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Isaac Clark Smallwood

Birth13 AUG 1827
Death16 APR 1912
Aged: 84.7 years

From the Gladwin County Record --- April 18, 1912PIONEER IS CALLEDREV. ISAAC C. SMALLWOOD IN 86TH YEAR PASSES TO OTHER SHORE.WELL KNOWN OLD TIME RESIDENT, BELOVED BY ALL, HAS LONG AND BUSY LIFE.At the ripe age of 85 years, Rev. Isaac C. Smallwood passed away Tuesday at his home in Billings, the immediate cause of his death being an attack of bronchitis. During the last years of his life he had retained full possession of his mental faculities, and, to a remarkable degree his bodily vigor. Mr. Smallwood was a native of Rockingham County, Virginia, where he was born Aug 13, 1826.

When 10 years old his parents, attracted by the reports of the western Eldorado removed with him to the Hocking valley in Ohio. Here he grew to manhood. The pioneers... Read More


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    Source from: Gary G. Robinson
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  •  07-Oct-12 4:16 PM
In tracing my grandmother's lineage, I found her great grandfather Isaac Clark Smallwood and his ancestors as well. I would like to create a document for my relatives so we can see the journey our family made. If I need permission to research please let me know at the above email address.
  •  29-Jul-10 9:46 PM
Isaac Married Nancy Edgell. He Died in April of 1827 in Billings Michigan. He had at least one child (my great great grandfather) John Sherman Smallwood. Who was born on June 4 1870 in Nelsonville, Ohio. John Sherman married Eda Ann Mayhew. They had at least one child, My great grandfather John F. Smallwood, born Nov. 25 1905 in Gladwin, Michigan. He married Violet Powell. They had at least one child (my grandfather Dick Eugene Smallwood) born Feb. 14, 1933.

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