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James3 Griffin3

USA Army / Corporal / Revolutionary War
Flag of United States
Historical Events11 SEP 1777
Corporal, USA
US Revolutionary War
4 OCT 1777
US Revolutionary War
28 Jul 1778
US Revolutionary War
15 Mar 1781
Guilford Court House
US Revolutionary War
Death19 DEC 1836
Aged: 84 years
Revolutionary War Soldier

James Griffin was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in 1753, believed to be the son of Francis Griffin and Mary Byrd Griffin, both of Edgecombe County, North Carolina. He enlisted in the Continental Army in Edgecombe County, N. C., on December 1, 1776, serving eleven months in Captain Reading Blount's company. In March, 1777, he became a corporal taking part in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Monmouth. In 1781, he served another period of enlistment for three months and was in the battle of Guilford Courthouse, N. C. In 1783, he served a short period in the North Carolina militia. His pension application was executed in Irwin County, Ga., August 11, 1828, and was allowed, and he drew the pension until his death Dec. 19, 1836. James Griffin married Sarah Lodge (b. October 23, 1766, d. between August 22, 1853 and March 4, 1854), a daughter of Lewis Lodge, Sr. and Mary Reddick, his wife, in Edgecombe County, N. C. on April 1, 1870. They were married by John Thomas, a Baptist preacher, in the home of Thomas Mercer. James and Sarah first moved to Georgia in about 1800-1802, they first settled in Burke County and lived there for about 5 years before moving to Montgomery County where they also lived for about 5 years. He first appears on the 1805-6 tax digest of Montgomery County, and also in the 1820 census in that county. In about 1827, they moved to lot of land 191 of the 5th District of Irwin County. His plantation was near the old Columbus stage-road. It was there that he died and was buried. She was still living at the time of the 1850 Lowndes County Census (in the home of her daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, William Bradford). James died on December 19, 1836 in Irwin County, Georgia and was buried near there. In 1938, the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a small stone in this old abandoned cemetery to mark the approximate location where James was buried. His close friend for many years, Thomas Bradford, and Thomas's wife are also buried here. Years later, Benjamin Griffin, son of Joshua and nephew of James, started a cemetery across the road, on the right, North Bound. This was known as the old Uncle Ben Griffin Cemetery. As far as is known, the last burial there was in about 1906. There are marked graves here, but not in the small cemetery where James Griffin, Thomas Bradford and his wife are buried, except for the monument. The cemetery is located approximately four miles north of Lax on GA 90, approximately 50 yards off the south side of the road just before you reach the Willacoochee River Bridge. It is marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution, surveyed by Rev. Larry Clements, Feb. 1993. On May 1, 1976, a 36 foot sqare monument was dedicated. Many Griffin's and Bradford's descendants attended the ceremony. The historical marker reads: "This Historic Marker Erected by Descendants of Corporal James Griffin 1753-1836 and Lieutenant Thomas Bradford 1756-1840. These Revolutionary War Heroes were both Born in Edgecombe County, N. C. and their remains are near this site where they settled these lands in the early 1800's. James and Sarah Griffin had 9 children, seven living to adulthood. Two died young (names unknown). There children were: Noah (b. June 7, 1783, m. Priscilla Hall, dau. of Enoch), Joshua (b. Mar. 22, 1785, m. Elizabeth Bradford, daughter of Thomas Bradford), Thomas (b. Dec. 4, 1787, m. Nancy Hall, daughter of Enoch Hall), Rhoda (b. Oct. 11, 1790, m. John R. Hall, son of Enoch Hall – Moved to Florida), Shadrack (b. Oct. 12, 1792, m. Nancy Bradford, daughter of Thomas Bradford), Solomon (b. Oct. 20, 1794, in 1847, was living in Floyd County, Georgia, wife, if any, unknown, little is known of his descendants), Elizabeth (b. July 28. 1803, m. William Bradford son of Thomas Bradford)

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4 DEC 1787abt 1823  NC, Edgecombe Co Nancy Hall 
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