MM Orange Co., N. C.family listings Green Co. Tenn. Mgs. Will recorded 10 Feb. 1816 Clinton Co. Ohio Letter of estate 2 Feb1813...different James??? !BIRTH-DEATH-MARRIAGE: Roger Boone Collection 9-5-1757 agd 1 1/2 y..rpd8-27-1774 Bush River MM S. C. mou and he chm 8-30-1794 while living underNew Hope MM, N.C. (now Tenn.)?? 1790 to Green Co. TN from NC (Holstin River) 1808 family to Clinton Co.OH from Tenn. old letter from Willard Heiss says will Clinton Co. 14 Feb 1814..laterrefers to will of 1813 !ADD: Peggy D. Lewis;P.O. Box 429; Jasper, GA 30143 descends throughCharity (April 93) ! Three Centuries of Ballingers in America", By: Emma Barrett ReevesSubmitted By: Nancy Baxter GCDF47C

Sarah Haworth

Birth12 MAR 1755
Death9 FEB 1831
Aged: 75.9 years
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