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James Adams

VA Army / Private / Revolutionary War
Valley Forge Encampment
Private, USA
Capt Benjamin Harrison Stirling?s Division | Muhlenberg?s Brigade
US Revolutionary War
History28 Jul 1778
Battle of Monmouth
Private, USA
US Revolutionary War
Death19 NOV 1813
Aged: 56.9 years
James Adams was born in 1757 at Lunenberg County, VA (according to Tib's research) or in Me c k lenberg County, VA (according to WorldConnect Rootsweb) and died in Mecklenberg County , V A o n 19 November 1813. Sarah, his wife, died on or after December 19, 1823. He was a cou si n o f President Adams.
James Adams assisted in establishing American Independence while acting in the capacity o f p r ivate and corporal in the Contnental Lines.
"He served as private in Captain Benjamin Harrison's company, 13th Virginia Regiment, comma n d ed at different times by Colonel Wm. Russel and Col. John Green. His name first appear s o n the company muster roll for August, 1777, dated Sept. 6, 1777 shows commencing of pa y Janu ar y 15, time of service 8 months and 16 days, was transferred about June, 1779 to Cap t. Vanc e' s company that we now designate 9th Virginia and commanded by Col. John Gibson, wa s promot e d to corporal, exact date not shown, but in October, November or December, 1779, w as transf er red in the year 1780, exact date not shown, to Capt. Uriah Springer's company, 7 th Va. Reg ime nt, commanded by Col. John Gibson. His name last appears on the company muste r roll, Jul y 3 , 1783, which shows that he was still on duty." Adjutant General's Office
According to WorldConnect Rootsweb, he is last shown on the company muster roll for June 17 8 3 , dated 3 Jul 1783, Ft. Pitt.

Sarah 'Sally' ______

BirthAPR 1760
Death19 Dec 1823
Aged: 63.7 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses


17909 JAN 1835  VA, Mecklenburg Co Sarah Allen 
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