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Henry le Strange

Birthabt 1432
Aged: 53 years
Some genealogies show this Henry Le Strange (born 1432) as a son of John Le Strange (born 1387), as here, and a brother to Roger Le Strange (born 1412). Some genealogies have determiend, that this seems to be an error.

The Le Strange dynasty lineage on the Le Strange Family Website reports this Henry Le Strange as a grandon of John, and the son of John's son Roger Le Strange. Details on the Tudorplace genealogy support this.

I am following their information to show Henry as a son of Robert and grandson of John. The age of Robert using the dates of birth commonly shown in genealogies matches for this relationship, with Robert being about 20 years old (born 1412) at the reported year of birth of Henry (born 1432).

The Tudorplace Le Strange genealogy gives a marriage date of "abt 1434" for Roger le Strange and Jane (Joan) Beke. But the Le Strange (of Hunstanton) Website, which has no marriage date, gives the birth date for Henry as 1431.

An anonymous source, with no documentation included, provides a date of 1432 for Henry's birth, still earlier than the reported marriage of Roger and Joan in 1434. The Tudorplace site also reports the birth date of 1432 for Henry, with no comment or explanation. They have John born in 1435 and Hamon in 1441. Clues can be gleaned from these sites, but the lack of specific documentation or discussion limits the credibility and authority of such sites.

If Henry is a son of Roger Le Strange and his wife Joan Beke, then a birth date after after 1435 may be a more accurate estimated birth year for Henry. This would follow the marriage date and birth of brother John in 1435.

Originally the term Fitz (as in the famous Fitzalan family) was used in its rightful meaning as Son of, comparable to the Irish-Scots Mac, Welsh Ap and the French De with father's name. The term Fitz (Germanic-Norman for "son of") came to be used to identify an illegitimate son.

This practice arose because it was commonly accepted that kings and noble men would have concubines and mistresses. The formalities of monogamy required by the Roman Church were honored officially by limiting inheritance of feudal lands and titles to legitimate first sons, or lacking sons, in many cases, to the daughters in order of birth.

Illegitimate sons would be given their own estates and thus the common feudal title of Lord, but with no styling of a dynastic Barony. In some cases, however, kings would bestow (or have Parliament bestow) baronies upon such a Fitzroy (son of the King) or Fitzpatrick (son of a noble) in his own right.

Such a name-form is not used in sources for Henry Le Strange.

-- Notes by Orville Boyd Jenkins

Catherine Drury

Birthabt 1452
Aged: 44 years
ChildrenFirst NameBirth DtDeath DtBirth PlaceSpouses

Roger Le 

abt 147610/27/1506  England, Suffolk, Pakenham Amy Heydon 

Robert le 

abt 14771512  England, Suffolk, Polkenham Ann le Strange 

John Le 

abt 14791517  England, Norfolk, Massingham Parva Anne Le Strange 

Ann Le 

abt 1482  England, Suffolk, Pakenham  
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