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John Piggott19 FEB 1751 -- 1817avatar
Hannah Vestal30 AUG 1755 -- 6 OCT 1841avatar
Rev. William McMasters1755 -- 17 NOV 1835avatar
Elizabeth Thompsonabt 1758 -- bef 1833avatar
Marriage9 OCT 1812
Isiah, being Quaker, married "out of unity"


Isaiah6 Pickett6
Isaiah Piggott

Birth30 DEC 17916
birth name: Isaiah Piggott
Religionbef 1838quaker
Religionaft 1839methodist
MovedMAY 1858
from NC with wife & 4 youngest children; along with the Moon & Quakenbush families
Death1 JUN 1859
Aged: 67.4 years
Claude F. Pickett, Jr.'s letter of 30 Aug 1979, below, is a continuation from the notes for Isaiah's father, John Piggott:

"..Isaiah Piggott, born 30 Dec 1791 in Chatham Co., the son of John and Hannah Vestal Piggott, was the first of our ancestors to spell the name Pickett. Isaiah inherited the land on which he lived on Rocky River from his father, and, along with a wagon freight business from Greensboro to the coast, managed a prosperous plantation.

"In 1812 Isaiah married Phoebe McMasters, the daughter of Rev. William and Elizabeth McMasters. In 1813 Isaiah was disowned by his Quaker Meeting for this marriage 'out of unity' (in this case for marrying one not or their Society and without the Meeting's consent). The fact that Phoebe's father was a Methodist minister no doubt contributed to the tension. Isaiah, however, did in effect apologize and was re-accepted into membership. In 1839 Isaiah was once again disowned - this time for good - for 'not attending meetings and failing to observe good order.' This, too, could have meant any number or things. But it no doubt signaled Isaiah's conversion to Methodism. For in 1840 he made the first of several donations in land and money to the local Methodist Church.

"In May 1858, Isaiah, Phoebe, and 4 or their youngest children, along with several others including the Noon and Quackenbush families left N. C. for Kansas by wagon train. A son-in-law who accompanied the Picketts on this trip kept a daily log which tells of the exact route taken. [Note, though not verified: Sarah Way, daughter of Abel Way, married James Quakenbush. Abel was a son of Nathaniel Way.]

V. Smallwood's note: It turns out that the "Noon" family was actually the "Moon" family.

"Unfortunately, only a portion of this log survives today. It is thought that at least some of them made a side-trip to Indiana to visit their many relations there. Isaiah did own land in Indianapolis which was disposed of in his estate. In October of 1858 the family arrived and settled just southwest of Emporia, Kansas; and were among the first to do so. The first Methodist Sunday School was held in Isaiah Pickett's home, and the second marriage of Isaiah's young but widowed daughter, Sabrah, was the very first recorded in the town of Emporia.

"Isaiah died in 1859 shortly after their arrival there, and is buried in Cottonwood Cemetery. His widow, Pheobe, died on Christmas day, 1865 and is buried beside her husband. Isaiah and Phoebe left 11 children the 6 eldest of which had remained behind in N.C. Among these was Anderson Wiley Pickett, born 10 Aug 1811..."

Note: the reference to Anderson Wiley Pickett was made because the author, Claude F. Pickett, Jr., was descended from him, as Anderson Wiley Pickett was Claude Pickett, Jr.'s great great grandfather. Our family descends from Isaiah Pickett's daughter, Anna Semira Pickett, who married James O'Kelly Way.

"...I believe you know the rest of the story: [this part is handwritten, while the foregoing was typed] Among the 4 children of Isaiah, Phoebe Pickett, going to Kansas with them was Annie Semira born Nov. 24, 1836, wife of James O'kelly Way. Mother of Cora Belle Way Darrow born 1859."

Also handwritten at the bottom of the letter, was "note: Anderson Whiley Pickett was a brother to Annie Semira, and Great Great Grandfather to Claude F. Pickett Jr. Just as Annie Semira Pickett Way is G G Grandmother to Pat and Freda Lee and Violet [ etc.] Page's children."

Specifically, the family Isaiah took with him to Kansas were his wife, Phoebe; and his children, Annie Semira, Sabrah, Alson and John Christie. The others stayed behind in North Carolina. At least one, Anderson William "Wiley" Pickett, served with the Confederacy during the Civil War, while both husbands of Annie Semira served for the Union.

In 1870, the family of Isaiah Pickett was enumerated on the same page as the family of his daughter, Sabra, whose first husband was Riley Way. In this 1870 census, she was married to her second husband, James Phenis, and living also with her children, Orlando and Cicero Way. The household of Isaiah's son, John Christie Pickett was also enumerated on the same page.
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

William McIver 

18131887  NC, Chatham Co Louisa Caroline Lewellyn 

James Patterson 

17 NOV 181530 JUN 1896  NC, Chatham Co Angeline Brower 

Elizabeth "Eliza" "Bettie" J. 

1818  NC, Chatham Co John S. Ray 


21 MAR 182024 DEC 1887  NC, Chatham Co Joshua N. Davis 

Anderson William Wiley 

10 AUG 182217 JAN 1864  NC, Chatham Co Elizabeth "Betsy" Davis 

Alfred M. 

18241899  NC Jane Millicent LeWallen 

Sabrah L. 

18272 MAY 1877  NC Riley Way, James H. Phenis 

John Christie 

20 OCT 18297 APR 1915  NC Alice Hadley 

Alson Gray 

15 JAN 1832MAR 1923  NC, Chatham Co Cynthia Pearce, Martha Levina "Mattie" Cooper 

Calvin M. 

28 APR 18341866  NC, Chatham Co Cynthia Louise? Luzzina Siler 

Anna Semira 

24 NOV 183616 FEB 1916  NC, Chatham Co James O'Kelly Way, Shubal Jefferson Fowler Way 
Joseph Moon 2nd cousin of Moon's wife; in wagon train from NC to Kansas
William T. Hadley1840participant in property transfersource
Rufus Wiley McMasters1840participant in property transfersource
John McMasters1840participant in property transfersource
William M. Vestal1840participant in property transfersource
Enoch Quakenbush1858st cousin once removed; in wagon train from NC to Kansassource
William T. Hadley1840participant in property transfersource

Religion (1)

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