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Jacob Joy + Hannah Cram
James Joy4 MAR 1778 -- 14 JUL 1857avatar
Sarah Gee Pickering15 DEC 1781 -- 14 DEC 1858avatar


James Frederick7 Joy

Birth2 DEC 18107
Org.1846 Michigan Central Railroad, attorneyattorney
Org.18543 Illinois Central Railroad, directordirector
Org.18564 Central Military Tract Railroad, directordirector
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, IL, Chicago, presidentpresident
Burlington and Missouri River Railroad, MI, Detroit, directordirector
Org.1867 Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railway, presidentpresident
Org.1868-18696 New Albany and Salem Railroad, receiverreceiver
Org.18706 Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad, directordirector
Org.1870-18786 Chicago and Michigan Lake Shore Railroad, directordirector
Org.1871-18756 Detroit, Lansing and Lake Michigan Railroad, directordirector
Org.1871-18736 Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana Railroad, directordirector
Org.1872-18976 Jackson Lansing and Saginaw Railroad, directordirector
Org.18726 Ionia, Stanton and Northern Railroad, directordirector
Org.18726 Lapeer and Northern Railroad, directordirector
Org.1872-18736 Fort Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw Railroad, directordirector
Org.1872-18806 Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad, directordirector
Org.1873-18786 Detroit and Bay City Railroad, presidentpresident
Org.1874-18796 Wisconsin Valley Railroad, presidentpresident
Org.1876-18786 Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad, directordirector
Org.18806 Detroit, Butler and St Louis Railroad, directordirector
Org.1880-18966 Fort Wayne and Jackson Railroad, directordirector
Org.18816 Detroit Belt Line Railroad, directordirector
Org.1883-18876 Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee Railway, directordirector
Org.1889-18916 Wabash Railroad, directordirector
Death24 SEP 18967
Aged: 85.8 years
Pics & Attach-
  • Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad
  • Detroit, Lansing and Northern Railroad
  • Illinois Central Railroad
  • Michigan Central Railroad
  • Wabash Railroad
  • Wabash, St Louis and Pacific Railway
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  1. Findagrave James Frederic Joy
  2. Book: Biographical Directory of the Railway Officials of America, 1893;
  3. Book: History of the Illinois Central Railroad Company and representative employes;
  4. Book: United States railroad directory, for 1856;
  5. Book: Ashcrofts Railway Directory for 1866;
  6. Book: Biographical Directory of Michigan Railway Officials;
  7. Website: Family Search Trees;
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