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James Samuel Lucas

Birth6 NOV 1841
Chapel Hill, University Of NC
Death23 MAR 1914
Aged: 72.4 years
Lucas, James A. (or S.). From Washington, NC. Joined Philanthropic Society 1859. Initiated November 1859. Student 1859-62; A.B. 1911 as of 1863. CSA. Lawyer (Unfinished catalogue); teacher in Mississippi (UNC catalogue).

He appears to have gone to UNC from 1859-1860, then to UVa in Fall of 1860, and then back to UNC from Spring of 1861 through Spring of 1862, when he left school and entered the army at about the same time that Washington, NC was taken by Federal forces. Among the documents in the UVa Special Collections Library, some list his father as J.B. Lucas of Washington, NC, and list his birthdate as November 6th, 1841. There are also notes and correspondence there in his own handwriting which mention his son by his full name, and the name is my grandfather's name. In other notes, he says that he joined Lee's Army with the rank of private in the Spring of 1862 at the time of the battles around Richmond (perhaps the Seven Days campaign?), and the CSA book I've seen says that he entered in the part of NC Cavalry that was a part of J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry, and was in that until maybe very early 1863, whereupon he seems to disappear from the records after being recommended for a command position as a Lieutenant(?) somewhere near Wilmington, NC but for which the application was marked "Not Allowed".

After that, I don't know what became of him in the war, but in UVa CSA alumni veteran reunion documents, he is listed as "Colonel James S. Lucas", and he thanks them for some award or medal or ribbon which they had presented to him related to that. This was all interesting to me since my grand-father had told me that his father advised him to stay clear of the army if possible, and in one of the notes from him to someone at UVa, he implies that my grandfather was a bit too much like Achilles and he wanted him to be more of a scholar"¦ And like many in NC at the time, he seems to have thought that secession was a bad idea and was probably against it according to what my grandfather told me. (We know that NC was the last state to secede and was surrounded by the Confederacy before it seceded, and that Gen. Sherman's army was instructed by Sherman to go easy on NC as they had not wanted to secede.) But it seems that he must have still found some sense of comradeship and pride in having made it through the war, and was apparently interested in attending the reunion UVa had put together. There are also student records of his in the Southern Historical Collection in the Wilson Library of UNC-Chapel Hill which indicate that he was in good standing until leaving for the army in the Spring of 1862.

Also in the Bible given to my great-grandfather by UNC in 1911 was an inscription to his wife, a woman named Disel Jane Gates. They were married in ~1892, in Hillsborough, NC, I believe. She had a son already, I believe, and my great-grandfather thanked her for saving him from a life in the Old Soldiers Home"¦ I believe she was from either northern Orange County, NC, or from Person County, NC. My paternal grandfather, George Virginius Lionel Lucas, was born on December 30th, 1893, in their log cabin in northern Orange County, in an area then called Pine Knot (according to my grandfather) near the present-day community of Caldwell in Orange County, which is also not too far from Rougemont, NC, in northern Durham County, and which was also my great-grandfather's rural route postal address for a time and at the time he wrote the notes in 1912 which are in the University of Virginia's collection"¦ He died in 1914, on 23 March, and was buried in the cemetery at Harmony United Methodist Church in Harmony, Halifax County, VA, which is just north of the NC-VA state line and just north of Roxboro, NC. He is buried there along with his wife, and my grandparents, GVL Lucas and Nannie Belle Smith Lucas, a native of Halifax County, VA herself, born about September 1st(?), 1886. Also buried there with them are 3 of their children who died in infancy in ~1915-1919, Jesse, Mary, and May.

My uncle George Garland Lucas was their oldest, born in Harmony, VA ~1913, I believe, and his sister, my aunt Maude Lee Lucas (later married Dominic Del Monte of NY and California) was born in Harmony, VA in ~1916, and my father, Walter Washington Lucas was born in Harmony, VA on 15 September, 1922. My uncle George (Lt. Col., USAF, #3 in command at Dover AFB at the time of his retirement and early death at 57 due to leukemia and other complications "" basically pneumonia) died on 28 July, 1970. He is buried in a (military?) cemetery in Raleigh, NC. My aunt Maude died in ~June 1992 in California and is buried there. My father died on December 28th, 2000 in Hillsborough, NC, and is buried in the cemetery at Mars Hill Baptist Church on Highway 57 North, a few miles north of Hillsborough, NC.
-- great-grandson, Ray A. Lucas

Disel Jane Gates

Birthabt 1852
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

George Virginius Lionel 

30 DEC 1893OCT 1975  NC, Orange Co, Pine Knot Nannie Belle Smith 
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  1. Email: Ray A. Lucas;
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